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  1. Creamsoda

    Don't Be SAD! - Seasonal Affective Disorder

    ill probably taper down the dose to see how I feel. But I think I want to stay on it and see how things go over the summer as well, and go up again next winter. I don't like taking drugs, but it really has seemed to help me where I've noticed such a difference in my fatigue levels.
  2. Creamsoda

    Don't Be SAD! - Seasonal Affective Disorder

    I just posted my response to the article, but YES, ask to up your dose for a bit, until it starts getting lighter. I just started taking it in August to combat SAD, I didn't see a dramatic change, maybe a little. But I went up on dosage in November, and since then, for the last 1.5 months I have been feeling fantastic. More energy than ever. ( I still sleep just fine at night too, as I can sleep any time it seems, but the day time sleepiness and lethargy are pretty much gone!).
  3. Creamsoda

    Don't Be SAD! - Seasonal Affective Disorder

    I've always lived in northern climates, and the last few years, an area with little light as well, maybe 6 hrs at best. I have always had the lethargy in the winter. Every year like clockwork. Even when I exercise, while it helps, I could still sleep in every day, and nap in the afternoon. I try to get outside and XC ski when I can, run etc. its frustrating to no end. I started on welbutrin this fall in an attempt to combat this, (along with light therapy, exercise, good diet, vitamin D, iron pills etc which I always have done every winter). I didn't notice too much of a difference from August till November at the initial dose. I was still somewhat lethargic, but maybe not as bad. We upped the dose and wow, I have never had this much energy before in all the years I can remember (I'm early 30's and decent physical shape, but a few pound to loose). The afternoon sleepiness at work and at home on days off is pretty much gone. i don't want to nap so much anymore. I have even tried to lay down for a nap (after a long winter hike), and while usually I can pass right out because I'm pretty wiped after a good hike, I can sleep 3 hrs solid no problem, I couldn't! I tried, but just didn't happen. So after years of struggling with SAD, I really am finding welbutrin to be a life saver. So I have had so much energy during the day, that I am finding it so easy to workout more and I'm sure that just makes things even better. Definitely the combo is doing it for me. So if you have struggled with SAD, and nothing seems to work, consider welbutrin. I sound like an advertisement. I don't like taking drugs if I can avoid it, but it really has changed this winter for me.
  4. Creamsoda

    Seeing is Believing

    Agreed Capt Crzy
  5. Creamsoda

    Funny & Cute Things Our Demented Patients Say

    OMG thats hilarious.
  6. Creamsoda

    Moral Distress In Nursing

    The above situation happens ALL THE TIME. Its disgusting. The medical profession needs to change. Sorry but we can't save everyone, yet we let these people waste away in bed unable to move, staring at the wall. Man I hope I die an awesome death, because how many of these people end up dying is tragic.
  7. Creamsoda

    My dad was a 'throw-away'

    A lot. I work on a rapid response team and one of our jobs is "watching" the ICU transfers....theres many times where they are clearly sent out wayyy to early. Luckily we are following them so we can help advocate if they need to go back before it turns into a true emergency. But yes there are many people who fall through the crack unfortunately
  8. Creamsoda

    "The Good Ol' Days!"

    "Chief of medicine cardioverting patients with carotid sinus massage. Cheaper than electricity. :smokin:" They still do that
  9. Creamsoda

    When to say no...new grad burn out

    Your getting royally screwed on your overtime. Its illegal, they have to pay you for it. There is no way that is regular time. Id be going to HR and looking for back pay! Seriously
  10. Creamsoda

    1mg Ativan 7 times per day?!?!

    She may be self medicating sure, it is a higher dose for the outpatient setting, but I wouldnt say its that unusual. Ive seen patients on 20 mg ativan IV/hr on non intubated patients before for ETOH withdrawl, it all depends on their tolerance.
  11. Creamsoda

    What do you know about pushing bicarb?

    Ive always noticed the opposite, imediately I usually see a rise in BP, then it may slowly trend back down untill more is pushed, usually these are severly acidotic patients
  12. Creamsoda

    Oscillating ventilation

    Ive seen it used when patients keep blowing pneumos, really bad ARDS ect because traditional ventilation just made things worse. On the otherhand these people are usually extremely sick, and the ones I have seen on an oscillator usually ended up dying.
  13. Interesting post. No you cant get fired. Why should your employer ever find out. Its none of their business. Its discrimination if they fire you. As long as you maintain universal precautions caring for people is fine. Besides its not like you would want to be working at the bedside if you were immunocomprimised from getting sick or the HIV/AIDS was getting worse....god forbid you have AIDS dementia and are still working at bedside? Be a floozy all you want, but universal precautions remain the same. Lol
  14. Creamsoda

    Low Budget Scriptwriting - A Few Tips

    I dont get it, why is this posted on this site?
  15. Creamsoda

    Critical patient scenarios

    Agreed, its hypovolemic shock, I would be anticipating on getting that patient down to the OR stat and hanging blood and IVF. I just dont get the elevated BP though unless its an initial compensatory thing where the body is still able to clamp down the arterys to maintain a BP, but I dont think it would last for long