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  1. chrisrn24

    Would YOU have reported it?

    Honestly no. It's not a terribly serious error. I would just mention it next time you see her.
  2. chrisrn24

    Orientation for a new grad

    I had approx 6 weeks of full time training before I was on my own. I was a new grad.
  3. chrisrn24

    I'm supposed to what now?

    To me this is not black and white. There are times where I've given morphine SL PRN to a sleeping patient who did not request it and I don't regret it. PRN is up to my discretion too and I decided that they needed it for whatever reason and gave it to them. If other nurses are telling you to give a resident something PRN when they are sleeping, ask why. Perhaps the resident is complaining or showing signs of pain every morning at 0800 or something. Or perhaps the resident said "I wake up all the time at 0200 with pain but I feel bad disturbing the staff." If the person is hospice it's important, at least to me, to control pain or potential pain - so to me that would mean giving it even if they don't necessarily have pain. But if the person is on it for something else, I think it's okay to wake them and ask if they are needing pain medicine.
  4. chrisrn24

    Smelly nursing home what to do?

    It may not be people with UTIs, but rather a cleanliness issue. I have some people with chronically foul urine that don't have UTIs.
  5. chrisrn24

    Ebola - do you have the right to walk away?

    I don't work in a hospital but I agree. I'm very susceptible to illness. If there's a stomach bug or cold going around at work, I never fail to get it despite frequent hand washing and cleaning my equipment religiously. I would need the best PPE offered. And I would probably suggest dressing it and staying in that room until the end of my shift...ideally there would be some kind of "window" that medications, etc. that another nurse drew up, could pass through so I didn't have to leave and risk removing and applying my PPE frequently.
  6. We don't have this policy but we are supposed to call the DON after an incident.
  7. chrisrn24

    Tips on taking vitals on the elderly

    Sometimes I've found that the radial pulse is not always where it should be. Feel around!
  8. chrisrn24

    How Many Night Nurses Attend Meetings?

    Nope if it's not at 0700 I won't go!
  9. chrisrn24

    CNA 'tudes

    I'm a young nurse and fortunately most of the aides respect me. There is one who I know doesn't but she has a lot of other problems so I let it slide a little.
  10. chrisrn24

    Giving Report

    Yeah LTC is way different. I will give a detailed report on new residents. "90 y.o. male admitted with CHF exacerbation, here for PT/OT. Hx of blah blah blah. Transfers with assist of 1 and walker. Independent bed mobility. Continent of bowel and bladder. Takes meds whole with water. Low sodium diet with regular fluids. Pleasant tonight. No behaviors." Otherwise it's "residents a b c d are fine, e is on Keflex for cellulitis. Temp 99.1. F g and h are fine. I had behaviors today of blah blah blah." And so forth. With upwards of 30 residents...as Sweet Brown says "ain't nobody got time for that!"
  11. chrisrn24

    Guilt over saying no to overtime

    Don't feel guilty!! I get calls all the time and never answer.
  12. chrisrn24

    What's With the "Poop"?

    I would care plan it to toilet before dinner. That way if she asks, say "we just took him at 4:45." Also if she is a daily visitor maybe find something for her to do besides visiting her dad. Maybe she could do a craft with the residents or something?
  13. chrisrn24

    Do you know your patients?

    You may never know everyone's list. But like the others said you will get hunches and form ideas based on meds, etc. A lot of my residents have a "primary dx." That is what I try to remember. Wait until you send someone out and the paramedics ask you their whole health history and their average vitals and their meds...
  14. chrisrn24

    Moral of the story: Never give IM injections?

    I agree with Esme. It's not abuse.
  15. chrisrn24

    sports bras?

    I stopped wearing normal bras to work...it's a waste of a good bra to wear it at work. Sports bras for me!
  16. chrisrn24

    Things you tell newbies

    Trust your gut. Cluster your care - saves you time later. Be professional.