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  1. SycamoreGuy

    Post-masters dual NP and DNP

    I'm Looking for programs that offer the DNP as a post-masters entry to Nursing Practice (preferably FNP or ACNP) so far Missouri University-Columbia is the only one I've found. Who else offers this option? http://nursing.missouri.edu/academics/dnp/pdfs/fnp-pos/2014-15_fnp_pt_post-ms_no-aprn_pos.pdf
  2. SycamoreGuy

    The New Grad Job Search

    Even those areas are difficult for new grad ADNs. The market is just too saturated with traditional BSNs and second degree BSNs
  3. SycamoreGuy


    Does you're state have online license verification? Some do and they will post your status as soon as 24hrs after your exam. That's better than any unofficial results. Usually free too.
  4. SycamoreGuy

    I am a nurse, darn it!

    I've taken both AHA BLS and ARC CPR/AED for the professional rescuer. I couldn't tell a difference. I've worked places where they would accept either.
  5. SycamoreGuy

    Everest Colleges

    Perfect example of why not to go to a for-profit school
  6. SycamoreGuy

    How hard really is intermediate Care

    I worked in a PCU for a little while, I thought it was a lot less hectic than med-surg. The patients weren't usually that much sicker than the more acute med-surg patients and we only had 3-4 of them sometimes only 2. That's just my experience, I can imagine it being different in other hospitals.
  7. SycamoreGuy

    Nurses are Not Doctors

    Along with not being entirely accurate.
  8. SycamoreGuy

    surgical tech vs. rn

    The math isn't really that hard. It's all basic arithmetic, you just have to pay real close attention. There is no room for error. Although in the real world the math is pretty much done for you anyway.
  9. SycamoreGuy

    Medtech College Indianapolis, IN

    DO NOT attend medtech! They have abysmal NCLEX pass rates and a horrible reputation. Their RN program is barely holding on to BON accreditation and I would not be surprised if they lose it.
  10. SycamoreGuy

    Nurses are Not Doctors

    More stupidity... Your response adds nothing substantive to the conversation. A representatives perception of a provider has no correlation to their ability to provide care. As far as I am concerned your inability to provide objective evidence that APNs are unsafe is an admission that you concede the argument. If you have objective evidence to support your position please provide it.
  11. SycamoreGuy

    Nurses are Not Doctors

    27 pages in and what have we learned? Who has changed their mind? You can spout off credentials and anecdotes all you want but as far as I know you are all a bunch of janitors at walmart. I can read peer-reviewed articles and judge their applicability myself. So far I haven't seen any objective data to indicate the APNs are unsafe or unqualified. Comparing curricula doesn't prove anything. Both engineers and mechanics know how to rebuild an engine, by gluteus's logic only engineer education is sufficient to to rebuild engines.
  12. This can be tricky with mac's sometimes but generally if you do a google search there is a work around. I have never had to use a pc because of compatibility issues. I have had to do some googling and get creative.
  13. Have you been in a classroom in the past 10 years? EVERYONE uses a laptop or iPad / tablet for taking notes. Maybe
  14. I can't say enough about the quality and performance of my 2007 aluminum MacBook (before they were all called pro's) after 7 years the only thing that is starting to show any wear is the battery but even that will still hold a charge for 2+ hours. Sure you can "build" a computer with better performance on paper but when it come to actually using it you can't beat a computer built to work with your operating system. As with everything in life you get what you pay for. Get a cheap PC from Walmart and you WILL be sorry. Aside from the brand, the 11" MacBook Air should be fine for nursing school. I actually used an iPad for notes when I was in school so small screens don't bother me.
  15. SycamoreGuy

    If we had a conservative nurses forum

    I don't like to label myself with one ideology or another but my feeling generally align with conservatism and occasionally libertarianism.
  16. Hobby Lobby covers 16/20 of the mandated forms of birth control. Of the 4 they don't cover 2 are available OTC for around $50. A woman's method of birth control isn't an employers business, that is precisely why you shouldn't ask them to pay for it.