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  1. Can’t speak to Florida Medicaid BUT there is no requirement for a written letter of reference for Medicare credentials. This sounds like a company specific requirement.
  2. 203bravo

    Switch from FNP to AGPCNP???

    Either with FNP or adult-gero you could always find a job that specializes in adult pts only in either specialty.
  3. 203bravo

    Summer Externships

    Have you looked into the Mayo summer III extern program?
  4. 203bravo

    Med Math Help

    On my phone right now thus not looking at the problem. It could be just that simple as to recognize what the bs is how many additional units you would need to infuse during that hour. But didn’t the question also want you to answer how many ml/hr? Then you one additional step to calculate.
  5. 203bravo

    Med Math Help

    This does answer the sliding scale part - but you would still need a starting dose. For example a pt is admitted to your unit with a provider order of Insulin infusion at ??units/hr and titrated by algorithm one. Thus at 1100 with a BG of 300 you know that you would need to increase their current insulin infusion by 3 1/2 units/hr -- BUT to answer the question you would have to know what the total infusion rate was prior to 1100 in order to increase it by 3.5 units.
  6. 203bravo

    Job app nursing gpa v cum gpa

    Generally employers want your overall college GPA - unless otherwise specified. Within the application itself would it be possible to indicate both the overall and Nursing GPAs? Or submit a resume along with the application that has your nursing GPA
  7. 203bravo

    Med Math Help

    Sorry there is not enough information provided in the attachment for anyone to offer any advice. Would need to know what the starting dose is and what the sliding scale for the adjustment of the hourly blood glucoses. I suspect this is what algorithm one and the link that will not open refers to.
  8. Yes you can still get federal student loans.. They will be unsubsidized since you already have a degree meaning that interest starts accruing from the date they are dispersed.
  9. 203bravo

    Need help with my care plan

    Stroke is a medical diagnosis. Care plans are based on your nursing assessment and what the patient needs are. What are your major concerns regarding this patient following yours assessment? Altered loc? Weakness? Cognitive? Not able to maintain a clear airway? Etc.
  10. Could you not either retake some of the courses in which you earned lower marks or take some additional undergraduate courses to raise you gpa?
  11. 203bravo

    New NP - Balancing What I Know and What I Don't Know

    I would never research an unknown in front of a patient. Most of the things that you may question you should be able to identify something that may be causing the symptoms and likely know that some tests will be necessary such as a CBC cmp etc. excuse yourself to let them know that you will be ordering some tests and that will provide time to do some research. If you know you’ll be prescribing but unsure of exactly which agent or dose then inform them that you’ll either be sending the medication to their preferred pharmacy or will be bringing their written prescription back shortly. That buys time to look up meds and doses when necessary. Remember no one expects you to know everything as a new practitioner so don’t hesitate to ask your colleagues when unsure. Best of luck.
  12. 203bravo

    State Authorization for NP programs

    Most of the time programs don't enroll students from states in which they have not been able to obtain authorization in which to offer clinical placement. I really couldn't imagine how you would be able to complete clinical hours while travel nursing or work on the DNP research capstone. If you read many of the posts in the student NP threads you will find that many students have difficulty finding available preceptors in area in which they live let alone tying to arrange preceptors if you have no idea what state or city you may be working in during a particular term.
  13. Advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology, and physical assessment are the 3 Ps
  14. 203bravo

    Can nurses really “do anything??”

    Will you have your choice of jobs as a RN? No while there are non clinical jobs for RNs most require experience. You already have a degree that you find unuseful and now working on a degree that you are not wanting to do the majority of tasks that is primary to nursing. It’s time to pause and really reflect and figure out exactly what you’d like to be doing and work towards that. A collection of degrees will not get you much and I only hope you aren’t racking up student loan debt during these degrees. Best of luck.
  15. 203bravo

    Which units/wards have the least admissions/quiet?

    3 south
  16. 203bravo

    Prescriptive Authority

    Then employers should know this and know that you can’t get prescriptive authority until you submit their practice site and physician agreement to the board. In fact no new hire to their practice can.