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  1. This is almost definitely a $ issue. I worked at a LTC facility that wanted us to call the DON to get approval to send a patient out. They definitely wanted their beds full. Trouble is, you are the patient advocate, you have the education to make ...
  2. Med aid problems!

    Doesn’t seem to be your medication aides are the problem but the expectations of the facility on the RN. To have one RN cover both a skilled unit of 20 and be responsible for assessments, treatments, orders and insulin on 3 other units - for a grand ...
  3. Husband is not ready for me to go to nursing school!!

    I am glad you are going to counseling, however I think no matter what happens you should go ahead to school. If he sees that this is important to you he will come around. If he doesn't he's probably not the right partner for you. It also bothers me t...
  4. Negligent CNA?

    We just do education. Silly that they reported it as negligence. Doubt that anything will come of this unless it's a serious injury.
  5. LTC has changed-How do you give out 5pm meds now?

    Actually quite a lot of them always took their meds at their meals. Some people actually have insisted I give them to them on the toilet no matter how much I protest I can come back. (Yuck.) Most people are very casual about their meds (sometimes too...
  6. Unpaid orientation LTC

    No. It's not legal. Can I hold a 1 day unpaid training for new hires? | Human Resource Blog After you find a job notify the Department of Labor
  7. You are NOT allergic to...

    Autocorrect plus up too late í ½í¸Š
  8. CNA's not doing vitals & slow to answer lights?

    I get my own vitals. Fastest way to do so for me is to put them on an automatic cuff then pour their meds. I keep a manual on my cart for rechecks and only do the most necessary during med pass the rest I do when doing treatments. If I'm running behi...
  9. You are NOT allergic to...

    interesting. Maybe not all insulin though? Just aspartame? Thought you might appreciate this article: The Human Insulin Analog Aspart Can Induce Insulin Allergy
  10. You are NOT allergic to...

    Sometimes Items get entered as allergies because the families or patients insist on it and won't take that medicine, despite the fact that they aren't really allergic. No amount of education ever changes their mind, and it saves us a lot of grief whe...
  11. Nurses forced to work as aides

    Patients need care. If your short staffed, you may be needed to do 'CNA' work. Even managers need to be able to pitch in in my opinion. In fact you get a more accurate picture of your patient when you spend more time with them doing care. You might c...
  12. Elopement and LTC

    I would've stood my ground, said their accusations were baseless and unfounded, and that I would not be spoken too in such a manner. I would reiterate that I am indeed happy to work with them to determine what happened, however I can not tolerate suc...
  13. So disappointed in hospital RNs and MDs

    This is not an us vs them post - RN vs FNP - it's a post that brings to light a situation the OP experienced and needs to be discussed. It happens. It's appalling - because assessments are basic nursing care that must be done for good reasons. (BTW L...
  14. Whoa - meds not given? And why didn't you all ask her to cover for you in turn?
  15. Demanding patient wanting me to page MD about insignificant issue.

    Usually they are prescribed by an eye doctor for Macular Degeneration - an eye condition that leads to blindness and currently has no cure. There is some evidence they are helpful to slow progression but the evidence currently is insufficient as it w...