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  1. HeatherLPN

    LTC Nurses I need some advice Please

    Staffing ratios--do they staff at or above state standards, what area are they hiring for (Alzheimer's, rehab, ect) or will you be trained/moved form hall to hall, find out exactly what the med tech is responsible for. You can also go online and find out what their ratings are on pressure ulcers, safety violations, ect are from their state visits. If they are way above state averages, run the other way.
  2. HeatherLPN

    Will somebody PLEASE tell these doctors....

    You know we have to verify admission orders with you, not your nurse. If you don't want to take the time, especially since our admission that YOU discharged late from the hospital is after your 11-11:30am window that we are supposed to call you in, then get out of healthcare. Calling me stupid and telling me how unacceptable it is to page you after hours is NOT benefitting your patient that would like a pain med. I'm just doing my job, so help me to help your pt. and do yours.
  3. HeatherLPN

    What is working with Alzheimers pts like?

    You need to get to know their quirks--what sets them off, what calms them down, ect. They get confused with time, so if they want coffee at 2 am, it doesn't hurt to get it for them. If someone is restless and your aides have time (we are well staffed), let them have shower in the middle of the night. Don't argue with them, b/c they can become VERY combative. If you have a few minutes, get to know them by having a cup of tea with them if they are up late. Get to know their families so that you can discuss grandkids, pictures, ect with the residents. And if necessary, don't be afraid to use your PRN's.
  4. HeatherLPN

    What is your job?

    I work LTC on the locked Alzheimer's/behavior unit. Love it. Get to use alot of skills, also get a lot of Hospice patients b/c we can give more one on one care on my unit. I've worked skilled at another place, with vents, trachs, ect., but 36 residents, 3 vents, 9 feeding tubes with flushes, and 2-2 hour medpasses on an 8 hour shift was just too dangerous to my license for me. I swore I'd never work LTC, but I don't know that I'd ever work anything else.
  5. HeatherLPN

    Question About Standing Orders for Constipation...

    We go by shifts--nights give prune juice, days tries MOM, then nights give suppositories. We start at the 2 day mark.
  6. HeatherLPN

    New grad fired, need much encouragement!

    My first nursing job, AKA Hell on Earth was like that. I got a talking to on my SECOND day for supposedly some things I had done such as eye rolling when being shown something. That is so not me. I had to work some dayshift hours for training and those nurses were nasty nasty women. My nightshift preceptor had no complaints about me, but when I asked if they had talked with her, they said no. WTH? I lasted a month. Shifts overlapped and the first day I was on my own, those dayshift nurses went in for the kill. I never went back. It took me a few weeks to get another job, but the environment was SO much better. I'm still there. The nurses and other staff have been wonderful, and I've even been employee of the month once, with 4 different months of nominations. I AM a good nurse, I just needed a positive environment with supportive nurses. Keep looking til you find that environment and you will thrive as a nurse. Good luck.
  7. HeatherLPN

    LPNs/LVNs: What's Your Specialty?

    I work LTC, which I like, but my passion is MR/DD. Quit my part time job at the group home d/t med safety concerns and a conflict with my "boss" (and I use the term boss VERY lightly), but hope to get back into MR soon.
  8. HeatherLPN

    Deeply saddened.....

    I too, had a horrible experience at my first nursing job. Forcing myself to go in, crying all the way home. Hated it. Walked out after a month, got a new job and really like where I'm at now. I still have frustrating days, but I had that in a factory, in fast food, ect, for a lot less money.
  9. HeatherLPN

    Ohio. . . Where are you from?

    I'm in the Findlay area and work LTC.
  10. HeatherLPN

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    When I worked at the group home I was passing meds and heard a newer staff screaming for me from the bathroom. I go in and she's like "there's blood! She's bleeding and I don't know why!". Turns out she thought women with MR/DD didn't have periods:uhoh3:
  11. HeatherLPN

    2nd thoughts about being a nurse

    It DOES get better! My first few months as a nurse I was constantly second guessing myself, worrying that I might have missed something, ect. I was frustrated and constantly wondering why I went to school for THIS. But honestly, after the first year, it does get better. Sure, there are rough days, and there's unsafe places to work out there, but when you find the right place, doing whatever kind of nursing is best to you, it all comes together. Get out and look to see what else is available. It doesn't hurt to check into other facilities, even if it's something you never thought you would want to do. I swore I'd never work LTC, and guess where I am? LTC LOL! And I love it.
  12. HeatherLPN

    Did anyone experience this

  13. HeatherLPN

    Very Frustrated With Start To Career...

    From my experience working in a bad, unsafe place, that if ONE person for some reason doesn't like you--any reason, justified or not--others will follow suit. Especially if that person has been there for eons. It's very frustrating to feel as if you are trying to "break in" to their group. I wish you luck, and try not to focus on one bad experience. I got another job right away and have been treated wonderfully by staff and management. Those places are out there, sometimes where you least expect it.
  14. HeatherLPN

    Did anyone experience this

    I had to wait for an interview once. The woman I was supposed to have it with decided she couldn't do it, so I waited while they found someone to. Made me feel like I was not important enough to keep on her schedule. Biggest hellhole I ever worked at. Only took the job b/c I needed to get working and needed some experience. I would never wait like that again--my time is valuable and I have more pride in myself than to be treated like an interview with me is a chore. They can't keep any nurses there.
  15. HeatherLPN

    Expecting too much???

    You don't have a c-box at your facility?
  16. HeatherLPN

    Labelling Residents As Attention Seeking

    I have a few residents that are labeled as that too, but I've found if I take a few mintues to chat with them, I don't seem to have too much trouble with that on my shift. They are PEOPLE, and sometimes just need some TLC. They are sometimes younger, they are away form family, they are discouraged with their situation, ect. Put yourself in their shoes--I can't imagine having a stroke at a young age, or having strangers take care of me.