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  1. Fiona59

    LPN-Operating Room in Alberta

    Are you employed by AHS or Covenant Health, can’t re the name of the catholic system in Calgary? check the posting boards, they usually offer the training a couple of times a year.
  2. Fiona59

    CPNRE Exam June 2021

    Questions change with every exam. The focus shifts, it’s a basic entry to practice exam
  3. Fiona59

    BC or Alberta for aussie ER nurse with family

    I highly doubt it. The only extra jobs on units are due to Covid and are often staff drawn from clinics. The screeners are also drawn from reduced staff units. I know people who have been redeployed to general medicine units. The government is planning to slash and burn and anyone who say this isn't true needs to do a serious reality check.
  4. Fiona59

    BC or Alberta for aussie ER nurse with family

    The current government in Alberta has promised to cut healthcare spending. The plan is to eliminate 11,000 support jobs and 750 nursing positions. My unit currently has four lines that can not be posted and one full time line that is posted as a temp. Good times.
  5. Fiona59

    Alberta vs Nova Scotia, RN, MSN(MN) growth trajectory

    Read up on the UCPs plan for healthcare
  6. I guess when members of your family are attacked and murdered, driven from their livelihood, you shouldn’t warn people?
  7. Fiona59

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    As a casual, you can make yourself available for one shift only, but you usually won't manage to make full time hours. When I first started working, I could only do days due to family obligations. There were times when I had two days work for a paycheque. I wound up working at five different sites to make ends meet and pay off that student loan. As new hire casual, you will be at the bottom of the to call list. You have to be aware that COVID has caused all sorts of economic problems. Alberta nurses are facing cutbacks in numbers, benefits, and wages. Ontario is probably looking the same.
  8. Fiona59

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    Took nearly 17 years to get a one shift line. you just do what you have to do.
  9. Fiona59

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    I don't work in Ontario but in my province, my ER has multiple shift patterns. There are 8 hour shifts that do D/N, D/E. Then there are 12 hour rotating A/B shifts. The shift starts are staggered and different from the rest of hospital to optimize staff being on the floor during the busiest times. We joke that shifts are rotating so that everyone can have the same level of disruption in their lives. No one has a straight line. Our ERs have LPNs who carry their own patient load and a few service workers who clean the bays after discharge/transfer of patients. Your patient is yours and when necessary you work as a team. We're in the middle of the transition to paperless charting, it's all been delayed due to COVID.
  10. Fiona59

    Indecisive Which Province/ Country to Work

    Er, even AB government is planning on slashing nursing jobs. The economy sucks. I’ve got 20 years seniority and am worried if I will have a job this time next year.
  11. Fiona59

    USA RN to relocate to Canada

    You'll need to remember that the LPN carries her own patient load and isn't there to assist you.
  12. Fiona59

    New Grad Experience - Accelerated Nursing Program UofC

    UCP is wanting to slash healthcare spending. Our leader has promised layoffs and wage cuts. RTs have started to get lay off notices. It's a scary place to work right now.
  13. Fiona59

    How long does CNO take to assess language proficiency?

    The Pandemic is slowing everything down. You must have patience. My provincial college staff are all working remote. Audits were cancelled.
  14. Fiona59

    Reinstate after 7 yrs expired??

    The provincial College is the only one who can answer this one. The degree is required for all new grads. They might grandfather you as your classmates are probably still working with their diplomas. I mean if you've been constantly working in the US, your skills should be up to date as should be your continuing education.
  15. Going to nursing school with an infant is not easy. If the plan is for her and the child to move to the US, she'd be better off childcarewise being a teacher. No shiftwork to cover and school holidays.
  16. Fiona59

    Getting to NP

    Er, this is the Canadian Forum. Athabasca has had a bridge for nearly two decades and I've one coworker doing her NP currently. A couple of others are slogging away at their degrees. The NP degree was never meant to be used the way the Americans use it. Most of the older NPs I know had extensive experience before they went for the designation. I'm talking about years in the military , years in the Arctic where as a nurse they were the only medical person for hours. They knew a lot before the specialized but also knew enough to know what they didn't know.