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  1. sites for finding FNP preceptors

    Then feel assured that most of the $$ that is paid to these sites goes to the administrators of the site. Very little (a very small % of what a student pays) goes to the preceptor. 🙂
  2. Skipping Pinning

    didn't go to pinning or graduation.. no regrets...
  3. delta state or MSU

    For the price Delta State cannot be beat. Best of luck.
  4. NCLEX results not posted- 5 days

    If PearsonVue allowed you to pay for a re-test and your state BON is requesting an application re-examination then chances are high that your 1st NCLEX attempt was not successful. You will receive a candidate performance report regarding your e...
  5. Need advice or guidence

    Any state that you apply to will require documentation of completion of an approved nursing program... such as an official transcript.. If the program that you attended has now closed --- is this something that you will be able to obtain?
  6. Alternative Options for Doctorate

    this is the best advice that you can receive.
  7. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    I'm confused --- were you awarded a degree? or are you simply referring to the ceremony where your names are called and you walk across a stage to receive the case you will eventually place your diploma in?
  8. School Not Allowing Us to Take NCLEX

    "In addition to the exit exam, two ATI comprehensive exams was required as well as Clinical Competency Exam." Obviously an exam designed by the program. with the statement of multiple proctors... Sounds like the students are called into a room -...
  9. TUITION: ABSN/Accelerated Nursing Cost

    Make sure to research and apply for the HRSA scholarship. If you can get this then you may not even need those private loans :)
  10. TUITION: ABSN/Accelerated Nursing Cost

    I think that you are very wise to double think this plan... please consider that 88$ thousand is a huge amount of debt as you start out your career... and 1/2 of that is going to be private loans that do not always offer the same protections and adva...
  11. How to have the Military help pay for nursing school. Please help

    You could either get your nursing degree and apply to a military loan repayment program or you could enlist and serve the minimum amount of time necessary to qualify for the military tuition grant program and/or the GI bill. Best of luck.
  12. Normal Findings List?

    I find it hard to believe that any physical assessment text would not give the expected normal findings per system along with the abnormal ones. You may have to find them chapter by chapter instead of a handy dandy list form that can simply be c...
  13. What to do after academic dismissal?

    Another consideration is that I had a couple classmates that found themselves in this situation and they ultimately found a LPN program then did the LPN-RN bridge.. all are now paid/working RNs with one currently in a APRN program... so keep your hea...

    Have you tried the Hurst review course? It is very content based, covered system by system, and as I recall provided some pretty good testing strategies. A study plan like this combined with practice questions will help to identify weak areas i...
  15. Failed 1st attempt; questions about retaking in CA

    You are eligible for a new ATT 45 days from the date of your exam. Have no way of knowing if there are any current processing delays that may exceed this date. Website: http://www.RN.ca.gov/regulations/title16.shtml#1414 Search: Title 16, Sectio...