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  1. Do you share teaching materials with other professors?

    It's ridiculous that your colleagues are not sharing their materials with you. It helps to have a basic template that you can then revise to fit your style, especially for a someone teaching a course for the first time. My issue has always been (and...
  2. HIV patients

    I have taken care of AIDS patients and HIV positive patients. Standard precautions. I had a spot of blood come from a kinked catheter during IV removal on an HIV positive patient. It landed on my uncovered wrist above my gloves. He looked at me wit...
  3. Skills Lab, Creative ideas?

    Students LOVE skills labs because they feel more "nursey," and it increases their self-efficacy. They will love it, regardless. There are some teaching-learning strategies to consider. The most critical part of a skills lab is assessing the students...
  4. Any tips on how to become faculty?

    Most brick-and-mortar schools use adjuncts for clinical teaching and full-time faculty for classroom teaching (along with clinical responsibilities). Online teaching may be a different situation for online only schools. Others may have input on tha...
  5. Transitioning to Nurse Educator?

    For academic nurse educator, it really depends on the type of program/school you will be teaching for to determine if you can get by with an MSN or need a doctorate to even get your foot in the door. An MSN is always required; doctorate is always en...
  6. Anyone else been turned off to academia?

    The burnout in academia is based on leadership decision-making to 1) let students slide through for things that are clearly expulsion-worthy (and stated as such in the student handbook) and 2) leadership decision-making to pass students who objective...
  7. Vaccination for clinical

    This. Clinical sites require it. No vax; no clinical. You've entered the wrong profession.
  8. Most things are definitely avoidable. If you saw the reasons for the 20 "exceptions" request per term, you would agree.
  9. This is what you don't understand about teaching. I get about 20 requests for "exceptions" every single term. One out of the 20 is unavoidable. The rest are bad planning or special snowflake requests. The rules need to be applied in a non-arbitra...
  10. Yes, because of clinical hour requirements. Those requirements by the accrediting bodies are not a "monster" to keep nursing students in line. They are there to avoid predatory schools that do not provide the minimum standards of education to stude...
  11. MSN in Nursing Education Online - Practicum?

    I earned my online nursing education degree from a brick-and-mortar in another state that had been around for more than 100 years. I had an excellent nursing education experience. I secured my own academic rotation and clinical educator rotation th...
  12. Precepting for New Nursing Educator? Not here!

    Yes, yes, and YES!!!
  13. Precepting for New Nursing Educator? Not here!

    It is well documented that expert nurses have a significant learning curve to be expert educators. And, the methods of teaching and assessment are the foundations of teaching....it's a specialty in and of itself with a body of research, so it's not...
  14. What is most important to chart on?

    I worked acute care floors, and I became a master at documentation. Determining what was necessary for the care of my patient and skipping everything else. The following was my standard routine. Of course, any significant events would be charted. ...
  15. Let go/resign from new grad 6 months in

    Yes, a million times. Depending on the way things are done on a particular unit, doing a CHG bath and making someone NPO overnight is no big deal, even if surgery is decided against or delayed. NOT doing it with all that information at your disposa...