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I am an optimist. I try to see the good and positive in all situations. I work with a crowd that seems to be the opposite and today I realized it's starting to get me down. I came in this morning and... Read More

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    Aw - quit whing Tazzi:roll .

    Please stay positive. Make it your choice. I love working with people like you.

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    I'm not the giddy, perky, Little Miss Sunshine type, I just see the glass as half full. My glass gets drained pretty darned quick around here sometimes....

    Thank you, Crunch!!
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    I am one of those perky, optimistic types also. I know sometimes the night-shifters just cringe when I come in at 0700 saying "Good Morning."

    I think I have become my mother. She has been eternally perky and it used to annoy the living he*& out of me!

    It is too much work to be crabby. I do my share, trust me, but I have found life is easier when you are happier.
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    I always try to be kind, considerate, and respectful to my patients. I've been known to dance for my patients amusement and love to joke with them. But I know I am not the whole heartedly optimistic person I used to be, just given some very hard personal events in my life. I would say try not to judge these nurses. There might be more to their story then just their career getting them down. Treat them like your patients- with compassion and respect, but maintain your distance as far as an emotional involvement. And also realize sp? that a positive outlook can be contagious as well. I once had a colleague that lifted my spirits as soon as she walked through the door, with her sunny, positive nature. Everyone around her would instantly smile. Don't change!
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    Quote from MomNRN
    I am one of those perky, optimistic types also. I know sometimes the night-shifters just cringe when I come in at 0700 saying "Good Morning."
    It does me, grumpgrump. Tell me "good night! sleep well!" and I'll appreciate you much more.:chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
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    Quote from TriageRN_34

    It scares me that kindess offends or throws people off!
    This is so true. It's like, people don't know what to do with kindness. Hostility they understand and can handle but kindness is something that's out of their range and they are looking for something sinister lurking underneath.
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    When I was a more positive person, gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, and always looked on the positive side of a situation on the unit where I was working, I was accused of being "naive" and ignorant of the "real world." Well, after awhile, I began wondering if they were right and I was wrong. But later, one of the nurses who said those things about me told me that she had always been jealous of my attitude and often wondered how I could be so positive and happy when I was dealing with so many stressful situations in my personal life at that time (chronically ill spouse, young children, limited income, etc). She said she always thought that if I could have a positive attitude anybody could.
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    I was not always a positive person. My mom is very negative and always has been, and I grew up like her. In high school a classmate once asked me "Why do you always complain so much?" I started being more careful at that point. Then, many years later, I went into recovery and changed even more. I've experienced the negative and at that point I decided to refuse to allow the negative to take over my life anymore.
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    To be honest, I tend to lean toward the pessimistic side and really, really try very hard to temper natural self. Like the poster that said she is becoming her mother (although her mother was optimistic,) my mother is EXTREMELY negative. Heck, she is off the chart! I am trying to have a more positive outlook and not end up like her, but sometimes the constant cheerfulness makes me feel so phoney. So please be patient with your 'dark side' leaning co-workers, they are fighting their own natures and demons.
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    I am the one at work people always say that has a smile on her face. Even when things are very stressful, I'm laughing about it cause thats just the way I deal with stress most of the time.

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