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  1. FlorenceNtheMachine

    Case Study: Fever

    You made me laugh at 6am with that quote. I love it.
  2. FlorenceNtheMachine

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    Anyway, back on topic, sort of. I wonder if these new hires, will eventually get weeded out by their own unhappiness. Some of their behaviors, being on the phone when call lights are going off, smacks of unhappiness to me AND inexperience (Don't read into this word. I'm not saying new grad. As a reminder this OP was NOT about new grads. I feel like reading comprehension fell by the wayside when it became old nurses vs new grads.) It's not until someone has a heart attack, when they've been on their call light for thirty minutes, and they are at fault for neglect, that they'll learn their lesson. I dunno. I have to think these problem hires are self-limiting.
  3. FlorenceNtheMachine

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    I agree with you. Fine points. Just throwing this out there, as a talking point to anyone. You walk in and your patient has committed suicide. What do you do? Who do you talk to first? What do you chart? What do you say to the police? What papers do you fill out? My guess, unless one has been very unlucky, this isn't something one comes across very often. And I'm hoping, if I'm in such an upsetting and touchy situation, I'll have some experienced hands guiding and mentoring me. I guess my point is that, there are things that only happen once in a blue moon. And if we throw away our most experienced nurses in favor of padding pockets... bad news.
  4. FlorenceNtheMachine

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    So for those barely competent nurses, who squeaked by for so long, check them! Management should have their pick of the litter, so to speak. So replace them with someone who is more of an expert in their field. In my area, there are thousands of applications each month for dozens of open positions. I'm all about survival of the fittest (fittest=intelligent, competent)! But we need to let go of all preconceived notions about who that may be.
  5. FlorenceNtheMachine

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    What happens when you are that nurse with 25 years of experience and you are un-hireable? And nurses with a fraction of your quality, hard earned experience think you are some technological dummy. Will you look back on this post and shake your head? Because I'm sure at that point, the young buck who is more desirable, will think you are incapable of using the computer. Ageism sucks, even if right now I'm not subject to it. I know one day I will be. I hope I'm so invaluable to my company that they won't lay me off or fire me, but who can guarantee that?
  6. FlorenceNtheMachine

    The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is a Straight Line

    One of the best nurses/teachers I have had was a stair stepper. Started off as a CNA, then lpn, then rn, then her MSN. She did not forget where she came from and she is my nursing hero!! If I can be half the nurse she is, I'd be happy.
  7. FlorenceNtheMachine

    Dear Nursing Students/Orientees: A Love Note from the Preceptor from Hell

    The best teachers I have been kind and honest about performance. The worst ones have been mean, unhappy with their station in life, and selfish when it came to sharing knowledge. I'm not one of those that need a trophy for successfully clocking in right. But I feel like if you are taking the responsibility of being a preceptor, you are also taking the responsibility of being a teacher as well. I don't know why those are two separate entities, based on the original post. It sounds that the OP may have preceptor fatigue, and may need to take a break from it. It would be hard to be in constant teacher mode. You teach enough to the patients and their family everyday!
  8. FlorenceNtheMachine

    What Makes a Great Nurse

    Good article nko!! Spot on And to the poster about addicts, people have biases. Hers stems from the horrible experiences she had with addicts all her life. I can sympathize with carrying resentment about things like that. We have to take care of any and all despite it, and I don't think she meant that she wouldn't. Maybe she just wouldnt like it as much as another type of patient population. Not the worst thing in the world! I like honesty and self-evaluation. I wouldn't love taking care of rapists and killers all day. So I'm probably going to avoid working in an environment where the patients are primarily ones I would not enjoy as much.
  9. FlorenceNtheMachine

    Confessions Of A Nurse With Poor Interpersonal Skills

    Thank you for your article! I love reading them. Do you normally force "talk" with your loved ones as well? Or is it just strangers? I can really understand not being able to immediately bond with perfect strangers. Since I was a lot younger, my online personality was a lot more open than my real personality. And then with a lot of experience working with the public, I noticed I started coming out of my shell. But do you notice it permeates your personal life too? Just curious.