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  1. Invega Sustenna IM injection S/E

    YES !!! One of my clients has reported knots/lumps in her arms since starting IS over a year ago.The client has taken my hand and guided my fingers over these areas and there are at least 2 or 3 small hard knots/lumps in both arms. Of course we rot...
  2. IM sites for anti-psychotics

    I've never given more than 3ml in any injection. I had a patient on Haldol Dec 350mg IM and I gave it in 2 doses of 1.5cc each.
  3. Mystery Doctor

    A patient called our office asking to refill a medication that I had never heard of. I questionied the patient about her med request and asked her to get the empty bottle so she could call her pharmacy, but she insisted that calling the pharmacy woul...
  4. RN-Attention Deficit Disorder-Nonhyperactive

    Those of us stuggling with ADHD also have the gift of creativity which we have had to develop to compensate for our difficulty staying focussed and staying on task, so tell us the things you have already tried doing to get your charting done on time....
  5. community mental health nsg.

    Most areas in NC offer ACT Team services (I think ACT stands for Assertive Community Treatment) and the team consists of the Psychiatrist, NP, therapist, case manager, and nurse. They go into patients' homes to assess, monitor, provide services, and...
  6. Fingerprinting in Raleigh

    Hope you have better success at getting prints than I did. My prints don't show up, and the police officer grumbled the whole time about how nurses are the hardest people to get good prints from because of our use of alcohol based hand cleaner (I ra...
  7. Community Support

    Will you be providing the community support service, or are you just to identify pts in need of referral to a community support provider? In the area where I live, a facility has to have approval from the "powers that be" to provide this service, an...
  8. Ours is a small town, so when I worked in the hospital psych unit, I had many pts that I had been in school with, or knew from the community. Now that I'm working in an OP clinic, I know many pts from school, church, and community. Some of my dist...
  9. What Kind of Specialty and What Do You Do?

    Outpatient mental health. I have education groups to teach patients about the medications and management of symptoms of Schizophrenia, check vital signs before psych evals, individual med teaching, keep up with labs, take phone calls for med refill...
  10. Lost a patient to suicide?

    It's sad to lose a patient to suicide, but even sadder to lose a co-worker. We experienced that last week. He didn't work for the same agency, but for an agency that contracted with ours and we shared some of the same patients. I'm very angry at ...
  11. Question for Clinic Nurses

    I work in a behavioral health clinic and stay late almost every day............paperwork!! Every little call requires documentation. Treatment plans, Medicaid authorizations, etc.
  12. Rn

    well, since it has been about 10 years ago, it's hard to remember. I borrowed the review book and some other notes from a friend who had taken the test the year before. I thought since I had 7 years of MH nursing and 2 yrs of detox experience, I'd...
  13. Old Nurse New Questions

    I worked on an inpatient unit in a hospital where the program manager was a Master's level SW, but we had a nurse manager who supervised the nurses and it seemed to work well.
  14. Rn

    I took the certification exam through ANCC years ago.
  15. Funny fake names for meds

    I work really hard to provide med education with my psych patients, and some try really hard to sound like they've learned something, many times much to my embarrassment. These are some things I've heard: Haldol=hound dog Wellbutrin=welluterine ...