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I need your input! I am in a debate in nursing school. The topic is "Men in Nursing." (I'm on the "pro" side of the debate). If any of you have ever had an experience with a male nurse, or you are one, please, send me your... Read More

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    I think you need to specify what you are asking... Are you asking whether men *ought* to be in nursing at all?

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    I like working with men they are usually laid back, not into gossip or cliques and it always helps to have a man around when you need to boost or move a patient!
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    So you can comfort a patient, and I can comfort a patient AND pick them up... Hmmmm... lol Wait- what was the debate again?
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    what an odd topic for a debate. What is the con side of the argument? Your teacher is just promoting silly stereotypes. There are bad male nurse and good male nurses (as there are for women).
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    How is this even a devate in 2013? Maybe you could debate the pros and cons of women voting or segregation?
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    I know this will be off the track for this thread but... Just this morning on one of those newsy topic commentator short -type TV show spots was a short piece on men entering nursing. I think it latched onto the fact that it's Nsg Week.

    Reporters/guests commented that men are SIGNIFICANTLY entering the nsg profession, but then they started noting some interesting details.

    - for many men, nsg is a second career. Nsg jobs are avail where their first choices/jobs have been closed out

    - men are NOT staying at the bedside, but moving into specialties and management/administration

    - advanced education is a given usually

    - salaries for men in the field were more than that for women. Early in their practice and as they moved up the ladder
    They gave statistics and percentages that I would like/need to check for accuracy/veracity.

    At first, that last info disappointed and angered me. But then I remember how salaries and general public perception of teachers and the education profession evolved post-WW II.

    There was a need for more teachers post-WW II for the new baby boomer generation being born. Returning GIs took advantage of the GI bill and went on to school to earn their teaching credentials as the jobs were out there. Initial salaries & working environments left much to be desired for a traditional women-dominated profession.

    But men entering the field weren't going to settle for such minimal wages/benefits. Remember that these men were trained, ex-military and many previously employed in a unionized labor workforce and they were needing to be the financial support for their families (women were still June Cleaver/Donna Reeds). The field/plight of teaching IMPROVED with time to today's standards. The guys brought up teaching to professional status.

    Think about academia today. So many professors, deans, provosts, presidents, etc of our most prestigious facilities are well educated, credentialed men who are VERY well paid. Women are trying to get there, but they do lag behind. Women still staff the lower grade schools (where the bambinos are). Is this saying something to us???

    I can go o & on about an aging baby boomer population (needs similar to the other far end of the age spectrum). And we are still a female-dominated profession. I see it changing but it will take time. I see men in the field as positive change.

    Sorry for the soap-box.
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    Men shouldnt be in nursing. Who would ever entertain such a horrific idea?!

    Seriously what is there to debate?
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    As was said before, just having posted this perpetuates the man vs woman debate. You could easily have this same discussion about women working a "man's job", which afaik is not even talked about why even have this debate?

    Having said that, the stereotypes and discrimination are still alive and well thank you very much. But it's not something I can't roll my eyes at and move on.

    Probably 25% of patients I have seen have asked for a female nurse instead. I respect this as merely a personal choice, not that I should be offended or whatever.

    In other words, the only "problems" I have had are with instructors and other nurses, but they will get over it eventually. Hopefully.
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    Is OP even still here, or is s/he trolling us?
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    Good lord, what year is this? Next topic: Pros and Cons of Women Voting. If you're a good woman voter please send me your stories!
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