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  1. NurseKrieger

    EC for a masters?

    Hey thanks so much! What is your out of pocket cost for it? Just curious. I was thinking of setting up TA on my next day off and getting rolling.
  2. NurseKrieger

    ACLS - Nursing Student

    I wouldnt recomend it for 2 reasons. 1. You need a base line knowledge of rythms, drugs, code procedures, etc before any of the information will be of ANY value to you. 2. DONT pay for extra training! Thats what your facility is for! Get on a floor in which that training would be useful then make them pay for it!
  3. NurseKrieger

    EC for a masters?

    Has anyone use Excelsior college for a masters in nursing? Im currently active duty military so I am trying to figure out my TA. I have a bachelors in nursing but Im looking to cash in and get ahead while Im not to busy with work. Any guidance would be appreciated. I mean, course difficulty, how a course works, how many classes I can reasonably take and still work full time, how to "take a break" between courses. etc Thanks a lot guys
  4. NurseKrieger

    I failed on my first try, I won't give up.

    I did a kaplan review course. They cost a couple hundred but it was a HUGE help. I passed in 75 questions in under 30 min. Are you SURE you failed? Alot of people, myself included, feel like they fail on the way out of the door. Try to re-register and if it allows you to pay for it then you probably did fail. If it says any sort of error message you passed.
  5. NurseKrieger


    New nurse- Take home is 3700/mo
  6. NurseKrieger

    Reputable ADN/BSN Programs

    If they have been accreditted for several years (preferably over 10) without issues or investitagtions your good to go. A state school is usually a very safe bet.
  7. NurseKrieger

    Cost of BSN

    WOW look at the midwest. My ENTIRE bsn costs under 30K from the U of ND. Mine cost nothing because I joined the Army. Over 50K and they are raping you.
  8. NurseKrieger

    Orientation to your unit!

    I just wanted to ask what type of orientation you received to your organization and how you feel it served you and prepared you to work there, or as a new nurse in general. I received 6 months of preceptor ship + 3 weeks of in processing (tours, IDs, shadowing on different units etc). After the 6 months we got a review and were blessed to go about our days. During this time there were several projects that had to be completed; skill check offs, EBP projects, seminars, case studies, etc. It was a great program and I learned ALOT. I get really nervous when I hear about nurses who got 2 weeks out of school with a preceptor and were told to figure it out.
  9. NurseKrieger

    Possible to work in Japan

    Honestly man. Go to school in the US, minor in Japanese, do the rosette stone. Then if you REALLY still want to go to Japan think about it again. Nursing is NOT an easy subject to study. You’ll be writing papers and up for clinical while your friends are still partying. Now add to that suck sandwich by trying to do college level course work in a foreign language, which you have a 1st grade grasp of, in a culture which has rigorous academic standards AND a pension for racism- and it’s starting to look like a nice idea in theory but not practice. Get through school first. It will give you time to work on your language proficiency AND get your degree at the same time. Most countries have a program for transferring licensure. Japan has a large elderly population so there will be jobs. But it’s not all ramen houses and kimonos. Japan has some SERIOUS cultural issues, even for natives. There is a reason they have the worlds highest suicide rate. Look into the culture a little more in regards to work hours and employee rights.
  10. NurseKrieger

    Pay scale for Altru/Grand Forks Area

    I was offered ~22/hr for being a new nurse, plus benefits (which were pretty good if I remember right), 35 hrs a week (which was full time), and like 5 days holiday. The differential for nights wasnt spectacular. I think its like 1$. Its not like break down the doors good but its not bad for ND and its cost of living. I assume your a .mil spouse or a UND student/spouse. In which case enjoy the area and go to a Sioux game. If your .mil try the GS system for a nursing job on base. It pays a bit more and has way better benifits, however there is a certain amount of "Uncle Sams Red Tape" Youll have to deal with... I have no idea what hospice pays but I believe the Dr's Hospital or Aurora pays a bit more but require at least 2 years XP first. There is a very prominent nursing school in the town so be aware. There is defiantly plenty of jobs to go around but because there is not a shortage of staff you'll have to do your time at entry level. Try 5th floor (tele) before you apply for 3rd (medsurge), much better unit dynamic. The reason I’m not working there now is my active duty orders came through faster than I thought they would. Let me know if you have any questions. I use this account at work so it may take a while to reply, but youll here back.
  11. NurseKrieger

    Junior CPT opportunities?

    Hey thanks for the advice. Im about to wrap up CNTP so I have plenty of time until PCS time. Honestly it amazes me how many LT's around me want to pop smoke as soon as their 4 is up. Im really enjoying this whole Army thing so far.
  12. NurseKrieger

    Where are the new grads in ICU?

    I know this isn't what you want to hear but please consider it. You may have life experience but that does not translate to nursing experience. I would strongly recommend getting 1 to 3 years of medsurge under your belt before applying to and ICU. Preferably one with its own training course that culminates towards a CCRN. Starting in an ICU can be dangerous to an inexperienced nurse. Simple things like forgetting to open the clamp on a piggy back, slipping and pushing a med too fast, forgetting to chart/call on a critical value, etc are all extremely easy mistakes to make. While medsurge can be forgiving with lower acuity pts, ICU may not be and you could jeopardize pt safety very easily. I also understand wanting to work in an area your passionate about, but is it possible you are still a little buzzed by the thrill of passing nursing school? Thinking about relocating your entire family for a BRAND NEW job in a BRAND NEW career is a little heavy handed. If you look hard enough you'll find one I'm sure. (Try western ND, around the oil fields.) But is it the best fit for you? I really doubt it man. Think it out CAREFULLY.
  13. NurseKrieger

    Nursing uniforms for military nurses

    WAMC at ft bragg- Medsurge areas- ACU bottoms and ACU scrub top (given through vending machines) Critical care areas- Blue scrubs that were given through vending machines Although some nurses prefer to stay in ACUs for their shift in medsurge and I haven’t seen anyone get in trouble for it yet. Personally I would MELT
  14. NurseKrieger

    Army Nurse PCS question

    I agree, keep your car with you at BOLC. You will be MUCH happier you did. I just finished the july BOLC so Im at my duty station now. Have fun in HI and let me know if you have any questions.
  15. NurseKrieger

    Junior CPT opportunities?

    Hey all. Just curious- what can a junior army CPT do in the nurse corps? I know you can specialize but I think I want to stay a hotel. Is it true we can become clinic OICs at small bases? I can't really get an informed answer from some buddies and it's too soon for me to ask HRC or my CNOIC about it. Just curious what all we can do. Thanks!
  16. Man its a bloody day today. Im going to start wearing that face sheild.