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  1. 203bravo

    FNP or AGACNP?

    You have absolutely answered your own question here: I would like Everything in your own post that points to the FNP track is what "others" have said... 2 other points: Yes you can do a post masters FNP certificate if you desire at a later time. and you can do the MSN program now if you would prefer to do one of the local programs then complete an online DNP program while you are working.
  2. 203bravo

    BSN while pursuing RN

    I wish you luck.. Outside of the dual enrollment programs the only other programs that I am aware of will require an unencumbered RN license. However, ADN programs are usually 2 years and most easily do the ADN to BSN in 12 - 18 months... so really not sure clear how you would be shaving a few "years" off.
  3. 203bravo

    BSN while pursuing RN

    There are direct entry ADN to MSN programs that you could consider.
  4. 203bravo

    How long did you study for the NCLEX

    technically you "study" for the NCLEX while you are in your nursing program. Then most students start a review, using various programs and books, shortly following graduation or even shortly prior to graduation. This review is generally question banks that offer tips on answering the different type of questions, help to review information learned and the opportunity to identify and brush up on areas of weakness, and build testing stamina (tip: prepare to answer the max number of questions so you don't risk testing fatigue regardless of the number of questions you get.) Depending on where you are in your nursing program, you may also find these sources helpful during your course testing since programs design exams in "NCLEX style." Best of luck. PS - There is no grade for the NCLEX.... it is PASS or FAIL.
  5. 203bravo

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    Some of these companies are being very generous
  6. 203bravo

    Nurse order botox without MD order

    Yes I agree,, hence the double check of having the provider sign off at their next log in. Otherwise it's basically the same as getting a blank RX pad writing what they want then signing the Doc's name.
  7. I never agree with discussing 1 employee to others --- always wrong. But there may be some legitimacy to the charge nurse's admonishment. Manufacture details for handling the medication are clear that it should not be exposed to temps > 86f. If the warmer is set to a temperature higher than 86 then the should be some cause for concern. (however, there are a number of published studies that show dilaudid remains stable at temps up to 98f.)
  8. 203bravo

    Nurse order botox without MD order

    OH there are too many questions about this post --- The post begins "So I worked...." Has the OP left this employer? If Botox is not used at the facility for any patient use or procedures then why was Botox being kept at the facility? The post eludes to the fact that said nurse falsified an order to gain the RX for Botox... then how was it dispensed if it was taken off site to be administered? Is there no tracking system in place that a dose take matches a dose ordered? No inventory control? Did this nurse steal this dose or bill it to their insurance? Neither a good option given the story we know thus far. Most EMRs will in fact allow proxy's (such as RNs) to enter provider orders - such as voice and/or phone orders - but the provider will be notified and have to sign off on that order the next time they log into the system.. Seems that this step appears to missing in this EMR system.. or are the nurses actually using the providers login credentials to place these orders? I have to agree with the other 2 posts that have been made.... OP you may be about to open yourself up to a world of trouble -- even as a new nurse you should have had the knowledge that any/all these practices should not have been happening.
  9. 203bravo

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    Thank you for sharing.. definitely worth sending CVS an entry card :)
  10. 203bravo

    NP residency programs

    I can't help you with your question... but do want to say congratulations on landing 2 prestigious offers. I have no doubt that whichever you chose will provide a wealth of information and set you for a long and successful career. Strong Work
  11. 203bravo

    "Waiting" to apply for NP job after graduating?

    I hope you know that for your APRN exam you don't wait for an ATT from the state like you do for the NCLEX.. In fact you can take the exam prior to ever submitting a state application. Some of the certification exams even allow candidates to sit the exam prior to their actual graduation (of course will not release the official certification until the final transcript is received.) Best of luck on your upcoming exam and job search.
  12. 203bravo

    Hawaii APRN CE Renewal Requirement

    They should without question --- according to the Hawaii CONTINUING COMPETENCY GUIDANCE and INFORMATION BOOKLET For NURSES, EMPLOYERS AND FACILITIES ... Any course approved by an approved CE provider is acceptable.. They do explicitly list the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and one such approved CE provider. The ANCC does in fact recognize AMA CE credits - "the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) accepts AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ issued by organizations accredited by the ACCME."
  13. 203bravo

    Are you ACTUALLY supervised???

    I think you are confusing the ideas of supervision with requiring a collaborative agreement. While I work in a collaborative agreement state -- I would hope that no APRN would work in an environment where a physician would looking over their shoulder and overtly correcting their practice throughout the day.. and no physician is going to have that kind of time in their day anyway. Our collaborative agreement requires that our Doc reviews a certain % of our charts monthly and we have a documented personal meeting with him/her at least quarterly.. they must also be available either on site or readily by phone during any clinic hours. If they are going to be unreachable for any reason then we need to have a back up filed with the BON or can't practice until our primary Doc is back available. And no I don't live in an independent practice state but I know a great number of APRNs in the state that own and operate their own clinic as a single provider clinic. Their collaborating physician in several cases is 100 of miles away.
  14. 203bravo

    Why is finding preceptors so hard?

    Another consideration that helped me while I was in school... reach out to the Tennessee nurse practitioner association and even think about joining at their student level....this will start you networking. As a student I had the opportunity to attend one of their one day update conferences.. made sure to introduce myself to the current association president who in turn introduced me to several other members.. walked out with 2 potential preceptors.
  15. 203bravo

    Negotiating schedule after job offer

    I assume that since you are wanting to approach them with the idea of changing your hours to 4 10 hour days that this clinic is in fact open 10 hours a day and not only 9-5. So I'd be curious to find out how they currently cover the additional open hours (before 9 or after 5). Could you find something of value within these hours that would benefit the practice that would make your request more compelling? I'm guessing this is not a deal breaker or you would have brought it up during the selection process.. so simply humbling asking and explaining the situation could go a long way and the worst they can say is no.... and it may present itself in the future where this schedule could accommodated for you.
  16. Congratulations on your forthcoming graduation... and enjoy the start of new career and adventures.