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  1. 203bravo

    Prescribing Phentermine in ohio

    APRNs Prescribing Weight Loss Medications At its May 18, 2015 meeting, the Committee on Prescriptive Governance (CPG) determined that three medications approved by the FDA for long-term weight management may be prescribed by APRNs with a CTP (CTP holder) if agreed to by the CTP holder and his/her collaborating physician and stated within the CTP holder’s standard care arrangement. These are two schedule- IV medications, phentermine/topiramate (Qsymia), and locaserin (Belviq), as well as non-controlled naltrexone hydrochloride/ buproprion hydrochloride (Contrave). The CPG determination is specific to Qsymin, Belviq and Contrave only. CTP holders continue to be prohibited from prescribing all other anorexiants including, but not limited to phentermine (Adipex). The prescribing designation for anorexiants can be located on page 15 of The Formulary Developed by the Committee on Prescriptive Governance (The Formulary). The Formulary can be accessed on the Board of Nursing website: www.nursing. ohio.gov under the “Practice APRN” link. Although the Formulary allows CTP holders to prescribe these three drugs under the circumstances documented by their respective standard care arrangement, there are other factors that must be considered by the CTP holder prior to initiating Qsymin, Belviq or Contrave prescriptions for patients. These include, but are not limited to: Whether the care and treatment of obese patients and weight management is new to the APRN’s existing practice, and whether this aspect of practice is within the APRN’s national certification and patient population specialty, meeting the scope of practice requirements in Section 4723.43, ORC. If not, additional education or an additional certification may be needed. In addition, Section 4723.431(A), ORC, requires the APRN’s collaborating physician to be practicing in Ohio in a specialty that is the same or similar to the nurse’s nursing specialty. Section 4723.481(B), ORC, prohibits the prescriptive authority of the CTP holder from exceeding the prescriptive authority of the collaborating physician. Should the collaborating physician have restrictions on his/her ability to prescribe controlled substances including controlled substance weight loss medications, the CTP holder would be limited by the same restrictions. The administrative rules, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Certification and Practice, contained in Chapter 4723-8, of Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), require all APRNs to utilize and incorporate into the nurse’s practice knowledge of Chapter 4731.,ORC, and rules adopted under that chapter by the State Medical Board that govern the practice of the nurse’s collaborating physician. With respect to the care and treatment of patients with obesity, APRNs are required to incorporate the State Medical Board rules applicable to physicians and prescribing practices. This includes Chapter 4731-11, OAC, Controlled Substances pertaining to the prescribing of schedule II, III, and IV medications for purposes of weight loss. A link to Chapter 4731-11, OAC, is also provided on page 15 of the Formulary. The nursing law and rules are available for review on the Board’s website www.nursing.ohio.gov under the “Law and Rules” link. The website for State Medical Board of Ohio is: www.med.ohio.gov.
  2. This. The only reason that the state would have to take any action on you temporary license is that they have received your official NCLEX results from NCSBN.
  3. 203bravo

    Is age 55 too old for NP program?

  4. 203bravo

    NP: Age limit?

    LOL --- yep that post was all sarcasm.... The only age limit is DEAD. Now there may be a point diminishing returns on the amount of investment that must be made vs the anticipated number of years that one may plan to continue their career.. but that is a very individual decision.
  5. 203bravo

    Family or Acute Care

    I've not usually seen a lot of dermatology practiced in the hospitals... may be different where you are... If it were me wanting to practice in dermatology (given my area) I would choose FNP to ensure that I could see the pre teens that are having issues as well. Best of luck.
  6. 203bravo

    working as an NP while obtaining a specialty certification

    have a couple of colleagues that are currently obtaining their PMHNP certification while maintaining the current FNP position. Our clinic is open into the evening hours, this makes it easier to schedule their clinicals. but they have PTO reserved for those times when school/work/family truly gets a bit too hectic to do it all.
  7. 203bravo

    Nurses with kids during this COVID season

    Would you be paycheck to paycheck if your husband quit to stay home with the kiddos?
  8. 203bravo

    NCLEX RN 68 questions

    California does offer quick results for NCLEX RN now California candidates may access their unofficial results two business days after taking the exam, by purchasing Quick Results from Pearson VUE. You can order and pay for these results through your online Pearson VUE account, selecting the option “Quick Results” from the tool bar on the Home Page. https://www.RN.ca.gov/applicants/lic-faqs.shtml
  9. 203bravo

    Suspended without pay/ Pending Investigation

    OK...you already own the misjudgment made in this situation. so now the only thing to do is calm down and move on... you are assuming that you will be terminated or you may not even wish to return to this unit following this incident... either way your nursing career is not forever tarnished... While you may have to check a little box on applications admitting that you have been asked to resign or terminated from a prior employer, it is up to you how to spin it into a positive during an interview.. and as the years pass it will mean less and less and won't be very long until no one ever asks you about it again.
  10. 203bravo

    I keep getting cancelled.. help :(

    Also --- when looking into the possibility of a department transfer, just be open and honest with your current manager... Let her know that you simply need to try to find something with a little more guarantee since you have to have some income... any reasonable manager would understand this.
  11. 203bravo

    NCLEX bad pop up !!!

    Sending positive vibes --- keep your head up.... even if you do have to re take remember you got this 🙂
  12. 203bravo


    I don't Kaplan or their phases.. but on the NCLEX as you get questions correct they get progressively more difficult until you start getting the questions incorrect and then they start to become less difficult until you start answering questions correctly. If at any point during the exam you happen to fall below the passing standard then NO they don't then only give you questions below the standard... The same logic applies that they will get harder (and eventually above the pass standard) as you are answering questions correctly. It is possible during the exam to actually be above the standard and then below the standard multiple times. This is when candidates get notified that they were "near" the passing standard in some categories instead of just a flat "below" passing standard. Don't get hung up on Kaplan... you need to make sure you know the material and how to analyze and answer the exam questions.
  13. 203bravo

    NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    paid out of pocket.. or wouldn't have gone.
  14. 203bravo


    hard and easy questions are subjective... one that may be easy for you may be hard for me ... doesn't matter if it's above the passing line or below. Once you miss a question - the next question will be less difficult and less difficult until you get one correct.. you can drop below passing at any point... if you are already near the line, it may only take 1-2 questions to drop you below... if you are doing well it will take several questions to get you below the pass standard. Best of luck on your exam.
  15. 203bravo

    Fear-mongering in nursing school

    And some people just "get" it easier than others... good for you.
  16. 203bravo

    Practicing in another state than where you got your NP

    Now if we could get 7 more states to sign on it could become a reality

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