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  1. pixiestudent2

    As seen on TV

    oooh I loved this movie, now I need to go back and watch it now that I'm a nurse.
  2. pixiestudent2

    How many times do you count instruments?

    We have the same policy, we count instruments once... Except we count the instruments used to close again during final counts. Like we make sure the malleables are back, and mosquitos or anything else they use at closing.
  3. pixiestudent2

    Request not to be placed at certain clinical site

    Are you banned from the hospital? If not.. Just suck it up and go.
  4. pixiestudent2

    It Ain't Like The Movies!

    I'm a diploma nurse.. I still had to take college courses. I earned college credit. I took it as she just walked in off the street and became a nurse by saying "I never went to college" As a diploma nurse, I'd never say something like that.
  5. pixiestudent2

    $15 Min Wage - Effect on RNs

    Some nurses only make $5 an hour more than $15... I'm no economist, so I don't know what the overall effect would be. With that said, I don't care if it's increases.. I just don't think it's fair, but such is life.
  6. pixiestudent2

    New Grad confused about stipend and 2 year contract.

    So the longer you stay your contract is increasing... It's usually the opposite.
  7. pixiestudent2

    New Grad confused about stipend and 2 year contract.

    Does your family have a lawyer who could look this over? What happens if you get fired? Do you still have to pay it back, that's what I'd be most scared of. I personally would not be interested in signing a 50,000 contract.
  8. pixiestudent2

    It Ain't Like The Movies!

    Carla (was that her name?) the nurse, claimed she had never gone to college. So that was disappointing haha
  9. pixiestudent2

    FREE Colleges?! & How it affects Nursing

    Nursing programs will have to be more selective. There are only so many seats and they wouldn't make money to make more. I'm all for free higher education. It's not happening soon like you say it is though. College should be accessible to everyone.
  10. pixiestudent2

    $15 Min Wage - Effect on RNs

    I'll be making a few bucks more than minimum wage. I'm a RN.. The years in school and debt will not be worth it. I'd probably have more money and sanity working at target for $15 with no student loans and less of my paycheck going to taxes. [emoji52]
  11. pixiestudent2

    Stepping away from direct patient care. Would like input

    There does not seem to be a downside... At all. Go for it.
  12. pixiestudent2

    No Senior Practicum?

    Really? That's a shame. That's where I feel I learned the most in nursing school. I think your experience as an aide will help you to find a position after graduation.
  13. pixiestudent2

    Contemplating LPN? Already have Bachelors

    What not do an accelerated BSN.. It'll take the same amount of time
  14. pixiestudent2

    "My Nurses"

    I refer to them as my surgeons lol it's not a big deal..
  15. If you do switch.. I'd be wary of getting a degree in something like criminal justice or psychology. Very few jobs, without an advanced degree.