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  1. schnookimz

    Hospital Unit Secretaries

    It seems that it's literally the only job in the hospital where work is being taken away from them due to the use of computers and doctors entering their own orders, while everyone else constantly has to do more and more and more with the same number of hours in the day.
  2. schnookimz

    Hospital Unit Secretaries

    Our unit secretary's were paid 5-6 dollars an hour more than the nurses aides. They were even paid more than the LPNs. If the nurses aides cross trained to work as a unit secretary they only got an extra 1 dollar per hour. Due to this experience, I feel like we can do without this unskilled labor while the nurses aides are bending over backward to be overworked and abused.
  3. Part of getting through school is keeping your sanity!!! That means taking some time for YOU. I worked full time and did nursing school full time and had more than enough time to eat meals and get my hair done :) I do not have any kids though! So that allows some extra time for me I am sure! Just prioritize and you should be able to do everything you want!!!
  4. schnookimz

    Death Happens. Get Used To It!

    I was so scared until I had an amazing nurse friend make me comfortable with the process and see how beautiful and peaceful it all is. There is no more suffering. However, once we zip up the body bag, I still get the heebie jeebies as the plastic is settling and I just imagine there's a zombie in there trying to get out!!!!!