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RobtheORNurse has 30+ years experience and specializes in Surgery.

I am a registered nurse with 30+ years of experience. I have 23 years experience in the operating room. I am currently the Clinical Programs Manager. I travel internationally and provide clinical support to surgical facilities in the necessity and use of surgical plume evacuation for the protection of surgical staff and patients.

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  1. RobtheORNurse

    Severe vasovagal reaction

    It happens, chalk it up as a learning experience. Know how to treat it, elevate secure airway, elevate the legs above the heart provide care as indicated.
  2. RobtheORNurse

    What happens when you fail a fit test?

    Not every person can wear an N-95 respirator. The option is to use a Powered Air Purifying Respirator, PAPR. The Occupational Health Nurse should be able to discuss this with you.
  3. RobtheORNurse

    Operating Room Rules

    AORN Guidelines state no artificial nails and nails should be trimmed to no more than 0.5 cm in length. AORN 2018 Guidelines
  4. RobtheORNurse

    Privacy / Profile Changes

    There is no need for you to have all the info you are asking for in the profile update. I will cancel if it is required
  5. RobtheORNurse

    Anyone going to AORN in New Orleans?

    Stop by Booth 839, I will be presenting 6 sessions of Clearing the Air for Surgical Safety. Learn the hazards of surgical smoke and how to mitigate the hazard. Hope to see you there. #AORN2018
  6. RobtheORNurse

    Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    There are geographic shortages. Georgia has a severe nursing shortage. Where I live, there is a nursing school on every corner it seems and there are few job openings. So the answer is Yes and No.
  7. RobtheORNurse

    2018 AORN Global Surgical Conference and Expo

    I will be there. I work for a device company (Buffalo Filter)and I will be presenting In- booth education at Booth 839. Come by and lets meet
  8. RobtheORNurse

    Post call compensation for OR nurses

    I spent 35 hours at work one time because i was on call and never got to leave after my scheduled shift, worked all afternoon and all night. When day shift came in, the manager said she had no relief for us and that they were short staffed and e could not go home. We had to work our regular shift that day too before going home. This is why it is hard to run an OR and keep staff. Nurses are, too often, treated as machines and not people.
  9. Don't be afraid to go elsewhere for career advancement. Many hospitals have very low advancement potential because when a person gets into a management position, they tend to stay put for awhile. I had the same issue where I worked, Everyone was the same age and went to nursing school together so unless someone retired or died, there was no chance to move up. I left the OR for the industry side and love it. I miss patient care but not the hospital politics, call and holiday work. Look around and see what is out there that you may like. Medical device companies LOVE operating room nurses because of our expertise in multiple areas and the pay an benefits are far more than any hospital offer.
  10. RobtheORNurse

    Starting Pre-Req’s at age 37

    I was 47 when I finished my BSN, Had my ADN for years before going back.
  11. RobtheORNurse

    OR in the basement?

    I travel to hospitals all over the world and have seen OR's in every level from Basement to top floor.
  12. RobtheORNurse

    Starting Pre-Req’s at age 37

    Don't worry, you can do this. I am finishing my masters and I am WAY past 37.
  13. RobtheORNurse

    Working while in nursing school?

    Most people I know worked while in nursing school. i worked full time nights and went to school full time days, had 2 kids at the time and was married. My wife worked days so we had to pay day care along with everything also. We were poor by our standards now but now are both BSNs and working on MSNs, kids are grown and we are way past 40. You got this.
  14. RobtheORNurse

    I have a couple of questions about nursing...

    Makalah, I agree with the other respondents as far as courses in a program, you may want to reach out to a local hospital human resources department as well. Many hospitals have programs for high school students where they can shadow a nurse or spend time with a nurse educator to learn more about the profession. Your guidance counselor in school may also be a great resource. Good luck, keep us posted here, I always like to hear when someone reaches their goals and dreams.
  15. RobtheORNurse

    Can you get a masters/np with only OR expierence

    I have met several NPs that had minimal experience before starting the NP program so I don't see why it would matter if you only have OR experience. You get a good mix in the OR anyway, assessment, medications, positioning, in depth anatomy and some intensive care experiences on the sicker patients.
  16. RobtheORNurse

    Late stay vs Call

    Sounds like it may be time to look for another job. Many healthcare systems are doing anything they can to save money (all the while building multimillion dollar additions) and staffing always seems to be an easy target for administrators. When they realize that there is a nursing shortage and they have no nurses, they begin to think of other ways to save money.