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  1. tatgirl

    Patients Going Behind Nurse's Station

    I too let my patients behind the nurses station! But they are disabled children. However, when I worked with adults, it was a no-no. Wendy LPN
  2. tatgirl

    Getting burned out?

    I worked at a facility like the ones above too. 46 residents total, 2 nurses, 4 cnas. Lord help us if we were short (which we usually were). Admissions always came on my shift (3-11). You would think that the don or adon would tell me if I was having an admission, nope, usually the housekeeper would tell me!!!!!!!!!!! After 2 years of this, I have had enough. I miss my residents, but not the chaos which is ltc. I now work with handicapped children and am loving it!!!!!!!!!! Wendy LPN
  3. tatgirl


    Nurse hanson: do we work at the same facility? lol. I am so tired of having to scrape up supplies to do my treatments. My patients pay alot of money to be there, and by golly they deserve all the supplies that they need!!! Last week we ran out of iv tubing. Our policy is change tubing q48 hrs for just iv fluids, but change it qd for iv abt only. I had a man receiving iv Zosyn q6 hrs. We had to reuse the iv tubing for 2 days! We had no other choice. I love my residents but stuff like this is making me seriously considering leaving ltc nursing for other options. Add to the mix family members who are allowed to verbally abuse nursing staff (no mgt back up there), lazy nurses who never do their treatments, and manage to finish up their med-pass in less then an hour!!!! Alert and verbal pts telling another nurse on another unit that they hadnt gotten their am meds or insulin. LTC seems to be a no win situation for nurses and aides who truly care..... Wendy LPN
  4. tatgirl

    Is nursing hereditary?

    My mom was an LPN for 35 years. My great-grandma was a nurse too. My great aunt was a surgical nurse. i grew up reading my aunts nursing journals lol. Dinner conversations were a riot with the non-nursing family members turning green!!! Also have a cousin who is a nurse, and another 2 cousins who went on to med-school. Wendy LPN
  5. tatgirl

    Hourly rounding in LTC????

    That is the key word "Staffing". When they worked us short all last month, the head honchos never gave us a thought as they left at 5pm to go home. The study worked well because it was done in the hospital where the nurses dont have the pt load that ltc nurses do. I have 24 residents on my front end alone, and 2 cnas that have 12 people apiece. Most of these folks are total care that can not do a thing for themselves. Add to that the frequent fallers who manage to take off their bed alarms, and crawl over their side-bolsters!!! Most nights I feel like I am working in chaos, and no matter how hard I work, I cant do enough.... Wendy LPN
  6. tatgirl

    Hourly rounding in LTC????

    yesterday at work I was handed an article on hourly rounding studies that were done in the hospital and how hourly rounding can cut down on call-lights and falls. The study sounded reasonable as it had been done on med-surg units, but not in the nursing home. I am a charge nurse on a unit with 46 residents. There is me and another charge nurse, and on a good night 4 cnas. The manager who handed me the article said our unit had the most falls last month. I answered "Yes we did, because all last month on 3-11 we only had 3 cnas, and you cant expect us to be everywhere at the same time". When I am doing my med-pass, I answer call-lights, get residents blankets or water etc. When we are short I pitch in and help feed, put people to bed, and change their briefs. What in the world is mgt thinking? I dont get a lunch break anymore, I barely take 10 minutes to scarf my dinner down, and then it is back on the floor working my tail off. I am so frustrated and am seriously considering leaving ltc nursing for good. I have been physically assualted, threatened by family members. Management doesnt stand up for us at all. Wendy LPN:banghead:
  7. tatgirl

    LPN program @ ECPI

    I attended the VB campus from Sept 2004 to March 2006. I went to the night program which is 18 months long. I chose them, b/c I had to work fulltime during the day. At the time I went, they were in the process of changing d.o.n's so it was very stressfull and things werent managed as they should have been. After the new don came everything sort of calmed down. I learned alot, and keep in touch with my classmates. We graduated with 10, and all of passed our boards. Hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years. Wendy LPN
  8. My class started with 50 students. As classes progressed people failed or dropped out. Once we made it to first clinicals, people started dropping like flies!!! We graduated with 10. I work with 3 of my former classmates, and keep in close touch with the others. Wendy LPN
  9. tatgirl

    Hostile Family Members!

    I am in the midst of dealing with a hostile family member myself. I have a pt who has a trach. Now mind you I work in ltc, so i also have 23 other residents I am responsible for. this particular pt gets most of my attention and time. The daughter comes in at all hours of the night and day. The only nurse she verbally abuses is me. She also says horrible things about me to my staff. My d.o.n is aware of this and told me the other day "{be nice to her and be her friend". I will not. I dont care about her, my priority is with her mother. I politely told the husband of the pt, that his wife is not my only pt, and that she gets alot of my time and attention. He has no problem with my nursing care, in fact he is pleased with my skills. The daughter is another story. She will come on the floor, and hunt me down, and procede to berate me and scream at me in front of other residents, visitors, and my staff. Suposedly the co I work for, has a harrassment free policy for the employees, but they are not holding up to it. There is a family meeting today so that should be interesting..... The daughter accuses me of not doing her mom'[s trach care, even though I have witnesses (my cna's) that go in the room with me to be a witness. In a 8 hour shift, I am in that womans room at least 10 times. My other residents only see me once or twice a shift.... I am so stressed out because of this. Wendy LPN
  10. No, it is not a morbid reason at all. My son is the reason why I am a nurse today. He was born in 1990 with a rare genetic birth defect. At the time of his diagnosis, he was the 5th reported case in the world. The name of the disease is brachycephalofrontalnasal dysplasia. He was also born with undiagnosised Hirshprungs disease that almost killed him at 4 weeks old. As a result of that, he was severley brain damaged, blind, and deaf. Unfortunately my son died at the age of 5 years in 1995. He would be 17 years old today if he was still alive today. I became a nurse in a way to honor his memory. Wendy LPN
  11. the answer is yes, yes, yes. I am a charge nurse on the 3-11 shift in a ltc. Right now I have 43 patients total for my one unit. There were 2 nurses on the floor, and only 3 cnas. Each cna had 14 residents apiece. I busted my tail to get my meds done and my treatments done, then I helped out feeding residents, and giving showers. By the end of the night, I was beat. I dont mind helping out my cnas at all. I was angry because mgt went home and didnt give us a second thought. They cut out our unit managers in the name of the almighty dollar. Nurses in ltc are stretched too thin, and to top it off, mgt makes us do other depts jobs as well. Wendy LPN
  12. tatgirl

    What nursing "invention" would make you famous?

    An aersol spray system that would deliver Ativan in the air for those aggitated patients, their grouchy families, and sometimes the cranky nurses!!!! lol. Wendy LPN
  13. tatgirl

    bereavement policy?

    My facilitys policy is 3 paid days. In fact I am using one of them today. My mil passed away on Dec 23rd and her funeral is today. I have a sneaky feeling since we are short staffed on nurses, that I may get a phone call begging me to come into work this afternoon. If that is the case, the answer will be "Oh hell no" and my DON will have my resignation on her desk first thing Monday morning. When she was told of my mil passing, she asked 'You will be coming into work, right?" .... um no Wendy LPN
  14. tatgirl

    Bite Me!

    I have been bitten in the past month twice!! No one else gets bitten. My co-workers say I must be tasty!!!! lol. Thank God, the bites didnt break my skin!! Gotta love being a nurse!!! They dont tell ya these things in school.... Wendy LPN
  15. tatgirl

    Advice needed

    Our policy here if a resident states suicidal ideation is to notify the md, and then they are on suicide watch. Personally I feel that the mds nurse since she supposedly heard the patient say this should have charted it immediately, then notified the md. This woman does need serious pysch help, and we cant give it to her. There is only one geri-psych facility in the area, and it is a booger to try to get people into it. My don hasnt said anymore to me of the incident, but I do believe they are pulling all the stops to get this patient out of here. Unfortunately, I just happened to be on duty when it hit the fan. lol. Thank you for all of your replies and advice. Wendy LPN