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  1. ambitiousBSN

    How many classes?

    My first semester consisted of 4 classes: Foundations (clinical), Health Assessment, Informatics, and Healthy Aging (Gerontology).
  2. ambitiousBSN

    Just curious..what color is your stethoscope?

    I have a black Littmann Cardiology III that I always keep around my neck both in clinical and at school. I also have an all black (Black Edition) of the Littmann Classic II.
  3. ambitiousBSN

    Textbooks keep/rent?

    I'm going into my third semester and I've only kept my Assessment, Funds, and Med/Surg books; and the obvious books such as my diagnosis book and drug guide.
  4. ambitiousBSN

    Favorite Nursing Class

    Med/Surg so far because of what has been mentioned before- it's when a lot of things started coming together. I'll have another Med/Surg class in the fall, so we'll see if it stays as a favorite, lol. I'm hoping that Mental Health will be a close second favorite, so we'll see with that in the fall, too.
  5. ambitiousBSN


    My school combines Pathophysiology and Pharmacology into one course. I think it's best to have taken A&P I and II prior to taking Pathophysiology because in order to understand the abnormal processes occurring in the body, you must understand the normal processes.
  6. ambitiousBSN

    Notre Dame of Maryland University

    I am currently in their nursing program. I just finished the second semester and so far, everything has been great. Sure, there are kinks to be worked out, or have been worked out as we progress, but we are the inaugural group so it's a matter of tailoring the program as they move along. The professors are awesome and super supportive and encouraging. Feel free to reach out to me via message on here if you have any further questions.
  7. ambitiousBSN

    CCBC Fall 2014 RN program

    I just want to piggyback off this. I felt the same way after the first semester. It was such a "culture shock," if you will, because it was such a different way of thinking and the tests are like nothing you've ever taken during your pre-requisites. BUY AN NCLEX BOOK! I personally recommend Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination which is in its 6th edition now. It provides both NCLEX review questions as well as comprehensive review of everything from A&P to fundamentals to assessment to everything else. And since Bunnybop mentioned care plans- do not be afraid of care plans. Yes, they're long and tedious, but I've learned so much in addition to my lectures just from what I've experienced and seen during clinical. They really made me dig further to understand the pathophysiology of each disease as well as the mechanism of action of the meds I was passing. I agree with Bunnybop though, you can do it!
  8. ambitiousBSN

    CCBC Fall 2014 RN program

    Congratulations to those of you who were accepted! For those of you who weren't accepted- please do not give up on your dream! I applied to CCBC during two admissions cycles and was rejected both times even with a "Proficient" on the TEAS with a 3.3 GPA. The second time I was rejected, I had already finished half of my transfer credits for a BSN program and was accepted at Notre Dame of Maryland University. I applied to their inaugural entry level program and am finishing my second semester of their nursing program. Your dream will become a reality and you will succeed! Please continue pushing through and never back down from your goals and dreams. I wish all of you the best of luck in your nursing endeavors! :-)
  9. ambitiousBSN

    in 6 DAYS, I won't belong in this forum anymore!

    Congrats! :-) I still check this forum regardless of being in a nursing program. I find that what has or hasn't helped me is helpful to pre-nursing students, so I still try to check in and see if my input and experiences can help someone else. Best of luck to you!
  10. ambitiousBSN

    surviving nursing shcool

    This! When I took Med/Surg the first half of the semester, I had that problem- with questions on exams, I had the problem of thinking too far into the question, so your comment hits the nail right on the head. I can't tell you the amount of times I've been told to just look at the problem presented in the question, don't look further- but the problem with that is that the "further" problem is always listed as an answer selection, lol.
  11. ambitiousBSN

    Med terminology class?

    I think that's a great class to take for any health related field. I took a Medical Assisting program 7+ years ago and much of the medical terminology I learned in that program has proven to be a huge help in my nursing classes. I think once you can understand those terms, you can begin to connect the concepts in nursing school. Good luck to you! :-)
  12. ambitiousBSN

    What are you doing summer break?

    - Working full time - Concerts - Reviewing dosage - Reviewing NCLEX questions Oh, joy.
  13. ambitiousBSN

    CCBC Fall 2014 RN program

    Popping in again because nursing acceptances are awesome :-) In the past, Simon would say "SHP Decision Made," or something to that effect. It is true that you can potentially see a seat fee posted before you receive your acceptance letter, so that's another way to celebrate. Good luck to you all! :-)
  14. ambitiousBSN

    How much do you work in nursing school?

    I also work 24 hours a week. It's tough, but it can be done if you're willing. :-)
  15. ambitiousBSN

    Harford Community College 2014

    Notre Dame's program has been great. I'm glad I transferred and am going through their program. As for advice: 1. Buy a planner (not that I would imagine you don't already have one, lol) and seriously stay on track. It's so easy to get behind on reading or lose track of what's going on or what's due. 2. Stick to a few people because you will quickly figure out who's your real friend and who's only out to get notes and help. 3. Be on time for clinical and be prepared! Think of your clinical experiences as a job interview- if you show up without a copy of your resume (similar to showing up without a stethoscope), how does that look to a potential employer/colleague? 4. Take time to relax- as if nursing school isn't already stressful enough, you do need time to relax and unwind during the week! :-) 5. BUY A SAUNDERS NCLEX REVIEW BOOK. Seriously, that thing is the nursing school Bible. Let me know if you have any other questions!