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  1. Would YOU have reported it?

    Honestly no. It's not a terribly serious error. I would just mention it next time you see her.
  2. Where to look for non-traditional hours?

    Are you limited because your day care hours? Do you think that an in home day care could be more flexible? Is it possible if your SO or whoever would be able to watch the baby overnight push their own start time an hour later?
  3. Long hair unrestrained at work

    I prefer how I look with my hair down. Sometimes I go to work with wet hair too, so I'll leave it down while charting, getting report but put it up when doing personal cares with a pt.
  4. Orientation for a new grad

    I had approx 6 weeks of full time training before I was on my own. I was a new grad.
  5. I'm supposed to what now?

    To me this is not black and white. There are times where I've given morphine SL PRN to a sleeping patient who did not request it and I don't regret it. PRN is up to my discretion too and I decided that they needed it for whatever reason and gave it t...
  6. Smelly nursing home what to do?

    It may not be people with UTIs, but rather a cleanliness issue. I have some people with chronically foul urine that don't have UTIs.
  7. Ebola - do you have the right to walk away?

    I don't work in a hospital but I agree. I'm very susceptible to illness. If there's a stomach bug or cold going around at work, I never fail to get it despite frequent hand washing and cleaning my equipment religiously. I would need the best PPE offe...
  8. We don't have this policy but we are supposed to call the DON after an incident.
  9. Tips on taking vitals on the elderly

    Sometimes I've found that the radial pulse is not always where it should be. Feel around!
  10. How Many Night Nurses Attend Meetings?

    Nope if it's not at 0700 I won't go!
  11. Could this be construed as "abuse"?

    My mom actually was having her BP checked a few months ago and cried out in pain. She never complains about stuff so I know it hurts. I have a lady at work who is severely contracted and I can't get a BP on her ever. I feel it's cruel. Other nurses d...
  12. Narc Count Disaster

    Why is Joe always flustered and insisting on changing the count? Joe would be the one I would investigate.
  13. INAs in the chart?

    Obviously chart that the incident occurred in the progress notes but don't write "incident report completed." Does that make sense? You can have a copy of the incident report in the chart but don't mention it in the progress notes.
  14. Trouble with MAR

    Why don't they just write "cymbalta 90 mg" and then the nurses have to figure out its a 30 mg cap with a 60 mg cap?
  15. Medical Assistants being called nurses

    I understand why the office staff call them nurse - because traditionally offices are staffed with nurses and most people expect that. The title of MA may be confusing. But it doesn't mean it's right. They could just say "my assistant."