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  1. What I Wish Would Change/Be Different

    I personally dislike patterned scrubs. Nursing has come a long way in being looked at as a profession. However, patterned scrubs in my opinion don't help this. At the very least I will wear solid scrubs because I care about my own professional image.
  2. Are You a Scrub Hoarder?

    Nope; the only reason I own scrubs is because my school requires a certain color and patch. Otherwise I wear hospital scrubs exclusively.
  3. Male student enters OB room. What do you think?

    Sounds like you could sue. Just cause you're a male doesn't mean you don't get to take care of women. I was in OB helping with a pelvic exam and ROM not too long ago. No issues.
  4. Doctoral CRNA programs

    With CRNA programs going from masters to doctoral, what differences is everyone seeing? Is the education more focused on greater physiology/pathophysiology or nursing theory?
  5. Physical exam on women

    Will do. Thanks!
  6. Physical exam on women

    I agree. Confidence helps; it's just taking time to develop it!
  7. Physical exam on women

    Makes sense, thanks! Just trying to be more careful than not.
  8. Physical exam on women

    Makes sense. And yes, I wouldn't be discriminating on gender, just generally more comfortable doing assessments on pts. of the same gender.
  9. Physical exam on women

    Checking integument as a head to toe assessment in general - in a recent case for rashes to screen for Steven Johnson syndrome. Thought I'd cast my net here for a more diverse response before asking my clinical instructor. If it's not necessary to i...
  10. Physical exam on women

    Hey, everyone. So I'm doing clinicals in the hospital now and I'm having difficulty. I'm finding it difficult to initiate physical examination of women (as I'm a male) that incorporates observing or touching the breast tissue and perineum. I personal...
  11. Mens nursing shoes?

    I wear these: Amazon.com: ECCO Men's 571004 Classic Moccasin, Black, 45 EU/11-11.5 M US: Loafers Shoes: Shoes I went from danskos to these because I kept almost braking my ankles in the danskos and they are too heavy to wear around all day. I don't d...
  12. glove allergy

    Please speak to occupational health - both at clinical sites and at school. They should have non-latex equipment available. That isn't just for gloves, but other medical supplies you should be coming into contact with.
  13. Clearing lines for pump.

    Interesting. Yeah, we always squeeze the drip chamber while the line is clamped. How does it work then with no cassette? I think my hospital is getting new pumps. I wonder if they'll be these.
  14. Clearing lines for pump.

    Yeah, for some reason they got mad at me for back-priming. Seems simpler to me, but oh well.
  15. Clearing lines for pump.

    I just figured it out. You can back-prime into the drip chamber of the piggy-back. Got it!