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  1. anotherone

    Social Media And You

    Your phone calls are probably monitored as well .... So what if someone reads my texts...I like that I can talk with multiple people at once while watching tv or reading. I like that my time isn't consumed by one person and I "talk" to someone whenever I want. either respond right away or ignore it for awhile.
  2. anotherone

    Tips and Tricks on How to Get a Job as a New Graduate RN!

    If the market sucks your attitude won't make a difference. Although as a coping mechnism "won't happen to me" attitude some like to think that it does..... When I graduated hospitals flat out said, "no new grads" "online only" " do not contact managers/recruiters". I ignored those and it didn't get me anywhere.... Neither did my externship ( I was "promised" a job there but that hospital closed a unit down and merged with another and actually had to find jobs for the nurses from the closed unit.....) What worked for me was relocating to a middle of nowhere area...... What worked for the few classmates where I came from who found jobs were that tge hospitals they had externships at didn't close. Some hospitals couldn't even find openings to place their externs let alone outside applicants . High up connections ( HR or unit managers) helped. I can say from my experience as a nurse my manager seems to hire more on personality than anything else.
  3. anotherone

    Nursing Hostility and Other Nonsense

    Thanks for your input, hope you are still reading. I don' t know much about engineering work environments. How closely do you have to work with your co-workers, is there much interaction needed at work ?
  4. anotherone

    "When Was the Last Time I Wow'ed a Patient?"

    One time...... I noticed some changes in a pt's condition and paged a dr who determined it was actually a huge deal and pt needed stat surgery.... ( i don't want to get too detailed).. the pt was very suprised and taken back by this, it could have been easily missed...pt didn't appear "that sick" said pt before being wheeled off to icu before OR, thanked me so many times so sincerely I was very shocked by it .... doing my job really wowed her..... Yes, I have gotten pt's puddings and ice creams and back rubs that they seemed "wowed" by but that pt really sticks in my mind.... now that I am thinking of it similar events have happened. those are the wows I really remember... yes that is our job and excpected of us so does that mean the wows for getting ice cream aren't our job? has anyone done anything that wowed a pt that any other nurse couldn't do as well?
  5. anotherone

    Nursing Hostility and Other Nonsense

    oh and people complainabout cliques where I work.... it is pathetic.. and reeks of inferiority and jealousy at least in my unit's case. so what if mary, bet, charlotte are friends and go out afterworl so at work they talk to each other almost exclusively and help each other alot. They also help me if I ask.... but some nurses seem to get way too upset at not being part of the group and accuse them of being cliquey..... what does that even mean... as friends they help each other but when asked they don't say no to other coworkers..... some don't offer to help and would love to see you drawn but I have only seen aides outright refuse to help when able to never a rn or lpn
  6. anotherone

    Nursing Hostility and Other Nonsense

    I really can't stand the whole doesn't smile enough, chit chat, say hello, care about my baby shower garbage. A lot of nurses are like crabs in a barrell. Some also seem to enjoy the victim role and everything is a big offense. Like if you were assigned 2/6 empty rooms it means the charge nurse isincompetent or a bully. I try not to thi k everyone is out to get me.
  7. anotherone

    "When Was the Last Time I Wow'ed a Patient?"

    I ignored this thread for days fearing a lecture and a op really asking us this seriously......glad to see that was not the case
  8. anotherone

    What Would You Do ROOKIE?

    lol. this reminded me of books i read as a child where you got to pick an outcome go to that page and had a different ending based on what you picked lol. l would run away. maybe. can you shadow at least for a few hours?
  9. anotherone

    A Plea to Nurses Everywhere

    I have also seen people being accused of being mean or rude for bogus reasons. like not smiling enough, not caring about someones bany shower, not doing other people's work because they are slow or incompetent. if you have the wrong fluids hanging and someone points it out, did not give stat meds in a timely fashion or did not report K of 6.9 to md or hgb 7 and someone in report says it should have been done. get over it . i have seen nurses so fed up with being accused of being mean by defensive, often incompetent nurses, that many seem to let them just go on and do things incorrectly. i try to do that but will not allow a pt to suffer due to hurt feelings . so i say things in a "by the way " manner. most appreciate it .some get too defensive Nd go crying to the manager. well ok from now on sink, and i will be emailing management every little error instead
  10. anotherone

    A Plea to Nurses Everywhere

    familiarity breeds contempt. i am a strong believer in that.
  11. anotherone

    A Plea to Nurses Everywhere

    Yes i have seen this . back in the restaurant business the bartender would yell at the waiter, the chefs yelled at the waiter, the waiters yelled at the hostess because someone else FAIRLY got a bigger table, the manager yelled at everyone. sarcasm and backstabing galore. human nature. in retail the floor managers and the merchaindising managers had their tiffs. The more stressful and adversarial the enviornment the morse this gets. crabs in a barrel
  12. anotherone

    The Patient Who Receives No Visits

    I was assigned to a few of these peds pts as a student. Some had deceased parents or parents in prision or where abouts unknown. etc. Everyone has their own story . I do not find anything suprising, nor do i judge people for not visiting. Some people choose to isolate themselves and have a small circle . Some curiosity to backstories. Have had pts for months with no visitors or even contact people listed. Many pts have listed "none" or "no one" as their in case of emergency contact. there have been plenty of media stories of people found dead in their homes who had been dead for years!!!!!! Actually, I am suprised when some have so many visitors for short stays!!!
  13. anotherone

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    sometimes it is not ageism, it is business! you are priced out. ( some hospitals actually dont pay experienced nurses that much more money) and some managers like new staff they can mold tgeir own way. they dont want anyone witg any ideas or who does things differently ( better or not!) if experienced staff was more cost effective than they would be more sought after. believe me . look at physicians . yes, the hot /beautiful ones may get better scores but how many sane people reallly seek out a dr based on looks or age? i see it work against residents for the most part who look so young . i might be more comfortable witha younger dr ( feel like s/he judges me less more comfortable talking to him/her but the typical pt doesn't, i dont think care that their dr is good looking)
  14. anotherone

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    well where i work all that get hired are new grads ( probably all that apply) some are ok work wise others are horrible!!!!!!! they vary from great looking to not , thin to fat, most are not young ( over 35) and some are friendly where as others are rude even to pts. my manager doesnt seem to know how to hire people. probably takes anyone that applies, has a license and no criminal background. 1-3 years experience on my unit is a very experienced nurse!!!!! turnaround is unbelievable!!!!!! but dont wory experienced nurses , my facility will hire you because you wont be getting paid much more than a new grad. lol.....many pts want the older nurses because they think they are more experienced but that is very far from the case on my unit.
  15. anotherone

    Why Do People Bully Me?

    bullies sure exist but so do those that cherish the victim role.