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  1. smf0903

    Translation Services in the Hospital Setting

    I think the translation services are amazing. We used to have to do translation services over the phone. It was awkward, to say the least. Now we have iPads and can simply hold them up so that both we and the patient can see/hear the translator. It makes interactions with the patient much smoother, and I love having this service available.
  2. This is very interesting! (Kind of scary too.) Our pumps are programmed by preset bag sizes (not figuring tubing/drip chamber) so I always go in after the infusion is "complete" and program more in to finish it out. I read the info in the link you gave earlier so I'm going to try that with our pumps. There are many, MANY times I see small amounts left in bags and people pay it no never mind. Those amounts DO add up though! Thanks for the info!
  3. I'm the go-to for difficult pts and for the confused/combative little olds. I'm much better with the dementia/sundowners than I am with the 45-year-old who's just being an a$$hat. Those people really get under my skin, I admit. The worst for me are the ones who refuse to change anything, miss outpatient appointments and then get admitted at 02:00 and are POed that you can't just let them sleep If you want to sleep and keep on keepin' on, stay at home.
  4. smf0903

    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    IV nitroglycerin is prepped in a glass bottle. Plastic vs glass was a test question when I had CC (pertaining to nitro). The test question was thrown out because only like 3 of us got it right LOL. I got it right because I always seem to remember weird factoids
  5. smf0903

    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    This week I learned that: Vasogenic edema can outwardly present just like a stroke. For as much information as has been publicized regarding stroke symptoms and the urgency of getting to a facility when you have stroke-like symptoms, people will still wait 3, 5 days, a week even, before finally goin to see a doctor. No matter how much you try to educate patients, when they get it in their head to sign out AMA they are out the door, even with unresolved toilet-level labs. We have the best aides on our floor. I love them to bits and they are rock stars at their jobs. If I ever leave a shift without thanking them they are free to kick me in the shins