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dream'n has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in UR/PA, Hematology/Oncology, Med Surg, Psych.

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  1. dream'n

    Nurse Companionship Call Service

    I would need to learn more about it. Is it companionship only? Like spending a day talking, going to the grocery, helping with cooking? If so, you wouldn't need a nurse but perhaps a home assistant. If it means counseling, then I think that should be...
  2. Today in the US, if you aren't rich and don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, you are at the mercy of your employer and the insurance companies.
  3. Facts: Many receive Medicare that never worked. My mother for example, she never worked outside the home a day in her life. She's on Medicare because my father worked. And with the standard Medicare recipient nowadays, many women on Medicare were hou...
  4. I hear and agree with you. A few years ago, I was offered a new job and I asked about the insurance plans offered. This was after I had been working at another employer with crap insurance, so it was very important to me. The HR department couldn't (...
  5. dream'n

    Are You Working Past Retirement Age?

    I sure hope not. Still have quite a while to go until retirement age and my mind and body are already tired.
  6. Every nurse has made a mistake; therefore, every nurse has at one time or another practiced sub-par and unsafely. So, if the mistake happens to be deadly, the nurse should be prosecuted criminally for reckless homicide and placed in prison? I...
  7. Does that mean we put nurses in jail only if the mistake is deadly? Also, a police officer doesn't have to pull either the taser or the gun. But the nurse has to provide whatever care they are responsible for. If cops are busy hunting a rapist, they ...
  8. I worked with GREAT nurse that was my preceptor when I became a RN. She had decades of nursing under her belt. She was careful and mindful. Stuck to policy, worked safely, but one night...patient wanted pain medication. She went to the Pyxis and was ...
  9. I agree that staffing wasn't the issue at the time, but who gets to decide when some other nurse makes a mistake?
  10. My opinion is that criminal charges should never have been filed. Nurses work many times with high ratios/bad staffing/too critical patients and it's totally out of our hands. Many shifts are running from dumpster fire to dumpster fire. Nurses have ...
  11. dream'n

    UAB Announces Xenotransplantation Breakthrough

    I know animals are killed for food all the time and I'm no vegetarian. But this is causing an unsettling feeling in my gut and I'm not sure why. I can pin my own feelings down because of course I'm happy that people in need of transplant may eventu...
  12. dream'n

    Okay to wear traditional nurse uniform to work?

    I really thought I read BON. That's what I get for responding while half-asleep
  13. dream'n

    Okay to wear traditional nurse uniform to work?

    Why did you ask the Board of Nursing? Your work attire is up to your employer
  14. dream'n

    Abuse Accusations

    The facility is being ridiculous. Talk with your attorney first, but perhaps the facility needs to be aware that 'false reporting' can result in a lawsuit against them for your stress and legal fees. The facility also needs to be aware that if they ...
  15. JC and the ANA are both useless in my opinion

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