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Of all the classes you've taken, which was the hardest? and what helped you to pass it? Determination? Hard work? Encouragement? Luckily, you passed that specific class! Both Nursing and Pre-nursing... Read More

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    Biochem, hands down worst class EVER.

    I have heard a lot of people say Pharm was the worst, while it's intense I just made note cards and color coded everything and was uber uber organized about it and studied a ton. It's made a big difference so far.
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    I'm curious, for all the people that say Pharmacology was the hardest class, what was it about the class that made it so hard?
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    Pre-nursing - definitely organic chem!!! I have no idea how I passed it but did manage to get a C. Nursing (having only taken one semester so far....) - Fundamentals. It was hard to get my brain to "think like a nurse", and since I'm starting clinicals/upper division classes next semester I'm sure I'll have PLENTY more opportunity to hone my nurse thinking skills! Next semester it's med/surg 1 with lab and clinicals, pharm, and junior seminar, whatever that is....
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    Pre Nursing -- Before I settled on nursing I wanted to become a doctor...so any of the Chemistry classes I took were heck...also the higher math classes were very difficult for me and even when I studied it didn't stick with me...the highest I did my best in was my Statistics class because I had a wonderful professor

    Nursing -- So far it would have to be Pharmacotherapeutics because of all the new material, the way she taught, the amount testing she did, and also having to retain all that information...LifeSpan because once again the class bored me to tears, didn't take anything from it, and the professor left much to be desired...Fundamentals of Nursing II required me to apply my knowledge of Fundamentals of Nursing I and I just couldn't do it...for some reason that class posed a challenge for me but I did fairly well in the end...and now it would have to be Pediatrics Nursing because the professor was unpredictable, didn't actually teach the class and made learning a horrible process...hopefully this upcoming semester will be better
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    Quote from jtboog2003
    I'm curious, for all the people that say Pharmacology was the hardest class, what was it about the class that made it so hard?
    Because you really do have to learn the side effects, how it works, and what to look for with each medication. For me all my teacher did was read from the slides, we had to learn and be taught on our own. It made it very difficult and I was looking forward to Pharm as well. Just so I wouldn't be caught off guard I downloaded all of her powerpoints to study from later and I kept all my printed out notes
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    Pre-nursing: statistics.

    Nursing: OB/peds. Especially OB. It was like a different world compared to med surg. I took alot of notes and used kaplan.
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    Nutrition. What an unbelievable waste of time, even though it was taught by my favorite professor. Couldn't bring myself to study even five minutes for the class.
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    So far I'd have to say statistics. That was the only class I've ever taken where I couldn't finish the exams in time. It was crazy. I'm surprised I didn't drop out. I didn't know I'd need it for nursing in the future. So glad I stuck to it. Managed a B.

    I haven't taken chemistry yet. Not looking forward to that one.
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    I would have to say Organic Chemistry. My class started with about 25 and ended with 8. The content was just very difficult and the teacher did not care to help us understand the material. I remember on valentines day. He drew a heart on the board & then drew a knife through it and proceeded to draw blood oozing from the heart. Talk about weird?! Lol Pharmacology would have to be the next. It was a lot of memorization. But to take it with Med Surg 1 was difficult. I gave med surg 1priority. But I still passed!

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