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Spring Break Countdown

  1. 0 I have 1 exam, 1 clinical and associated paperwork, and 1 part (2 of 3) of a research paper to write and then it is OFFICALLY Spring break for me. I can't wait! This semester has been rough thus far. I'm planning on cleaning my house and watching plenty of Netflix, and take a day trip or two.

    Whats your countdown look like? What are your plans?
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    Enjoy! I'm not in school anymore, but it was always my luck that we had a test the day we returned from break, so I never enjoyed mine lol
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    It started Friday
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    Two care plans, one research project, 2 clinical days, two lecture days, and a lab...then Spring Break it is!!! (Ours starts the end of this week )
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    Quote from NightNurseRN13
    Enjoy! I'm not in school anymore, but it was always my luck that we had a test the day we returned from break, so I never enjoyed mine lol
    "started" spring break Friday -- have a Pharm exam on the Monday we return and Medsurg Tues.. weeee
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    Mine is over, back to the grind tomorrow and no break in sight til end of April. Test as soon as we get back. Didn't do much studying for it over break so I am cramming today. Fortunately it's community nursing, so it's lots of things we went over already last semester in Fundamentals. Enjoy your break!
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    I just started spring break as well! Too bad it's not much of a break as I have a Med/Surg final to study for! :-(
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    Haha. Spring break? We get two days off for Easter. 17 more weeks straight through till graduation though..
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    Yay! I have a few days of precepting (and filling out my associated clinical logs), and just a couple of smaller assignments due in the meantime. I start mine Saturday. We plan to go skiing (something I am WAAAAYYYY overdue for!). I also plan to get in some trail running and time with my son.
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    There are two weeks left until Spring break for me. Between now and then I have a maternal nursing final and another final for my elective class. Planning to head down south to see a friend.
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    One more week then I have an entire day uninterrupted by lecture to study. For two tests. The week we come back.

    Is it terrible that I can't wait for school to be over?
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    My spring break just ended. Back to school tomorrow. It was SO nice to have a week off. I wish it was longer
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    I lucked out and have my exams and big things due BEFORE Spring break so I can actually enjoy mine. Although, a bunch of big things were crammed into this past week and upcoming one, so I have been very busy. The break will be quite welcomed. I can't wait.