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  1. 203bravo

    Did your school require an entrance exam?

    Just a piece of advice for what it's worth to you.... would be better to tackle strategies for standardized exams now rather than after being admitted into a nursing program... Most quality nursing programs have some standardized testing during the program (ATI, TEAS, HESI, etc) and ultimately your end goal is to take the biggest standardized exam of your career - the NCLEX. Becoming more confident with these exams now will serve you well during your education journey. Best of luck.
  2. 203bravo

    APA writing papers

    The online writing lab from Purdue University is an invaluable source of information - especially their section for APA style. APA Style Introduction // Purdue Writing Lab
  3. 203bravo

    D5w fluid overload

    it would be helpful to know your thoughts and rational prior to offering any advice.. but think of it in terms of is D5W a hypertonic, hypotonic, or isotonic solution (hint: does it stay that way?) and how does this fluid impact the cells? What part does this impact play on the presenting signs and symptoms of fluid overload? How would this change be different if you slowed the D5W infusion? changed the infusion? Ultimately what is the desired outcome once fluid overload is recognized and how would either action assist in meeting that outcome?
  4. 203bravo

    I'm back with math help needed again please!

    For problem 2 - you have typed 8mg/kg/min, but I'm sure you did mean 8mcg/kg/min. Don't get confused thinking this is medical math... it's just math.. same math you learned in grade school..if you need to break down each step of the problem. Exactly as you have already done by figuring out grams to micrograms and pounds to kilograms. next figure out what the prescribed dose is.. 8mcg per kilogram per min... weight is 145 kg so how many mcg/min is this person going to receive? 8 x 145 = 1160 mcg/min how many mL/min would deliver the 1160 mcg? there are 4000 mcg/ml. (remember to do simple math checks along the way.. if there are 4000 mcg in every mL and you only need 1160 mcg then you automatically know that any answer 1 or grater is incorrect.) you divide what you want by what you have.. 1160/4000 = 0.29 mL every minute will give you the dose of 1160 mcg/min. if you are giving 0.29 mL every minute how many mL would that be every hour? 0.29 x 60 = 17.4 mL/hr
  5. 203bravo

    I'm back with math help needed again please!

    Sounds like you are getting a wee bit confused with keeping your numerator and denominator separated. you are correct that if you want to convert a number of hours into minutes then you multiply by 60. so 3 hours is how many minutes? 3 x 60 = 180 minutes. In your example of 30mL/hr your friend told you to divide by 60 but couldn't explain why... think of it this way.. you are multiplying the 1 hour by 60 to get minutes not the 30 mL. If you think of this as an individual math problem then answer if you have a rate of 30mL/hr then how many mL/min would that deliver? 30mL/hr is the same as 30mL/60 min (multiply the 1hr by 60 to get 60 min). This would leave you to now divide 30 by 60 to answer the question. 0.5mL/minute Now if you are giving 1/2 mL every minute and there are 4 mg in every mL -- how many mg is being given every minute? 2 mg
  6. This is confusing... you are asking about possible RN to MSN programs because you can't find any online, but when you did an online search you found regular RN to MSN programs? regular meaning brick and mortar programs?
  7. 203bravo

    HESI for 2019 Nursing class.

    The HESI A2 is a computer based exam and the total number of questions will depend on which sections the program requires you to take.
  8. 203bravo

    Obese Nurses Risk Their Patient's Well-Being

    You also need to clearly identify what your definition of obese is -- are you using a strict BMI definition of anyone >30? A 50 year old 6'5'' man who weighs 260 pounds, while having a BMI of 30.8 and thus clinically identified as obese, may have no issues performing CPR, making patient transfers, staying on his feet 12-13 hours at a time, etc.. While a 30 year old 700 pound nurse may have severely limited physical activity.
  9. 203bravo

    Can someone help on which route I should take?

    If it were me... I would not pursue a MSN degree in a specialty that I had little to no interest in. You mention a couple of times that the MSN would allow you to make more money, but this is generally not the case.. an entry level nurse is an entry level nurse regardless of education level. So I would not accrue an additional 15K knowing that I would seek an FNP in a couple of years. If you do decide to earn your MSN without going the BSN route, you should not have many issues entering into a post-MSN certificate program for your FNP.
  10. 203bravo

    Took my Nclex tried the PVT no.no.no

    "on hold" message is neither an indication of being successful or unsuccessful.. simply means that something - no matter how minor - when astray either at the testing center or while testing and they want to investigate it prior to releasing your results. Best of luck.
  11. 203bravo

    FNP program passing grade

    Oh my program the lowest B that you can make to pass is 83...
  12. 203bravo

    Accelerated vs traditional

    only you can answer if you are up to the academic rigors that would be required during an accelerated program, but if you have any doubt consider how the school handles any type of failure... for instance will they immediately dismiss you from the program? allow you to retake a course with the next cohort? place you in a traditional program? Also know that dismissal from a nursing program makes it that much more difficult to find another program that will accept you as a student. Best of luck.
  13. 203bravo

    Longest semester of my life

    Just a vent that this has seemed like the longest semester of my life with all the assignments, clinical placements, zoom conferences, group projects, online and on campus exam as well as on campus and onsite clinical checkoffs. And all this before any of the professions either to forget to post an assignment due date or must move the date because they will not be available. ok.. thanks for reading and guess i feel a little better... after all there are only 3 weeks remaining in the semester :) May just can't get here quickly enough ---- ok rant over :)
  14. 203bravo

    Should I take nutrition online?

    Yep have to concur... I've not heard of nutrition having a lab... I too took it online and found it very doable. Best of luck to you.
  15. 203bravo


    buy the quick results after the 48 hour mark. Best of luck.