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  1. anotherone

    Why Do I Care?

    This happens in a lot of facilities even great ones and great units like the ones I have worked in. I have come to accept it as part of the job. Staying for more than 2 years seems to be the rarity and part of me thinks those who stay much longer are looked at with disdain or viewed as less ambitious (?) even by management. stagnant(?) Does anyone else get that feeling?
  2. anotherone

    Nursing makes me hate fat people

    wow. back injuries are debilitating. one injury and one's nursing career or any! may be over! wow. some value their ability to provide for themselves and our back. Yeah, complaining won't solve obesity but it may make hospitals have more staff, more lifts, bariatric beds and rooms with bigger bathrooms etc.
  3. anotherone

    Nursing makes me hate fat people

    I don't care how fat of thin they are.... Not high and mighty but don't think all thin people are that way by chance either. Once a pt is in a certain weight range, and unable to care for his/herself that pt requires more staff to care for him and her and more of a physical effort. I don't understand why people get so upset by this. Many to most people in our society are overweight and obese .. They will get cancer, neuro illnesses, traumas, elderly etc...... I think it is reasonable for hospitals to acknowledge this when looking at staffing and facilities. many older and even "newer" hospitals are not equipped right .
  4. there is so much misery . and so many people who seem and are like monsters.... I am often amazed when I encounter kind people after dealing or seeing some of these lunatics. I think these stories and encounters definitely affect health care staff ( not to steal the "limelight") and that isn't acknowledged often. All my nursing friends have tons of stories like this as do I. My non nursing friends seem to think a minor cold is some sort of grand human tragedy. Working nas a nurse does make me feel very thankful for my luck ( that is what most of it is) so far in life and health..... It makes me roll my eyes at the ones who will be fine who go on and on woe is me over next to nothing. I wanna tell them get over yourself!
  5. anotherone

    Nursing makes me hate fat people

    heh. i meant to hit quote buy hit like instead..... i started a thread myself on the obese but with a different tone. my back hurts too sometimes. i am female but in your age group. 250-350. that is a near light weight !!!! body mechanics .... yeah sure. i do not turn people myself and will wait for enough help which does delay care. but only an idiot or someone in the ivory tower thinks 2 125lb nuses or aides is all it takes to do care for these pts. does your facility have special beds for pts like this? super overweight and some type of air bed? one look outside in most areas of the country and this is what i expected from nursing........ many of your pts brought their illnesses on themselves thin or fat. but i guess your issue may be with how it affects you. i see this being a big problem as 1 total care pt who is 400lbs requires more staff to assist than a total care who is 130lbs.
  6. I am not sure what catholic/christian beliefs factor in on the care one can or can not receive in religious affiliated hospitals. Not sure to what extent those beliefs affect modern medicine, procedures that are legal in the U.S . I wonder what discussions would be like if the hospitals were affiliated with a non christian religion (even if in practice things were the same)
  7. anotherone

    Do you have 30 minutes for lunch?

    not all the time. med surg . sometimes you can plan all you want but if we are short and constant bed alarms and frequent vitals etc.. with even other nurses pts , then there isn't anyone to watch yours. some shifts are a huge spiral there is never a break.
  8. op, hope you find peace
  9. anotherone

    You won't believe.....

    wow, i thnk it is rude and presumptuous to expect a greeting from a stranger. exceptions being work related ( with customers, not coworkers). If people make eye contact or stare i say hello, otherwise I leave them alone.
  10. anotherone

    Need a hug

    I never would tell families/pts we are short. Didn't want to worry them and knew it is a no no . Well now on shifts like the ones you describe I refuse to be seen as a bad nurse when we are short 2 nurses and 2 aides. If management doesn't like, well I don't care. Not taking the blame for someone else's bad choices and business practices.
  11. anotherone

    A few questions about bedside manner.

    If I ever cry in front if someone, the worst thing , Ii think,, would be for it to be acknowledged. Patting my shoulder or trying to hold my hand will increase my anxiety or have me thinking you are an inappropriate weirdo. some who say to treat others like you would want to be treated don't realize some of us want to be treated differenly!
  12. anotherone

    Dr said no hope for lpn for me :(

    A typical bedside nurse position is extremily rough on your back, neck etc.... I can't thing of one single coworker who has been a nurse longer than a few years who doesn't have some muscular skeletal or spinal issue. It can be debillitating and make it gery difficult to work as a bedside nurse and even outside of work. Ugh. i am suprised when i see nurses who have worked at the bedside more than 20years because of the physical labor aspects of the job.
  13. anotherone

    Long term effects of working night shifts

    I work 7pm-730am 3-4 times a week. Day shift is way too hectic. nights can be stressful and busy but it is different than on day shift. i try to keep the same schedule but come on... if i did i could never go out to run errands or shop at most places. I miss every holiday and many many other social events. I dont care about them much and as a nurse you are going to miss them whether you work nights or days. Other long term affects I am not really sure about. i guess i'll find out in a few years
  14. anotherone

    I regret forever not going to medical school

    could have, shoukd have, would have.... I see many doctors around my age at work. 80 hra at least at the hospital making peanuts, wasting their youth there... I feel the apposite of envy! I usually piy the residents! ( at least the attendings get paid more). i am suprised so many people do go through with it! I have seen some interns over 30.
  15. anotherone


    No one where I work would be scared to call anyone out on it and have......... lo Some times almost all the pts on my unit are on isolation protocol
  16. anotherone

    Why do nurses clean off their shoes at work?

    The cdiff, mrsa, vre pts are discharged back to the community to touch everything in stores etc. some might even touch your mail, then you touch it, touch something else.......