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  1. Prestige in Employment

    ACEN and CCNE are the nursing program accreditors.
  2. Don't choose a school until you ask these questions!

    My number 8 and 9 should cover that. Credits often don't transfer from schools because they aren't regionally accredited. If you ever see an ITT tech commercial, look for the text that says "credits earned are unlikely to transfer". That's because th...
  3. Don't choose a school until you ask these questions!

    7. Is this school authorized to operate a nursing education program by the state board of nursing? (for initial licensure programs) 8. Is this school accredited by one of the six regional accreditation organizations? 9. Is the nursing program accredi...
  4. ITT Richardson Campus

    ITT should be your school of last resort. All of the things I mentioned are the markings of a reputable nursing program; ITT is lacking regional accreditation, nonprofit status, and national nursing accreditation. You'd be able to take the NCLEX, but...
  5. ITT Richardson Campus

    Don't give a single penny to any school that is not regionally accredited (in your region it would be the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), approved by the state board of nursing (for initial licensing programs), not-for-profit, and accr...
  6. Regret

    I'll trade you my nursing license for your CPA license. Nursing isn't as rosy as everyone thinks. Stay with accounting...seriously.
  7. Atheism in nursing

    I am a long-time atheist (borderline anti-theist), and I have prayed with a patient on one occasion. I was raised Catholic-ish, so I am familiar with a lot of the dogma and rituals. The only time that a patient's religious beliefs caused a problem wa...
  8. Carrer switch to nursing

    Wait until the honeymoon phase is over before making any conclusions. As a student you haven't had any real responsibility, and are frankly unqualified to be commenting on the original poster's question at this point. You haven't even been through th...
  9. When Faith Creates False Hope

  10. When Faith Creates False Hope

    Hi Elle23, thanks for the input, although you didn't quite answer my question. I think you can provide a unique perspective on this, since you would tend to have the same faith in miracles as the family members. Would you agree with them that God cou...
  11. When Faith Creates False Hope

    In light of the Jahi McMath incident, I am left wondering how often my nursing colleagues have encountered the family of terminally-ill (or brain dead, etc.) patients in a state of complete denial that is bolstered by their faith. If you visit the Fa...
  12. Does nursing really suck that badly?

    I had this same exact experience when I was at Keesler Air Force Base. I had just finished basic training and was undergoing my technical training. I remember marching around like a tool, sleep-deprived, and subject to more stupid rules than even now...
  13. Does nursing really suck that badly?

    Bingo. Jobs are as tight for nurses as they are in most other fields. This is not some panacea job that will take you from the poor house to riches in two years. With all the for-profit schools popping up and letting anyone who is capable of signing ...
  14. Does nursing really suck that badly?

    I'm probably going to get grilled for this, but nichefinder is right. We are highly-paid blue collar workers. I work med-surg, and I probably could have done this job right out of high school with six months of on-the-job training and two semesters o...
  15. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned tires yet. As has already been stated, AWD/4WD will only help you move forward; winter tires (with the mountain/snowflake symbol) will help you accelerate, brake, and maneuver. Your vehicle only has four patches of ...