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  1. Fiona59

    Clinicals and choosing a specialty

    Cannot like this enough. Clinics are hard to get into! It took me 15 years to get an interview in the clinics in my hospital. But so many new grads expect a clinic job with less than six months of working because ‘it’s Monday to Friday, day shift...
  2. Fiona59

    Clinicals and choosing a specialty

    I went into nursing thinking LTC would be my future. Loathed it. Turns out I was meant for Acute Care. don't start school with blinders on.
  3. Fiona59

    LPN-Operating Room in Alberta

    Are you employed by AHS or Covenant Health, can’t re the name of the catholic system in Calgary? check the posting boards, they usually offer the training a couple of times a year.
  4. Fiona59

    BC or Alberta for aussie ER nurse with family

    I highly doubt it. The only extra jobs on units are due to Covid and are often staff drawn from clinics. The screeners are also drawn from reduced staff units. I know people who have been redeployed to general medicine units. The gove...
  5. Fiona59

    BC or Alberta for aussie ER nurse with family

    If you are currently in Alberta, you should be well aware of the UCP plans for healthcare. Pretty much every nurse with less than 10 years seniority is worried. Bumping lists have been drawn up in some areas.
  6. Fiona59

    BC or Alberta for aussie ER nurse with family

    The current government in Alberta has promised to cut healthcare spending. The plan is to eliminate 11,000 support jobs and 750 nursing positions. My unit currently has four lines that can not be posted and one full time line that is posted as ...
  7. Fiona59

    Nursing at College of the Rockies

    Read that posters other posts. There’s more to the story
  8. Fiona59

    Alberta vs Nova Scotia, RN, MSN(MN) growth trajectory

    Read up on the UCPs plan for healthcare
  9. I guess when members of your family are attacked and murdered, driven from their livelihood, you shouldn’t warn people?
  10. Fiona59

    Walmart Registered Nurses

    Where is the Walmart located? That would be a biggie in the equation.
  11. We're metric. So learn kilos, centimetres (height and weight) Temps taken in degrees centigrade. Blood sugars are in mmols. Basic patient care? Minimal nursing aides on units, esp. ER (service workers are there to clean the bays, change stre...
  12. Fiona59

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    As a casual, you can make yourself available for one shift only, but you usually won't manage to make full time hours. When I first started working, I could only do days due to family obligations. There were times when I had two days work for a pay...
  13. Fiona59

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    Took nearly 17 years to get a one shift line. you just do what you have to do.
  14. Fiona59

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    I don't work in Ontario but in my province, my ER has multiple shift patterns. There are 8 hour shifts that do D/N, D/E. Then there are 12 hour rotating A/B shifts. The shift starts are staggered and different from the rest of hospital to optimize...
  15. Fiona59

    Indecisive Which Province/ Country to Work

    Er, even AB government is planning on slashing nursing jobs. The economy sucks. I’ve got 20 years seniority and am worried if I will have a job this time next year.