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  1. I’ve worked in two provinces. What you dream of rarely happens in Acute care. Stays are rarely long unless your patient is a train wreck and then they become emotionally draining. Inpatient Psych, maybe?
  2. Fiona59

    IS BSN way harder than Practical Nursing?

    Often it's not the course work that is hard. It's the clinical hours. That's when many find they are not cut out for nursing or dealing with patient's families.
  3. Fiona59

    What nursing specialty in Canada has the highest pay?

    The vast majority of Canadian nurses are unionized. The union along with the employer sets the wage scale so there is no real room for negotiating. A nurse is a nurse is a nurse. I have friends who work in ICU who make the same as every other RN in the building with same number of service years. They joke that they have it easier due to the cap on the number of patients they take over a general floor nurse who can have up to six.
  4. Fiona59

    Philippine RN more than 10 years ago Not practicing

    Honestly, do you qualify for a nursing permit in the PI, if you haven't practised in ten years? There have been a huge number of changes in the nursing world in that time. My country requires a refresher course for any nurse who hasn't worked in three-four years before being granted a practice permit.
  5. If you hold a permanent line, you go back to it when the temp line ends.
  6. Fiona59

    US citizen to Canada

    One of the hardest to find work in. There are others where it might be easier to find work. Having said that, who know what the next four years will bring. It’s election time and there will be cuts to healthcare not matter what the politicians are promising federally. Provincially, Ontario and Alberta are in rough shape.
  7. Fiona59

    US citizen to Canada

    Pick a province. We're a big country.
  8. Fiona59

    New Nurse Feeling Overwhelmed, Terrified, and More

    Here's my take on this. We only started using bed pan liners in the last five years at my facility. Each facility seems to do it differently, I've seen bedpans lined with the disposable soaker pads, kits that have a plastic bag and a liner, improvisations on both of these. Flushing locks? Different supply sources sell different products. For some reason, our new supplier sends IV start kits (which I didn't know existed until I changed units) in pouches that are about 30cm long, not the baggie sized set up. Use your CNE, that's what they get paid for. They are your resources for pump use, finding out how often lines are changed, etc. Having said that, a six day orientation for one unit could be considered generous. An orientation is to learn how the unit works, the paperwork flow, and what routines are involved, ie saline lock flushes. You'll develop a bit more confidence every shift.
  9. Fiona59

    ASN educated RNs in Canada?

    Since 2009, the minimum entry point is a degree in nursing. College and hospital educated RNs were "grandfathered". RN is four years at university, LPN is two years/five semesters at college. Check with the BC College of RNs, but I doubt they'll give you a practice permit.
  10. Fiona59

    Australia trained OR RN looking to move/work in toronto

    In my province, the major oncology surgeries are performed in the larger regional hospitals, the dedicated cancer centres are chemo, radiation, minor procedures. There are no private hospitals. There are surgical centres but they are for smaller, more cosmetic type cases. Nurse Managers exist but ours are rarely in the OR. More scheduling and liaison type roles. Prefer to promote from within the system, 10 plus years service and a good working relationship with surgeons, etcusually request
  11. Fiona59

    RN from Quebec to Calgary

    Alberta has one of the highest pay rates in Canada. You would need a letter from your employer in Quebec stating how many hours you had worked for them. An employer here would look at and decide where on the payscale you would fit. It's called a portability letter. I've never met a nurse from Quebec and I've worked in two provinces. German, British, American but none from Quebec. It really isn't a good time to consider moving here. Our economy is in the dumpster. Our fearless leader is threatening to cut our wages (despite not honouring his campaign promises to reduce his wages by 10%). AHS and the Catholic hospital systems don't really know what is happening right now. What I have seen at work is if there are new hires, they are new grads because they are the cheapest. Sick calls aren't being replaced and casuals are being cancelled. You have to remember that the hospital are all union. Last in, first out if the lay offs happen.
  12. Fiona59

    Tell me why an LVN/LPN is a "real nurse"

    I wish that was true. My patients when they take a turn for the worse aren't re-assigned to an RN. They are mine, even when the RAAPID team shows up, they remain mine. We joke that the only difference between an RN and LPN in my province is $15/hour, the ability to take charge in Acute Care, spike a travisol or blood line and push cardiac drugs (and only RNs with additional education are permitted to).
  13. Fiona59

    What pathway should I take?

    I make that as an LPN with little to no OT.
  14. Fiona59

    RN in Doctor's Office

    Depends on where you are in Canada. Not many in doctors offices due to cost. LPNs usually make a couple of $/hr less than union rate.
  15. Fiona59

    Althabasca university courses for uofc nursing

    It sounds like you are asking for their course work! The pre reqs are outlined in their online catalogue.

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