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  1. Can a Social Worker supervise an LPN?

    Why do they hire an LPN if it's just enrolling in the program, anybody can do it. I'm sending there has to be some clinical work involved. Is the SW supervising a certified Case Manager? I doubt it. It's a low cost program hiring the wrong people.
  2. Hi All, I've been offered a position as an Independent Case Manager. I'm employed full time as an RN Case Manager, and I wonder if I could do this on the side? Can anybody give me an insight on this? I really appreciate any help. Faby
  3. Relocation

    Hi:I applied as RN also through endorsement, and yes I agree the process is very confusing. Because I'm applying to several stated I don't remember exactly how i did. I would advise you to call Ill board and find out the process. In general you wo...
  4. Can't believe the difficulty hiring CMs

    Thank you, I'm not a new grad, but sorry not moving.
  5. Can't believe the difficulty hiring CMs

    Hi; In which state are looking for a CM?
  6. Do you get paid for your break?

    That I know, my question was because given the fact that I'm the only RN in the house, and my position as Supervisor doesn't allow me to "take" my break. Meaning, I need to be at all times available. As said by the administrator, " you need to make s...
  7. Do you get paid for your break?

    HI: I agree totally, in fact I'm unable to just take my break; the very same administrator told me that "Ihave to make sure I get the break, tit can be in 10 or 15 min period, but I have to take it, they can't pay for it, she said it's amatter of DOL...
  8. Do you get paid for your break?

    HI everyone : I just started as a nurse supervisor at a LTC facility. I was surprised when the administrator told me that my 30 min( lunch ) was not paid. Even I can't leave the building, because there's nobody else who I could leave in charge. So, ...
  9. Practice nursing in France

    Hi suzzane: I'm sorry I have no idea how nursing in France would be. But yuou could google it. here's a link to one website on nursing salaries compared to France's. good luck in your search! Salaire des infirmières : la France est-elle bien placée...
  10. HI: I hope your interview went OK. I received an email on this job offer, but I didn't apply because I already got a new job, and I'm no looking. I'd love to know how exactly this would turn out, because to me the position is confusing. Not sure w...
  11. Best complaint you've heard?

    Where did he get it from?
  12. Hello everyone: I'm a foreign educated RN licensed in Vermont initially, and currently in NJ (for almost 7 years now) My new job requires that I get licensed in other 2 or 3 Statesin order to work on the phone with patiernts located in these States. ...
  13. Gotham Nursing Agency

    Hello: I'm reading your post, and I'm thinking, can't you go with both agencies? In NJ you could work for both, at least until you make up your mind about which is the best for you. Regarding the pay, weekly pay is not bad at all.
  14. I cannot believe a nurse did this......

    Really? report the nurse to the BON? Really? I think this is truly over reaction, not to mention that the husband that was present didn't complain. And the wife/mom wants to report fact she didn't actually see because she wasn't there. Really? Unbel...
  15. New DON

    Hi : In the facility were I worked we use to have report books in each unit, but in addition the Supervisor would record any relevant matter related to the general facility situation in another report book for the subsequent Supervisors.That would be...