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  1. Drug Seekers

    sure, okay, spin it like that. meanwhile, I think it's entirely closed minded and unrealistic to expect to be mother superior to everything that walks through the door. did you get licensed to care for the sick or did you get licensed to help get dr...
  2. Possible needle stick

    what could you possibly get from a 5 year old? if you didn't puncture your glove or feel anything, you likely did not get stuck. I've had a needle stick and you would definitely know it if it happened. as for HIV, it's an extremely unstable virus t...
  3. Nyu should I go?????or Felician

    your father is 100% right - I work with two NYU grad RNs and I graduated from a community college - we all work in the same department of the same hospital, and I don't notice them having any more skills or knowledge than me. nobody cares where your...
  4. Is it me (with no experience) or the NYC job market still sucks?

    network network network - doesn't matter at all than you're an NYC employee, if you're applying to an RN job they want you to have experience or to at least KNOW you, know that you're going to be a good nurse, know that you're responsible and profess...
  5. Drug Seekers

    I see a ton of drug seekers in my ED and it is sad, but it is also extremely frustrating and a burden on the whole system. I don't see anything wrong with making fun or talking about these people behind their backs - we do that to plenty of other pa...
  6. A dedicated psych staff in your ER?

    we have a totally separate ED for psych - but 9 times out of 10 they need to be medically cleared first, so we take care of them, get a psych consult, and try to move them to psych ED ASAP. it mostly works, but I honestly wish it were opposite - hav...
  7. How is ER charting different than floor?

    Well for me, we chart the minute things happen - as you know, everything is STAT so times are important. If I can't document it right away, I write the time on my hand. Needless to say, by the end of my shift, I've got some pretty inked up hands an...
  8. When is your shift over

    I work 12 hour shifts 3x a week (and 4x a week one week a month). I work 7:30pm to 8am and the day shift works 7:30am to 8pm. We all have a mutual understanding that we will arrive at 7:30am/pm, get changed/ready in locker room, maybe have a coffee...

    I believe we do labs, IV, NS, Zofran, Zantac, Morphine 4mg (initially), CT, Cipro, Zosyn, Flagyl or combination of those, Sx consult.
  10. Feel like quitting

    I'm a new nurse and have been in the ED for a little over 6 months now. I'm pretty comfortable for the most part and we're a super busy inner city trauma level 2 and we're ALWAYS short staffed (typical RN to pt ratio is 1:12)... but I feel like I'm ...
  11. Critical Alarms, who answers?

    my goodness, some of you sound like you work at FANCY facilities! I'm lucky to find a monitor that works in my ED. I usually set the parameters around my pt's baseline for the most part, but I always look when I hear any alarm going off - it onl...
  12. HELP! New ED RN Off of Orientation Soon

    your background is the EXACT SAME as mine. I graduated last June, interned in the ED July/August, got licensed in September and started my first nursing job in the same ED in December. I had the same feelings as you too - it's all 100% normal. I ...
  13. IV sites for Abd CT

    I 100% agree with this - it's the same at my hospital and I don't see what the big deal is. The provider wants IV contrast for a hard stick? Get the ultrasound and do it yourself - I'm not compromising my pt's safety with your "can't you get a 20g ...
  14. I'm Tired - A Rant

    I know this is a vent thread and I completely understand and share most of the frustrations you do, but do you have a union? can you refuse to work during understaffed and unsafe conditions?
  15. Pain Management in the ER

    I work in an inner city ED in a very low income/low education area where we see A LOT of drug seekers. I know every ED has drug seekers, but I mean, we have A LOT! I do think our biases affect our ability to see pain as truly subjective. I know p...