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Jennerizer ASN, RN

PCU, Critical Care, Observation
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Jennerizer has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in PCU, Critical Care, Observation.

http://jennerizer.blogspot.com/ is a nursing blog I started since I first became a nurse. Check out the link.

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  1. Jennerizer

    First patient fall...

    Shawn - stop beating yourself up. Patients are going to fall. It's a fact of life. The only reason administration cares now is because Medicare won't pay for any costs associated with it. Go back 10 yrs & most hospitals weren't even using bed alarms or even tracking falls. Now, where I work...at one point they wanted the night shift to turn on every single bed alarm regardless of whether the patient was or wasn't a fall risk. Talk about insanity. Only reason that got dropped was because of patients complaining on the surveys regarding hospital satisfaction. Administration is ridiculous with their expectations and the nurse is always made to feel like they are being blamed. If the administrators were so concerned, then they'd have better staffing ratios and also something in place where patients with a higher level of acuity don't end up on a unit they don't belong on just because a doctor says so. Let the guilt go. Focus on what you want in your future and go for it. Don't let this one episode make you second guess everything.
  2. Jennerizer

    Miserable nurses

    Sounds like you both had a bad day. My best advice is to not dwell on it. Not every nurse likes being assigned a student. Don't take it personally. And don't allow one person to get to you the way she has. Learn from it & move forward.
  3. Jennerizer

    Does it ever stop?

    I don't think you did anything wrong at all. We don't d/c the drip just because they convert to NSR. There should be parameters within the initial order...like notify MD when heart rate less than 70 or SBP less than 100. I can't stand nurses who purposely try to make other nurses...especially newer nurses feel bad or dumb. It's a great time to educate. Don't take it personally.
  4. Jennerizer

    Med error

    It happens to the best of us, but I'm sure it won't happen again. Let the guilty feeling go. You're not a robot, you're human & the patient is fine.
  5. Jennerizer


    I'm not even sure what you are talking about.
  6. Jennerizer

    Patient Safety? Balogne!!

    Can you be a little more specific?
  7. Jennerizer

    I don't know how I could've handed this differently

    You can't even really blame admin because it's our govt that came up with these unrealistic patient satisfaction surveys in which the hospital always loses money because it is impossible to achieve perfection in healthcare when the survey is based on perception only. Still though, the hospital should have a policy in place and back their nurses who are simply trying to care for sick patients.
  8. Jennerizer

    No Respect.

    I get what you're saying. I see it all the time. Nurses these days are viewed as personal assistants rather than medical professionals. I was admitting a patient last night and during the assessment, the family member kept interrupting because they were hungry and wanted something to eat. This is what nursing is becoming and the hospitals cater to it because they want/need high patient satisfaction scores which nowadays includes making sure the entire family is satisfied.
  9. Jennerizer

    What is a reasonable starting salary to expect?

    New nurses in Florida make around $20/hr...sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the county. Keep in mind though...we have no state income tax. The tourists pay that. 😁
  10. Jennerizer

    Florida LPN pay rate

    Volusia county/Daytona Beach is one of the lowest paid counties in the state for nursing.
  11. Jennerizer

    MD Present to Defibrillate?

    The hospital I'm at doesn't have much of a code team. An ICU nurse and a respiratory therapist. Your fellow nursing staff is the team & it is run by the charge nurse. No doctor ever shows up. We are all required to be ACLS certified.
  12. Jennerizer

    All RNs All the Time: Wave of the Future?

    My unit has been doing primary care for over the last 2 years. I wish we had techs to lend a helping hand as most of the patient assignments can be overwhelming. A lot of the hospitals in the area have also gone to primary nursing due to HCAPHS.
  13. Jennerizer

    Nurse Educator without nursing experience.. (?)

    My first semester professor had approx 6 months floor experience before it overwhelmed her & she went running into the education dept for a job. Regardless, she was a good teacher even though she couldn't handle actual patient care. It's not for everyone.
  14. Jennerizer

    Does your personal doctor work where you work?

    I switched doctors after seeing how rude mine was to the nursing staff....all the time.
  15. Jennerizer

    Patient guns down Florida Hospital Transplant Surgeon

    Here is another article regarding it. The surgeon had performed a liver and kidney transplant on this patient a year ago. The hospital is not releasing any details. The family is, but it's still unclear what the motive was. This surgeon was amazing & stuff like this should not happen. He leaves behind a wife 4 children. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1392772/Transplant-patient-Nelson-Flecha-shot-dead-surgeon-saved-life.html
  16. The irony of Dmitriy Nikitin's death stunned America's medical community. After helping save the lives of hundreds, possibly thousands, Dr. Nikitin died at the hands of a disgruntled patient in a killing that remains as senseless as it is unexplained. The patient, 53-year-old Nelson Flecha of Orange City, shot Nikitin in a parking garage at Florida Hospital's main campus on N. Orange Avenue Thursday evening. Detectives are still sorting through evidence to pin-point a motive in the slaying. Investigators do know that Flecha targeted Nikitin, hunting down the doctor in the parking garage before turning the gun on himself. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/crime/os-florida-hospital-doctor-killed-20110527,0,239166.story