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I'm not talking about lab coats. I'm talking about the thin and light scrub jackets that have buttons on them and the tapered, elastic cuffs. Mostly I see only women nurses and lab techs wearing... Read More

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    Quote from commonsense
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news Nolander, but male nurses do not wear scrub jackets when it gets cold. We've got to overcompensate for our choice of career, man up and deal with the pain.
    Yep. That's why we have extra body hair...helps keep us warmer. ;-)
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    When a previous employer went to uniform scrubs, a scrubs jacket was included. Chose a white one, man's version with the correct sided buttons, but still stuck with my supply of lab coats. Maybe if I didn't have the coats already, I might have worn it.
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    I just put on my ACU top if I get cold. Look up some army surplus cold weather gear. One piece called the "waffle" will keep you super toasty and can be worn under scrub tops easily. Comes in tan, and black. You can also steal an OR/clean disposable over-top if your facilities don't look ridiculous.

    I dont do the scrub jackets that are clearly cut for females.
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    I wear one pretty often. I like having the extra pockets, and I can take it off if it gets dirty. I don't think there's anything inherently womanly about scrub jackets. All the lab techs wear them. Get a caduceus and your name embroidered on it and feel like a total badass.
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    Wearing "scrub jackets" defeats the point of wearing scrubs.

    Then again, wearing scrubs as uniforms you take home and launder yourself defeats the point of wearing scrubs.
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    I've mostly seen women wear them. I have seen a hand full of guys that work in the OR wear them. When they have to come off the unit. I hate them!!!! Especially the tapered sleeves! I hate the clingy feeling. Some of the male CRNAs wear them at our hospital, mostly them i see with them on.

    I've seen them for sale under the male section of various scrub stores and websites. I guess it whatever your comfortable with. I personally just don't like the style of them, they look thin.

    I would buy a colored lab coat before I would by one of those. At my hospital where I work our uniform policy states that you must wear a jacket or lab coat that is the same color as your scrubs when inside the hospital working. MDs, Mid-Levels, nurses, and pharm can all wear white lab coats. Our lab techs can wear white knee length costs as well, but their coats look different (have pale pinstripes in them and the sleeves are tapers).

    I don't see anything wrong with a guy wearing that type of jacket, or whatever they are, as long as he is comfortable with it and doesn't break policy. I just don't like them myself.
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    If you're confident in your masculinity, you wouldn't really care...
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    Quote from Nolander
    I'm not talking about lab coats. I'm talking about the thin and light scrub jackets that have buttons on them and the tapered, elastic cuffs. Mostly I see only women nurses and lab techs wearing these, what about male nurses when it gets extra cold?
    I'm going into my 4th semester and I work PRN as an aide. I wear a fleece when I get cold. I wouldn't wear a scrub jacket, but that's just me.
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    The guys in our Dialysis units, OR and sterile core wear them. Nobody looks at them funny, or has ever commented on it. It's hospital issue, has the health authority logo on it, and looks just as bad on them as it does on us females.
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    CNA/MA - I wear a scrub jacket. I don't look stupid.

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