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  1. schnookimz

    Anyone Reading/Read "The Nurses"??

    I enjoyed it. I like her other books too so I was excited to see this one!
  2. schnookimz

    Illinois prn salary micu

    45 an hour
  3. schnookimz

    Nurse Job market in Chicago

    Hospitals are hiring. Do you have a BSN? That is very important here.
  4. schnookimz

    Nursing School

    There aren't any hospitals in Chicago with an RN program. That went out of style a while ago. For cheaper options, consider a public university.
  5. schnookimz

    WGU MSN Nursing Education

    You might get more responses asking in the Facebook group. I've seen lots of people post about moving into new roles after graduation.
  6. schnookimz

    lost my first CNA job because of age

    You could try volunteering if you're up for it. I'm pretty sure you have to be 18 to be employed as a cna everywhere. Good luck. You seem very motivated!
  7. schnookimz

    Actual discussion between scrub and surgeon

    Surgeon: YOU AREN'T TALKING TO ME. WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING TO ME? Two minutes later.... Surgeon: I like complete silence in here. The OR is not the place for talking.
  8. schnookimz

    Feedback desired orienting new nurse

    Maybe she's just the type of person who needs a plan so she can start thinking about what she will say. Try telling her at the very beginning of the shift that she will give report on patient X at the end of the shift. Tell her the things she should include in the report. Then when she gives report she knows exactly what to say and will go down her list and not look silly or feel dumb.
  9. schnookimz

    CNA-next steps?

    Is there any room for growth as an MLT?
  10. schnookimz

    A less stressfull career choice

    Agreeing with everyone else. Those are like the most basic of basic rules and you'll find them everywhere. I bet in three months, none of that bothers you at all. Did you come from a field that was salaried? Maybe that makes these rules seem more crazy to you? Since we are all hourly employees for the most part, the clocking in and shift covering and vacations and overtime all make sense because the hospital is paying for that. Minute by minute.
  11. Wgu has very active Facebook message boards. Check those out. I have never seen anyone say that they were working as a CNA while completing the program. I mean why would you want to work for less money when you could make RN pay?
  12. schnookimz

    Abortions performed in APU?

    Wow? Even total abdominal hysterectomies and tumor debulkings and the like? That must take a lot of load off of your main OR!
  13. In this area, it's extremely competitive to get into nursing school. Some of the community colleges have waiting lists that are years long. Chamberlain has fairly easy acceptance standards and several enrollment dates throughout the year. Also, ADN nurses aren't having an easy time finding jobs here. Chamberlain program has definite perks.
  14. schnookimz

    Abortions performed in APU?

    My facility also does not perform elective abortions. But necessary abortions are performed in the OR.
  15. You need to be employed as an RN to do the WGU program. I was a new grad and easily worked forty plus hours weekly as an RN and completed the wgu program with no issues. I start the masters program next week!
  16. I'm in Chicago. Here chamberlain is an excellent school that produces very prepared nurses.