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  1. Recently, it has come to my attention that MDs have been targeted for over prescribing narcotics for pain control. My mother has become one of the victims of these new laws that have made it difficult for primary care physicians to assist patients wi...
  2. A day in the life of an ED nurse

    ER nurses tend to get desensitized. The hospital should rotate them. I floated to ER from med/surg. Not sure how your ER is run, but this ER worked as a team. The stress level was not the same as the floor. The patients were seen as rooms and ha...
  3. new job, bad anxiety

    Venting is good. I totally get it. I hope you can find something that fits for you better. There are jobs with more human contact and support. Try a nursing home.
  4. Why so many travel positions?

    All medical staff should have life time health care. We are exposed to everything. I think staffing companies have there place, but we are at risk as a profession. I hate to use union busting as an example, but it is the same. We have no protecti...
  5. Nursing is such a broad field. There are so many types of nurses with varying degrees of expertise. Not all nursing positions hold the same stress levels. Once you have been a nurse for a while and if you ever get the experience of being a floor...
  6. Is your colleague a mind reader? Or just plain lazy

    Fear! From my experience, asking for help is usually time consuming in itself. Finding someone that is not as busy as you is usually the case. I was accused by a nursing assistant that I was dumping when I asked him to do something for me once. He...
  7. agency Nurses, How do you do it??

    Patient routine is a given in report, but remember anything that helps the next nurse coming on shift to know what to expect is important too. Because if it is not an expected situation, it should set off her alarms to look for a change. Remember t...
  8. agency Nurses, How do you do it??

    Remember as a new nurse being so confused, writing down the report, and being uncertain as to what was the most important. For me, it took experience and learning to process the significance of everything. Understanding the disease process, risk fa...
  9. Loma Linda or rcc?

    BSN is the path I would go if I could do it again. ASN is not what it use to be and the hospitals want the BSN behind your name.
  10. I apologize..

    You are not alone. I remember the torture of being a new grad in a sea of stressed out staff. The demands placed on the floor nurse are astronomical. I remember when I had just come off orientation, I was working night shift. I had three admissio...
  11. how to make it clear when call doctor

    Good reply!

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