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  1. Fiona59

    "LPNs are glorified CNAs"

    I work in Acute Care in Canada. The only way to become a nurse is a two year PN programme or four year BScN. i push the same drugs as the RNs on my unit. I carry the same patient load. I report only to the Charge as do the RNs. Our assignments are by room block, so if ou patients change during the shift we deal with it. Fresh ICU discharge? We take them. The main difference between the two nurses on my unit? LPNs can’t SPIIKE Travisol or blood bags. I wish I could say, I can’t look after patient X, because of expected outcome. Did try it once, my Manager just looked at me and said you or a new grad RN? I’d rather have you care for the patient, you know what you are doing.
  2. Fiona59

    Trust Your Gut? A Fecal Transplant Could Change Your Life

    My hospital has been doing fecal transplants for over a decade. Donors are screened staff members. The capsules are used more than the frozen slurry. I do remember when it was first introduced, the slurry was administered via ng. No cost to the patient, it’s provided treatment under universal healthcare
  3. Fiona59

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Nurse did not get fired for being totally nasty human being and verbally and mentally abusing her coworkers. She's sweet as fructose to her managers and belittles coworkers within earshot of patients. An entire shift loathes her. But hey, she has a license and a pulse.
  4. Fiona59

    Help! Jobs in AHS?

    Managers at my site are antsy with the change in government. Casuals are being encouraged to apply for any sized fte posted. I wouldn't move without a written offer, and even then I'd be cautious because even though the government said they won't be cutting front line staff, I don't know any healthcare worker who believes them.
  5. Our ICU hires new grads, and general surgery nurses with no course or certificate. It's on the job training/education. Certification is always an option at a later date.
  6. Fiona59


    Give s a clue to where you are located? My hospital has posters on bulletin boards and the CNEs email us.
  7. Fiona59

    Income Tax

    Tax year 18 . Fees paid for practice permit for 18. no deductions for uniforms, etc.
  8. Fiona59

    Allnurses Clubs

    The general public has no place on this forum. It's for nurses, nursing students, NAs, PSW, advanced practice nurses. I don't go to military, police, doctors, or whatever forums that are specialized to through in my 50cents on how I think they should behave. And I fully expect a lecture on my bad attitude from certain posters.
  9. Fiona59

    Moving provinces right after finishing school?

    Depends on where you go. I lived in one place that gave preference to hiring locals, didn't matter how much experience you had.
  10. Canada phased out the diploma RN in 2009. Anyone graduating after that date has a BScN or BSN. The RN's without a degree were grandfathered in and as far as I know, they make $1/hour less than a degree holder.
  11. Canadian nursing education may appear similar to US but in reality it is very different. The RN designation is only available after completing a four year degree. There is no diploma or hospital based RN programme. The LPN designation is only available after a 2+ year college education. Unlike in the US where it can be done in as little as nine months.
  12. Fiona59

    2 bachelors degrees?

    How far into the nursing degree are you? If not that far in walk away. To get the desired non-bedside jobs, you need experience. Time as a student will rarely cut it when it comes to interviews. You could always try pharmaceutical sales. The Cannabis clinics in my area tend to hire LPNs.
  13. Fiona59

    Are you practising nursing in some capacity here

    THey have to give us something! They rarely communicate by actual letter anymore. Want us to get magazine in the online format because it's more eco friendly and they'd save on postage! There is no chance I'd look at the online magazine.
  14. Fiona59

    Are you practising nursing in some capacity here

    But we get a quarterly magazine, malpractice insurance and the thrill of getting audited every five years! Sarcasm fully intended!
  15. Fiona59

    Are you practising nursing in some capacity here

    That's cheap! We're up to $350 in Alberta.