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chuckz has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CVICU/ER.

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  1. I've been a nurse for about 6 years. Like you when I started nursing school I was so excited to do something to help prepare. I wish I would have taken the advice of others and did nothing. That's a long 2 years. Enjoy time with family and friends. Watch Netflix. Do anything else because when you do get in school you will not have the time to do it.
  2. chuckz

    New to critcal care

    I echo. It takes time. That was the hardest part of nursing for me. The time mgt and prioritizing. It takes a while and will come with time. Just learn more everyday. You will be fine. We all felt like you.
  3. chuckz

    Do male nurses wear scrub jackets???

  4. chuckz

    Man = muscle, being taken advantage of

    Nice reference to Stuart McGill. I never thought I would see somebody reference him in here. Good stuff. Thank you for that. His vids are very good and he is wonderful on knees too. As a competitive powerlifting and also a Male nurse I am stronger relatively than most people. I don't mind helping people. I always take the side that pulls to turn a pt and allow the other person to stuff the pillow. I always will be there if a pt becomes abusive as I feel it's my job to protect the others who can't protect themselves in those situations. I always am asked to help lift Pts and get them up in aChair. I don't mind any of that. It's the same everyplace I go. I understand that. The problem I have is that there sometimes may be others that are capable of doing the lift but they will tell others "chucks the strong one, he will help." Or there will be another male sitting that is capable to help but they will come get me from another unit to help them move or turn or whatever. I don't mind helping but sometimes I feel that like anything it can be taken advantage of. I'm not the only guy nor just bc I am strong should I always be the first one asked. Move it around. Rotate who you ask. If there is something like a very hard Pt I'm ok with it and I will always be ok with being asked but please utilize all your resources as I am not the only resource you have.
  5. chuckz

    Male Nurses that lift weights and stay fit

    Yep. Male nurse. Did MICU ER and now CVICU. I'm also a former competitive bodybuilder and currently a competitive power lifter. I think being a bit bigger and muscular has helped me out many-fold in nursing. I worked in the emergency department at a large urban trauma one hospital that is know to be on of the busiest ERs in the country. There were stabbings shootings drug usage and people that were not so friendly. It was to my benefit to be bigger and stronger because the sense of me being able to take care of myself by the patients had them give me less of a hassle than the small petite nurses that are also there. We have security that is armed with police authority and a holding cell in the basement. To walk through the ER you have to go through a metal detector. It's pretty rough. I enjoyed and the police enjoyed having another man who was larger and they could count on to help them. I am not saying its the end all be all. I am a really good and compassionate and caring nurse. I will do things to break the ice and make people feel comfortable and I work in the CViCU now and I will come to the bedside and will tell people sometimes, "no I'm not security, I'm actually your nurse." They usually laugh and it breaks the ice and its pretty cool. It's a part of who I am because I have been doing it for almost 24 years of my life and it has only helped my nursing career. The only thing that sucks s that people always ask me for help lifting the heavy Pts. That's a pain in the butt but one I will take gladly. Train hard my bruthas!
  6. chuckz

    Oldest in cohort...feeling out of place

    I was 35 and male when I started......still male. I had a son who at the time was 2 when I started. I had the time of my life. I enjoyed making friends. I did not feel I "stood out" or didn't fit it all. I would drink with my friends and would hang out them at the end of the semester. I worked full time and also did nursing school full time. It was doable and I really felt as if my class didn't make that destination of young or old. It was all about being a good person a good friend and a good student. Time of my life.
  7. chuckz

    Pharmacology - best way to learn

    As a student instructor while I was in school.........learn the Mechanisms of action of all the classes of drugs and you can figure out anything you need to know. That is the key to learning forever as opposed to memorizing.
  8. chuckz

    More $$/hr for CCRN?

    No increase and I had to pay for test out of pocket
  9. chuckz

    Getting an ICU position as first job

    Yes you can get an icu job as a new grad and yes it's doable. Worth it's weight is a good preceptor. A lot of new nurses will come into icu and there preceptor will expect them to know everything and will not be understanding. A new nurse does not have honed instincts yet but they can be cultivated by a good preceptor. It's subtle things such as how to fix an art line when the wave form becomes messed up or how to tell when a pt is crashing. All of that takes time but a good preceptor can help you with the changes and alert you to them. To get the job? I would try and extern in an icu. I would make myself marketable and always be friendly to everybody you meet or come into contact with in the hospital. Making it known that you are friendly and willing to work goes a long way in getting a job. The other thing is act confident but not over confident. Trust yourself but trust yourself to learn from others. As a new grad a couple years ago I had a wonderful preceptor who took the fact that I was a new nurse and helped mold me into the the template that I teach others. Don't let anybody discourage you. Do what you need to do in your career. Congrats on almost being done.
  10. chuckz

    Scrub tops on men

    No way.
  11. chuckz

    Job jumper?!?

    Lor, I got hired as a grad nurse in an ICU and let me tell you, I wanted to quit everyday. I would drive to work with a messed up stomach and have it until my last of 3 days where I could walk out the door and know I had 4 days off. All I wanted to do was not feel stupid. 6 month mark: Started to grasp things. Thought I might be able to do this. Thought I might not just walk off into the sunset myself. 9 Month mark: Things becoming routine. Started to anticipate care more and make myself more efficient. 1 year mark: Ok. I can breath a little. The thing is the more experience you have and the more stuff you see, the better off you are. It's the experience of dealing with a major GI bleed that makes the next one not so intimidating. It's the first couple codes that make the next one doable. It's experience. You will get it and thank yourself for it. Stick this out.
  12. chuckz

    Most Annoying Nursing Stereotype

    I'm a dude so when a patient's family or patient calls me sexy....I like that stuff...hahahh! I am a guy, I am a nurse, I am not gay, and I'm not going to medical school. There, I said it. I have a lot of people ask me, "So your going back to school to be a doctor right?" I also don't like the idea that people think I do whatever the doctor says. I think I have had more times when I told the doctor what I was going to do, than they tell me what to do. We work hand in hand....I have a job and he/she has a job....that we do to the best of our abilities. I need the doc and they need me. I think I get away from the gay male nurse stereotype because I am a big bald powerlifter. A lot of people think I might be security. It's weird when I come into a room and a patient is acting up for a female nurse and they see me, and decide that it might not be the best thing to yell at me. It's pretty funny.
  13. chuckz

    My 5-Year-Old Son

    Thank you so much folks, but like I said, Ben is an amazing kid in his own right, without my input. Last summer at the gym I bought him a water blaster to play with at the gym pool. It was the first day he got it and he was so excited. When other kids saw the fun he was having, they came up and wanted to play. My son let them play with it for about 45min without touching it. He wasn't being bullied nor did anybody take it from him, he just allowed them to play with it and splashed about. I asked him about it later and he actually told me, "I had fun seeing everybody have fun, plus I get to take the water gun home." It's funny because I never wanted kids like some of you. I was/am selfish with my time and I always said I won't have a child. Ben came and my life changed. There has not been one day.....NOT ONE DAY that I have thought that this day with him wasn't better than the day before. I don't believe in children being an emotional crutch for the parents. I think I have to be there for him to show him right and wrong and how to be a good person. Never had a dad or mother around too much. I was raised by my Grandfather and he showed me that a man can be tough (He was a pro boxer and a Russian farm boy) and still be thoughtful, generous and kind. I am a competitive powerlifter and am not a small dude, most of my patient's think I am security.....but I always try and be kind and compassionate. It's a lesson my grandfather taught me and now I teach my son. My grandfather lives through Ben. Ok....waaaaaaay too much insight I know, but I just want people to get a sense of the importance of this little boy to me. Thank you for listening and all your kind words about him....I appreciate it very much....I also appreciate people thinking I am a a good dad, that makes me feel better than anything anybody could ever say. Thank you again.
  14. chuckz

    My 5-Year-Old Son

    Last one of him at his school play.
  15. chuckz

    My 5-Year-Old Son

    Here is a pic of my cool awesome wonderful little boy. It is such an honor to be his father. I owe him so much.
  16. chuckz

    Anyone applying to Madonna University

    Just a hello to all my Madonna people out there. I graduated with my BSN last May and have now been a nurse for over a year. Let me tell you, I hated Madonna when I was there, but am thankful for it now. I really feel that place prepared me to make judgements and critical decisions that otherwise I wouldn't have had fostered. The patho teacher is wonderful there and it puts you a step ahead of a lot of people because it teaches you mechanisms of action and how to think things through. Most Madonna grads I know usually go on and work in specialty units. 3 of my friends that graduated a year before me are now in anesthesia school. Madonna has a good reputation for passing CRNA's as well. The place drove me nuts, but I am thankful. I want to get my MSN, join the staff and put a dude's stamp on that place and teach. Good luck all my Madonna people.