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I just completed LNA training and got my first job offer. I would be part of a team of 4 LNAs and 2 nurses, caring for 35 total care and hospice patients on a 3-11 shift. Does that sound like a lot? It sounds like a very big... Read More

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    Sounds pretty good...our long term unit of 40 residents has 1 nurse and 4 CNAs on 3-11.....and the answer to the bed pan question the previous poster matters not until you spill it!
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    Hi everybody: After reading all these different ratios, what a relief!!! I'd been so concerned about my job's ratio (1 LPN, 1RN, 7 CNA/65 LTC residents) I'm new in this country and although I have a huge experience in different kinds of settings in my country, most of the days I can barely finish my job 1 hour behind (charting included) Now I realize it's me, no other reasons. Hopefully I'd some day get all done on time.
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    that's about 9 patients per LNA. Not too bad. It would be better if everyone worked as a team (i'm a dreamer by heart!). I'd say scope it out first and then if a better offer didnt come alont i'd take it. how's the pay? the benefits? scheduling?
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    From my personal experience as an LPN at a LTC facility in NH----This sounds pretty standard----where we worked i was the only nurse with 4 LNAs....Its all about getting a good group of LNAs that want to together as a team....that is the key to success....Good Luck!
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    One thing to consider: Are there always going to be that many CNAs? At my old place, management advertised us as having 5-6 CNAs, but in reality, it was usually 3-4.
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    On my hall we have 3 aides from 2-10, with one nurse working from 6a-6p, and one from 6p-6a. I have 2 aides from 10p-6a. We run between 27-30 residents, and it's the dementia/behavior unit.
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    For a NA, this sounds like a doable ratio. I would have killed for this kind of load. (Not literally>>>)
    I do think less than this would be better for the patient, but I don't know anywhere on God's green earth that you could do any better than this....
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    Sounds pretty normal to me. The last place I worked as an aide our assignements had 13 pts each. The new place I will be going as an LPN they have 44 beds, 1 RN 2 med nurses and 4 aides ( this is 3-11 shift), dayshift gets at least one more aide.
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    I agree with PeachPie...what is "said" and what is "reality" are usually two very different scenarios. Talk to other aides to find out the truth.
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    Hi everybody: I'm sorry but looking at all the information posted here I'm wondering; does anybody knows if there's some kind of ratio stablished? I mean, who's responsibility is when the facility is understaffed. It's always the nurses's responsibility regarding anything that happens under these circumstances? it seems unfair to me. Thank you