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  1. chadash

    new paramedic... another question for the nurses.

    Yes, cover your patient quickly next time, but you sound like you have a poopy partner.
  2. oops! clicked twice!
  3. Yeh, my husband will hand me my purse and ask "is the checkbook in there (the forbidden zone)....
  4. It is just plain not polite to put your hand in someones pocket. I can't imagine why she did that.
  5. chadash

    What to do

    Actually been thinking about that! I did that before, and losing so many patients (many of mine were hospice, and lived long enough that I got really attached) was so sad, I decided to try the hospital for a while. I might be ready to go back.
  6. chadash

    What to do

    OOOps! I thought I was starting a new thread, I guess I forgot how. Memory loss is a bummer.
  7. chadash

    What to do

    I have been a nursing assistant for many years, and wonder if I should go on to something else entirely. I have always gotten great reviews, but this time around it was so so....I had surgery, family issues (sick grand babies and grand parents, two...
  8. chadash

    are nurses more depressed than the general public?

    Depression and Nursing By MedHunters Staff A review of nursing discussion groups indicates that depression within the nursing community is a major problem. Every year, approximately 18.8 million Americans and three million Canadians suffer from cli...
  9. chadash

    at long last, self respect...

    Sorry, wanted to edit, but had to post again. I guess I can be honest since you all don't know me. I am so depressed, and just have been having a rough time with that. I could cry at work, and sometimes do. Usually pretty cheerful, but for a few mon...
  10. chadash

    at long last, self respect...

    Sorry, just needed to vent....and allnurses is the only place to do that... don't want to burden the people around me, so you all get it. So, disregard!:wink2:
  11. chadash

    A friend has passed.

    I have had a boat load of hospice patients. Sometime, later down the road, you wil cry.
  12. chadash

    Student Nurse wanting to work as CNA

    Nah, just go straight to the nearest mental hospital and commit yourself....Just kidding~ Work hard at your nursing degree, and be aware of the struggles of nursing assistants (be their best advocates) but do not be a nursing assistant if you can avo...
  13. chadash

    at long last, self respect...

    Well, finally, I am not putting a price on the last commodity I have. When it all comes down, of course, we are more than the price someone pays for our efforts. God is the only measure of that. But in the world we live in, at 12 dollar an hour, or ...
  14. chadash

    Just got being a CNA "below" me?

    But I've got to be honest with you: you will get your pride scuffed up a bit if you work as a nursing assistant. Your BF's viewpoint is common, and even your coworkers will assume you are a bit, well, deprived educationally. But, it builds character!...
  15. chadash

    What brings non-nurses to allnurses?

    Originally, I started because I was headed for nursing school, but when my husband saw how much it was going to cost, he said, no way. So then, I stayed on to be the best NA I could be.