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TheSquire has 12 years experience as a DNP, EMT-B, APN, NP and specializes in Urgent Care NP, Emergency Nursing, Camp Nursing.

DNP, APRN, FNP-C, CEN; working in an Urgent Care for professional development with goal of returning to ED as provider.

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  1. NP Schedule

    The Urgent Cares that I've worked at generally put full-time at 4 shifts/week. I'm now going to work at an Emergency Department; 120 hours/4 weeks is considered full time by the practice, with shifts being generally 10 or 12 hours long.
  2. Nurse Breaks in ER

    Whenever management at my former ED made noises about staff not taking lunches, I'd point out A) properly staffing the unit is their responsibility and B) that I'd never gotten a 15-minute break, let alone two of them, in addition to my lunch break w...
  3. Urgent Care Experiences

    UCC nurses haunt the Ambulatory Care specialty page
  4. Camp Nurse Experience

    My experience is working at BSA Summer camps as a Health Officer, which are a different setting than most Summer camps you'll see discussed here. While the exact situation varies depending on local state laws and regulations regarding Summer camps, ...
  5. Procedures as an FNP

    I suture (which I did a lab on in school); I also do I&Ds, nail trephination, superficial foreign body removal, and ear irrigation,
  6. RNs being phased out of urgent care?

    I don't know where you're getting "most" from. At least in NJ, "most" Urgent Cares are either mom-and-pops or franchised chains independent from the local hospital groups.
  7. Alphabet Soup of a Title

    IBCLC is effectively an RN-level certification; it's hefty, to be sure, but it does not grant any Advanced Practice privileges. This seems like someone who has mistaken simile for equivalency.
  8. RNs being phased out of urgent care?

    Many urgent cares don't do IV access/infusion except while waiting on an ambulance to take an acute pt to the ED, so those skills are rarely needed, and often done by the provider.

    I took Solheim's class from the man himself back in the before-times and then passed the test a month later, so while I can't comment on the efficacy of the online version, the in person format worked well for me. He's also good at going over the th...
  10. Why won't they pay us more to stay??

    I'm reminded of a scene in Fight Club, and I should bring up that one would have to factor in the increased rate of errors committed by new grads and other new hires and the resultant increase in malpractice settlement payouts, unless that's already ...
  11. Chicago NPs

    I graduated from DePaul's DNP/FNP program in November 2018, intending to go into Emergency to initially work Fast Track. I already had a MS in Nursing, so I'd sat the boards after completing the initial clinical curriculum. My problem was that betw...
  12. Adjunct faculty job

    As addressed by others, schools, colleges, and departments of nursing use adjunct positions the way they're intended to be used - to allow a department or school to bring in current practitioners in a field to teach in the classroom and/or supervise ...
  13. DePaul MENP Program Admissions

    There's a lot to unpack here written by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, so let's take it from the top. If you're going into nursing specifically to do advanced practice, you're going into the wrong field. If you know tha...
  14. Multiple Certification Bodies - how did we get here?

    I'm not familiar with said CRNA strife - care to elaborate on what it is and how it's related to having only one certifying body?
  15. Loads of people here forgetting that nursing students for over a decade have had access to social media, including this very forum. They read and have an idea of what they're getting into, the monthly "How do I prep for x unit" posts notwithstanding...