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  1. dream'n

    No More TB Tests?

    Nope, my last couple of employers did not require yearly TB tests. They only did them upon hire.
  2. dream'n

    In and Out Privileges

    The hospital I worked in would NEVER let a patient leave with an IV, especially a PICC. If a patient left with one they were made AMA and the police were called. Sounds like your hospital is playing with fire. I don't understand how risk management is ok with this since the hospital is taking on a whole world of risk.
  3. dream'n

    Decisions, decisions

    I wouldn't spend 2 hours a day traveling to and from work. Nope, no way. At this stage of my career it wouldn't be worth it for me physically, mentally, or financially.
  4. This fall I went on a job search. I interviewed at a few places. The one position I had at the top of my favorite list and that was very competitive, I felt like the interview went just ok. The position I was so-so about, the interview went fabulous. I was sure I would be offered the so-so position and probably not my favorite one after the interviews. Well it worked out just the opposite. You just never know. Though in your case, think of the money (and time) you would save on transportation throughout the year and also on work apparel. That might make the salary gap actually not quite as wide.
  5. dream'n

    Resignition Timeline?

    I would follow up with the new job and see if they could extend the orientation to February. If they couldn't, I would not lose out on a job I really wanted because a current employer is just being an *** about two days. Shows their true colors and it's not a place you would want to be at anyway BTW, I've never given 4 weeks notice, only 2 weeks and have never been told to do it differently.
  6. Sorry I have no advice, but I can say that Chemistry and Statistics really suck. My two most unfavorite classes
  7. dream'n

    Scared.....No Nursing?

    Remember that as a RN you are not only collecting and reporting data, you are also ASSESSING that data. The assessment (critical thinking) part seems to be what you are missing. When calling a lab result to the provider think about what that result may mean...ie: high Potassium level, what does that mean for this patient and what s/s should one look for? Look up hyperkalemia and assess the client for those s/s. What are their previous levels and why was the lab ordered to begin with? Are they on any medications that could be involved in the elevated level? On dialysis? After your investigation of the data, then call the provider with all the information. I know it seems alot at first to think about with one lab result, but that is critical thinking. That is ASSESSING the data. You will get quicker and it will get easier over time as you gain experience and it will become second nature to you.
  8. dream'n

    12 hour night shifts

    I hear you, that's one of the reasons I'm leaving night shift. For every shift, you basically lose the day off and the day after sleeping. Plus it's taking a toll on my health.
  9. dream'n

    How Much Junk do you Keep?

    This is a current topic for me as I've been clearing out old clutter. The only nursing paper I keep is a reference I have on insulin. It has the onset, peak, etc. on all the different types of insulin and I've found myself referring to it several times over the years (I keep it updated). Its been handy-dandy. Everything else including my nursing books have been trashed. BTW, I have found so many little treasures I had forgotten I had while decluttering.
  10. dream'n

    Most valuable experience

    I learned the most as a new graduate RN on a Medical Surgical/Oncology floor. I had previously worked as a LPN in alot of different settings and for alot of years, but that first RN job taught me the most. Even now that I work in another area, I feel the job grew my confidence, taught me prioritization and how to be independent, and showed me what is important and what is just "noise".
  11. dream'n

    Two weeks notice?

    I give two weeks of calendar time and always include the date of my last shift. Give a paper resignation to your boss, it's more respectful. HR can get the email.
  12. dream'n

    Multiple job interviews advice

    I have several interviews coming up this week. I am going to ask if I can shadow (for free if course) for a few hours before taking any position. I have the copies of my recent PPD and Flu vaccine. I also have my RN license and a level one fingerprint/criminal history clearance from the state. Hopefully with all that information, I will be able to shadow.
  13. dream'n

    Time to prepare

    Then something was way wrong in the admissions process. Guidelines sound like they were needed, such as new admits must be approved by nursing and then scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Granted I don't work LTC anymore, but do work in a Residential treatment program. Our admits are scheduled approximately a week out, at certain times, and on certain days. I don't understanding why that couldn't be done elsewhere
  14. dream'n

    Should I go to work during the strike?

    Are the care techs and CNAs striking? If my coworkers were striking, I would NEVER cross the picket line.