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  1. Fiona59

    Nurse Practitioner Salary Canada

    Alberta Health Services employs NPs in their Correctional contracts
  2. Well, if you read my post correctly, I wasn’t responding to the OP.
  3. Fiona59

    AHS/Covenant Health Seniority

    Totally depends on the union according to some people. Everyone that I know that made the switch lost their seniority/start date. Seniority is when you start with an organization. Portability gives you credit towards pay rate. Vacation and sick hours belong to the organization that gave them to you. So if you were at UofA and moved to RAH, yes they would transfer because both are AHS.
  4. Fiona59

    Getting to NP

    The bridge gives you a four year degree. I know people who have gone LPN-BScN-NP
  5. Fiona59

    Moving from USA with family. Where for good work and life

    It’s an election year south of the 49th. Be ready or more of these posts. We never hear back if they move. Over the years there’s been maybe three Americans who have actually made the move, two that I remember married Canadians.
  6. Fiona59

    Canadian Taxes

    TB test is probably a medical expense, if you have receipts I'd put it thre. Read the section on employment expenses. I doubt it covers the criminal record check, you might be able to get your employer to reimburse you?
  7. Fiona59

    Struggling new grad. Alternatives to acute care??

    Which province did you move from? Is the scope of practice that different? Ask for a couple more orientation shifts, and take notes. Figure out what is intimidating you and get those issues sorted.
  8. Fiona59

    Diploma nursing and relocation??

    You'd probably be grandfathered if you have recent employment. You do have your original diploma from Ontario, right?
  9. Fiona59

    LPN Refresher Course - Alberta

    CLPNA doesn’t care. They do little to nothing to support their members. As it was explained to me years ago, CLPNA protects the public from their members, it does not protect the membership. Concerns about the number of schools churning out new grads have been ignored. It’s all about membership fees creating revenue for the Coll
  10. Fiona59

    Two Casual Positions with AHS

    It’s not an issue as long as you don’t double book.
  11. Fiona59

    AHS Hiring Freeze .

    If you've been watching the news, you should know that the UCP has declared war on the unions of this province. COVID is not a hiring incentive. It's scary for those of us working. Those of us working in clinics and day surgeries are facing redeployment to where ever the powers that be decide to place us. Currently all casual shifts have been cancelled due to low census numbers on the units. Surgeries are being placed on hold with only cancer patients coming in. Then to top it off, the government has frozen negotiations with the unions and promised not to lay off anyone until after May 31st.
  12. Fiona59

    Landing a job with AHS

    The current situation makes it very unlikely that external applicants will be hired in the near future. Current staff have been told they will be deployed where needed if necessary. then remember the government has promised to reevaluate staffing needs when the pandemic ends. Attrition is the buzz word but nobody trusts the lying UCP.
  13. Fiona59

    Landing a job with AHS

    Some aren't even being posted. No layoffs to reduce staff levels, just attrition. Budget is paramount. Thank our dear leader for this mess.
  14. Many hospitals are opening 23 hour stay units. If they are used for what they are created for life should be good. All have to be walkie/talkie and able to leave 23 hours after their admission, so day surgery patients that couldn't go home for whatever reason, surgery patients that are kept overnight for monitoring and should go home the next morning, many stipulate no high BMI's due to limited equipment, no blood transfusing due to limited staff, no known IV drug users. But Bed Managers will call and want you take their "almost ready for discharge patients", emerg is full and can you take an on-call appi, broken ankle, etc. The patients have to be basically self caring to be on the unit. But they will try and place dementia patients, total cares, Etoh patients that are detoxing. You need to be able to weed out the nonsuitables and hold your ground but many Charges will take whatever gets sent and then expect a medal for going above and beyond, while their coworkers are filing incident reports. It's also not a good place to have your first nursing job because you need good assessment skills and be able to work with a very small team, often an RN, LPN and NA.
  15. Fiona59

    Transfer to Canada

    Most Canadian universities charge foreign students roughly double the fees that they charge Canadian students. You also need to factor in how you are going to support yourself during those four years. Often student visas have limits to the number of hours of paid employment the student can do
  16. Fiona59

    ADN or BSC??

    Entry to practice for a new grad RN is the degree. You will have no experience and hospitals are not "grandfathering" to enable you to work while obtaining the degree. You also need to determine which province you want to live and work in. The outlook is bleak in AB and ON due to fiscal restraint.

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