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People on here need to realize that when you complain on here (and for some that all those individuals do) it really dissuades us new grads from continuing into the profession. First and most obvious... Read More

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    Yes, i have nightmare awful shifts months on end! dont like it , you can leave. ehat i like about nursing is working3 twelves and the pay. i should have thought more of myself and done something else but for now $25/hr or so is good enough.
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    Quote from Orion81
    How unbelievably, offensively rude. And you know what? I don't care what you think. When you became a nurse, you took on the role as teacher and role model for all nurses following you. THAT is the REALITY. Whether you like it or not, YOU are our teacher. You better hope to hell we new grads don't have nurses like you who we are trying to look up to when YOU are the patient in the hospital. I love learning from experienced nurses. Guess what? You better care how you are teaching us. WE are the future experienced nurses taking care of your kids. I never disrespected experienced nurses til I became a part if this website and saw how much we new grads are despised by so many of you. Its like "how dare anyone after us become a nurse and try to learn." Yeah, the NERVE of us.
    How does any of this negate what that poster said? nursing world does not revilve around new grads . ........ we can post 363738585 vents withouy any consideration on how new garda or experienced nurses will perceive them.
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    Quote from LadyFree28
    Esme...I want to hug and kiss you!!!!

    Can we have this as a national statement of nurses???? A TRUE media statement???

    As someone of the "younger" generation, I have been fortunately taught what Esme's statement entails, through my coursework as an LPN and in my BSN coursework. I know many who have not had that fortunate reality built on...it is up to the individual to go into LIFE not disillusioned from the harsh aspects of reality. I want more people entering the profession KNOW the reality so that they are going to be at the bedside for the long haul like I plan to...at least 10-15 years and/or MORE, God willing, because I plan for the bulk of my career to be a bedside nurse, I plan to give back and educate and empower my peers...if I go back for the post graduate work, it's to serve in a higher capacity to serve my peers and patients...I hope to be semi retired by then, but if I remain at the bed side it because I KNOW I CHOOSE to, eyes wide open the good, the bad, and the ugly of what my profession has to face...and because I WANT TO!

    AN if anything gives a WEALTH if information, and I too, like the nurses who have been in the profession for GENERATIONS are TIRED of the persons who "invade" this profession and have IMHO twisted reasons for entering this profession. I have precepted a RN as an LPN who kept crowing about her "worth" and status and I don't understand because I'm "just an LPN." THAT self-righteousness about "her worth" is what's KILLING the profession-she was fired due to her insubordination of her "worth", she also could not find a job because she was a ADN and worked for a Magnet hospital who only hired BSNs, which left a bad taste in her mouth, thus her attitude for working at my facility.

    This "me" mentality or esteem issues that are faced at the forefront...although there is an "attitude adjustment" nursing maintains when you WORK WITH your fellow nurses, no matter how happy, dopey, sneezy, sleepy, sad, grumpy, or doc-like they are...

    That is our profession...respect the history, take the REALITY for what it's WORTH...(PRICELESS-my 2 cents )
    And make the decision of being a nurse on your OWN terms...ultimately it is up to anyone to choose their fate as a nurse...Just make sure you do it EYES WIDE OPEN!
    LOl....yes you may...
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    Quote from itsnowornever
    Hey "more experienced nurses" I am a bit late to the game, but this new grad is very glad for the venting. It lets me learn how to deal with the situations I have yet to face without feeling lost, I have learned from your experiences. Please don't think all new grads complain. We don't.
    Count me in this group as well. This nursing student is very grateful for all the postings in this forum! Good insight and advice.
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    I think the real issue, lets not mince words, is how unicorns and rainbows are getting trashed.

    Leave them alone!
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    Quote from psu_213
    I don't want to speak for anyone else, but I'm guessing I'm not alone in this though....when I come to AN to vent, I am not trying to dissuade anyone from nursing. Likewise, I am not trying to "tell it like it is" or scare nursing students so they know what nursing "is really like." I vent on here to get support from other nurses, to realize I am not alone in the world of the problems associated with nursing, to learn how others have successfully dealt with difficult circumstances.

    This is a site for nurses to share their experiences, good and bad, with other nurses....not a place to read about sugar coated niceties of the job. If you want that go to:

    5 Careers That Let You Have Fun on the Job - Yahoo! Education

    Otherwise, you are aware of what experienced nurses talk about on AN. I don't mean to be harsh about it, but if you don't like it, don't come to AN.

    I had to LOL when I read the yahoo article...wow. What a "FUN" way to portray our profession!
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    Quote from Esme12
    LOl....yes you may...
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    Quote from LadyFree28
    I had to LOL when I read the yahoo article...wow. What a "FUN" way to portray our profession!
    There is nothing more fun than giving someone bad news and then cracking a joke! When I get a chance to right after someone finds out they have terminal cancer....that is what makes nursing so great!! *sarcasm icon here*
  9. by   Pudnluv
    To the OP, everyone needs to vent from time to time. What better way to do that than with others who understand exactly what you are going through. That's the whole point of having a forum. FYI, I love my job. I love being a nurse. I can't think of anything else I would want to do. I love my profession and feel very passionately about it. I love the noise, the chaos and everything that goes along with my job in the ED. I love working bedside with the patient. I look forward to going to work. No, I'm not new to the profession. I have been doing it for 19 years. Yes, there are times when I get frustrated and angry at my job. There are definitely things that reall set me off, but I get over it and move on. That's life.

    Oh, and I love rainbows, unicorns and pretty much anything sparkly.
  10. by   Esme12
    Right off the bat, working in a hospital may not seem like fun - and it isn't always. Sometimes bad news must be given, and it's during these situations that having registered nurses who are fun-loving, outgoing, and lighthearted can be important.
    Fun factors: Nurses often work directly with patients, so this interaction could allow you to get creative, crack jokes, and remain upbeat, all while administering medicines and organizing important details.

    And since many medical establishments are open 24 hours, many nurses could enjoy flexibility in their schedules - which could allow them more time to have fun off the clock.
    ......That is the funniest thing I have EVER read!!!!!!!

    Oh I see......you get to tell the cancer patient that is dying...after hurling all day from the chemo....tell them to smile because tomorrow is another day. really????

    Unbelievable....no wonder these poor people going onto nursing think we are crazy when we ....uhm....talk about the realities.
  11. by   Pudnluv
    Nurses are definitely are a different breed.
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    Quote from SaoirseRN
    That was directed at Orion I believe, whose reply to that poster was quite shocking.
    Oh I was just wondering.

    Thanks for everyone else for their replies so far, but let me mention then again that I know its not unicorns and butterflies and baby bunnies and ****. The main point was that whether or not you enjoy your job and if it was as bad as everyone makes it or if everyone is just venting. Thanks for the replies.
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    Quote from FlorenceNtheMachine
    I think the real issue, lets not mince words, is how unicorns and rainbows are getting trashed.

    Leave them alone!
    I love you