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LoriRNCM has 3 years experience as a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. Wow I'd forgotten about alot of this, but reading through these comments I actually remember some of this! So where is everyone now, two years later? I am a hospice case manager and I absolutely love it, and never would have thought I'd end up in hospice. Hope everyone is well!
  2. LoriRNCM

    When Hospice Goes Wrong

    As a hospice case manager, this brings tears to my eyes. I'm so very sorry.
  3. LoriRNCM

    Brian Short News

    What a tragedy. So very sorry.
  4. LoriRNCM

    PreNursing at 30+

    I hope 30 isn't midlife or I'm about 8 years from the grave, and I just passed NCLEX RN and am working as a nurse in LTC. Wish I'd done it when I was 30 or younger!
  5. LoriRNCM

    Quit during orientation

    I worked as a CNA in LTC during most of my ADN program. You aren't taught new skills as a CNA that you can use as a nurse. You learn these skills in nursing school and clinical. If you're smart though, you assess every single patient every single time (practice!). You watch what the nurses do. You learn time management skills. You learn prioritization skills. I now have a job in the same facility as an RN because I didn't quit along the way. I did drop to PRN in second year due to the demands of school. But I did it officially, with a letter of intent, as the company required. Leaving during orientation really hurt you. Not giving a two week notice makes you ineligible for rehire. Trust me, they keep that on record FOREVER. Not only will you not be able to work there, you may not even be able to do your clinical there, if this facility was on your school's list. I have personally seen this happen to a student from a similar incident years prior.
  6. UPDATE time!!!! You guys are funny, I loved reading over some of these comments! It's almost over, only one more hurdle (NCLEX) which I am doing early July. Starting a job in the LTC facility where I've worked for a year and a half. And continuing school in the Fall towards my BSN. In retrospect, all of the things I said were true, at least for me, for two years. Especially that the world doesn't stop turning while you are trudging through nursing school. My mother's health began to fail, three of my dogs passed away, and to be perfectly honest, when I look back on the nursing school journey and factor in those outside events, I don't even know how I did it. But if I could do it at my extremely advanced age with neurons as dry as Ghandi's sandals, and all these emotional events, then I am quite sure all of you can do it too. Wish you the best successes in life.
  7. LoriRNCM

    EEK! Any tips before I start my LTC job?

    Virginia. I think it used to be 120 days but now it's 90.
  8. LoriRNCM

    EEK! Any tips before I start my LTC job?

    I was wondering about that! I hope that won't be an issue but it may be. I am going to be on a different shift than I was on as a CNA, which probably is a good thing, although I would like to work with my usual crew.
  9. LoriRNCM

    EEK! Any tips before I start my LTC job?

    I love the spreadsheet idea! And I see what you are saying about the VS sheet being handy if you white out what you don't need and fill in what you do need, but I am thinking a spread sheet on the work computer would be great, because you can make any changes as needed and just print up a new one. Great ideas!
  10. LoriRNCM

    EEK! Any tips before I start my LTC job?

    That's what I was wondering, if I should have like a little flip wire bound index card set that's alphabetized that lists those things you mentioned there. You mentioned exactly my thoughts though, I feel like I need those important facts about each resident right at my fingertips. I know them all as a CNA, but I surely don't know what I need to know about them as a nurse. Thanks for the info about the policy manual, I wonder if that will be different as an RN than it was as a CNA. Have you started your LTC position yet? I'm nervous/scared/excited. :)
  11. Hi all! So I have been posting in students for a couple years, and I graduated my RN program a few weeks ago. I have accepted a job in the LTC facility where I have been a CNA for a year and a half. I will be sitting for boards soon, but I am supposed to start working even before that during the 90 day post graduation period that you can work before boards. I know my orientation will be very brief, as is typical of LTC facilities. I'm nervous and excited! Do you experienced LTC nurses have any tips for how to make these first weeks more manageable? I don't know if I should have my own cheat/report sheets made up, if I should make a little notebook for important notes to myself...... I'm clueless. Any and all tips are appreciated!
  12. LoriRNCM

    Jobs!!!!!! Who what when where

    Yep but that's what we've trained for, so we can do it! Sounds like an awesome plan you have there! Best wishes!
  13. LoriRNCM

    Motivation tips?

    I look back on the past two years, four really, and can't believe I accomplished that with all As and Bs, at my age. If I can do it, so can you. I wanted to give up a time or two, missed many special occasions, studied 40+ hours for each test, spent hours writing careplans, stressed over skills check offs, and still managed to do it. I had a whiteboard that I did at the beginning of every semester, that listed the critical due dates for each course I was taking. That hung in my office and I looked at it at least once a day as a reminder. I also had a planner but I found myself not really using that, although people swear by them. Utilize all the online resources that come with your textbooks like question/quiz banks. That really helped me. Good luck!!!!
  14. LoriRNCM

    Jobs!!!!!! Who what when where

    Well, finally happening...... two years (four if you count pre reqs) of blood, sweat and tears... friendships and bonds formed..... more knowledge than I can imagine ever entering my brain....and still feeling a little stupid even having done well...... and I have a job lined up right where I have worked all along, in LTC, with people I know and love. I will be starting as soon as I get my authorization to test from the BON, and my letter to practice as an RNA (RN applicant). No pressure to pass NCLEX..... So where has everyone accepted positions?
  15. LoriRNCM

    First Semester of Nursing School

    Expect some chaos just getting used to the sheer volume of reading and work. First semester was hard mainly for that reason. Clinicals started for us after about the first week. Good luck in your program! I went to school in Virginia and just graduated May 8.
  16. LoriRNCM

    Thinking about becoming a CNA but...

    I got my CNA cert after my first semester of nursing school and didn't pay extra for the course. I got a letter from the program head stating how many clinical hours I had and then I just paid to take the CNA test and get certified. They say that LPNs are being phased out, but judging from the job postings I would say they are definitely not. I worked part time as a CNA in LTC during my ADN program but had to cut down to PRN in the last two semesters because it was too much. But that's just me, I had to study up to 30 hours for one test so I had to prioritize, and school had to come first.

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