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Creamsoda is a ASN, RN and specializes in ICU.


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  1. Creamsoda

    Should I go through with nursing?

    So it sounds to me like health care is not exactly your passion but I dont think that necessiraly will make you a bad nurse or hate the profession overall. Have you been to clinicals yet? Had direct patient care yet? I definately wouldnt want you to waste your time if this truely is not the career path for you, but I dont thinks it the wrong one per say. My experience in nursing school 15 years ago was similar. I was friendly with classmates but didn't really bond with them. I really did not like nursing school and felt there was a lot of drama. I showed up to class then went home and didn't socialize much. I am kind of an introvert. I did go into healthcare because I wanted to help people but at the same time I wasnt that student who was all bringing their guitars to clinical and singing for their patients because nursing truely is their passion. Because I am an introvert I even had one instructor tell me she didn't think I would do well as a nurse in 2nd year clinical. I'm not sure what her deal was. Jokes on her, I've been in critical care for 15 years, get along very well with all my coworkers, and I've had great references from managers and physicians that I have worked with and always have had excellent evaluations. I really do care about giving great patient care. There are so many areas of nursing you can work that are for different personalities. And nursing school is not the same as the real world. I hated nursing school. But you still have to want to care about people etc. Nursing is brutal work. You never have enough time, administrators breathing down your neck, you charting is never good enough even though you were coding your patients all day etc etc. It's frustrating to say the least. Some days I dream of leaving the profession and working in a garden nursery. But that doesnt pay the bills and I am able to garden for my hobby. Working 3 12 hr shifts a week is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. I love working in critical care, but you become disillusioned with the system and non compliant patients pretty quickly. But then once in a blue moon I will have the most sweet patients and it kind of makes up for it. Job portability cant be beat and pay is decent in most parts of the country. If you do feel in your heart health care is for you, I think you will be fine, but if you are really feeling like health care isn't for you I would find a different path.
  2. Ive seen plenty of men wear danskos. to me they are unisex. Ive seen a lot of male surgeons, male physicians etc wear them. If you just get black or born pretty unisex to me. Or if you want to be more vibrant, get some hot pink ones!
  3. Creamsoda

    Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    You literally did nothing wrong and everything right. IF she does report you, which I doubt she will, its likely just threats and intimidation, you documentation will back you up. You followed all hospital procuedures appropriately. Not sure what else she could have wanted from you. Some familys are just delusional.
  4. Creamsoda

    PACU "brain/cheat sheet"?

    In my experience you dont really need a brain. And I am an ICU nurse who requires a brain sheet when I am working in ICU. In pacu not so much. I might just have a piece of paper that as patients come i might write down basic info like name, procedure done, what anesthesia gave them and then past history once I get a chance to look it up. Youre basically dealing with making sure they wake up ok, managing airway and pain and watching for post op complication like bleeding. There might be a few things that might need to get done, but most post op orders start when they get to the unit. So in my experience Id say you might find you dont really need one Once you start working though you will find out what info you need and want handy to write down
  5. Creamsoda

    Thready Pulse in Cardiac Arrest

    If they have a palpable pulse, you do not continue with CPR. If there is any question that there is a pulse, just continue with CPR, but if you have a pulse, even if weak, you dont need to continue compressions. You can get some pressors going like levophed to help with blood pressure. If you have a pulse and the BP is not able to read, you still dont need to do compressions. You have a pulse. The BP is just quite low that many monitors have trouble reading.
  6. Creamsoda

    I am new to nursing but I don't want to do this anymore

    What you are feeling sounds very normal, and I think nursing school does not really prepare you for feeling that way, even though I would say most of us went through the same thing. It takes a while to get your groove. Like others said, after about a year, you prob wont feel this way anymore, or at least it will be less often. You have to give it time. Make sure your having check ins with your manager and educator and tell them how your feeling. If they are any good they will validate you and tell you its ok. There were many times as a new grad I felt so overwhelmed I wanted to cry. You are literally still learning to be a nurse, even though you have graduated. Nursing school does not actually prepare you for the real world. Things take you longer because you are inexperienced. It just takes getting more experience unfortunately. I just started a new job as an experienced nurse and even that was a bit overwhelming to me for the first few weeks. A whole new computer system, new staff, new doctors with their quirks etc. I was very frustrated for the first few weeks. It has gotten better. It will for you too.
  7. Creamsoda

    Pts who insult you?

    Patients who insult me? Muahaha bring it on. They could call me literally anything in the book and it would not bother me one bit. I know im doing my job and what im supposed to. If they want to fling insults at me or make fun of my appearance let them. It makes me laugh if anything. Especially the creative ones. Why are you letting it get to you? Feel free to chart the insults that are said too. I work in an ICU, ive been called all sorts of things. Doesnt bother me a bit because im not the crazy one in the bed.
  8. Creamsoda


    Ding ding ding! exactly. Im not sure why so many nurses think that staffing is their burden. So the DON has to cover for her. let the DON whine about you using your PTO which your entitled too. WHO CARES! They will get over it and also probably find more staff.
  9. Creamsoda


    me no understand....just take more days off. Its your own fault for capping out and not being able to acrue more. Unless of course they wont approve time off. But you know how much you accure, so plan ahead and just book some days off here and there ahead of time. Problem solved. Time off is a good thing.
  10. Creamsoda

    Growing pains?? (chronic intermittent leg pain)

    me too! i have vague memories when i was probably 4-7 and i woudl just HURT all over! It was chalked up to growing pains. Which for me is prob true as im tall now.
  11. Creamsoda

    The life or death squatty potty

    This is hilarious. But on another note, maybe you guys need more than 1 stool? I use them all the time to prop feet up when up in a chair etc. Most places ive worked have had one in each room.
  12. Creamsoda

    Friend is sending FB requests to all ICU/ER nurses

    definately a terrible thing to do. This will not get her networking like she thinks. It will make the whole "network" think shes crazy.
  13. Creamsoda

    I don't think i can be around this co-worker anymore.

    You should go directly to human resources. Sounds like hes been "counseled" about it before but clearly has not stopped. Bypass your manager and go to HR. I saw one commenter berate you for being so passive and to speak up in the moment. Everyone has a different response to harrasment. Dont feel bad because you couldnt speak up in the moment. Your response is fear and to freeze and that is normal especialy based on your past. Go straight to HR, this guy needs to go. He did this on purpose. He found you in a private/ closed space and did what he did on purpose. NORMAL people dont do that! Especially when hes been spoken to before.
  14. Creamsoda

    Blood products simultaneously

    When you have to do it, you have to do it. When the blood is pouring out of them so fast you must give it back as fast as you can. At this point life is more important than potential reaction. Every patient and situation is different. But if their vital signs indicate hemodynamic instability, you need to give the blood products. If this helps ease your mind any about reactions, you said there was already FFP going, well most serious reactions occur within that first 15 min anyway which is why we stay at the bedside. So if it had already been infusing for 15 min, you good to go on hanging the blood anyway. Ive seen women post partum hemorrhage in minutes, GSW's hemorrhage out, GIB's hemorrhage out. Ive seen it all. Ive given 50+ products in 1-2 hrs with the Level 1 rapid infusor.
  15. Creamsoda

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Money is dirty. People are dirty. Its better than nothing. Using hand sanitizer between each and every customer would destroy your hands. To each their own.
  16. Creamsoda

    A patient spit in my face

    Wow how terrible. I hope you went to employee health right away! If you didnt, still go ASAP