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  1. missmollie

    ICU nurse vs PCU nurse

    The above is an example of something I would say as a PCU nurse and an ICU nurse. Not something that was said about the patient twice.
  2. missmollie

    ICU nurse vs PCU nurse

    Help me with this. I was a progressive care nurse five weeks ago. I'm currently having a great orientation as an ICU nurse. This a conversation I have had. PCU: The patient is in a lot of pain, not sleeping, and is delirious. Could we get something for pain and a sleeping medication? Provider: I'm hesitant to order any of those things. Let's wait for the day team. ICU: The patient is in a lot of pain, not sleeping, and is delirious. Could we get something for pain and a sleeping medication? Provider: That's a great observation. Let's order both pain meds and 25 of seroquel. If anything changes, let me know. Any other issues? ICU me: Well, they haven't had a CT of this area, they are requiring one unit of blood a day. Because the surgery was in this area and a CT hasn't been done in a day, it might be prudent to get one. Provider: Good call. We'll order that after rounds. WOW!. Why would providers be more responsive to ICU suggestions than PCU suggestions. Nothing has really changed. I'm still the same nurse. I still have good suggestions. Why are ICU suggestions considered but PCU suggestions aren't?
  3. missmollie

    Nurse managers, counter offer?

    When I realized that my nursing pay was less than what new nurses were making, I gave them an exact dollar amount I wanted. I was given the amount I wanted plus 9 more cents per hour. If you're not going to take the job with the salary they are offering, then you have nothing to lose by telling them what salary would be acceptable. However, you have to be willing to not take the job if they refuse to come up, unless the experience is crucial. Weigh your options carefully.
  4. Please list your name, speciality, and how long you've been a nurse! Miss Mollie, Neurosurgery ICU and PCU, 4 years What lead you to the nursing field? It was on a whim, to be really honest. I was going to enroll in the RT program, but my sister convinced me just to go for nursing. Turned in my paperwork on the very last day and was accepted. What specialties you have worked in? Neurosurgery and Neurology. I work overtimes on different floors and feel confident to pick up in med-surg and medicine. Only floor I won't volunteer for is cardiac. Satisfying aspects of nursing? Utilizing skills, experience, and critical thinking to help a patient is satisfying. My days are never the same even if I have the same patients. Dissatisfying aspects of nursing? Charting, violent and verbally abusive patients. Patients just there for pain meds, doctors who won't listen, and charting. Oh the charting. What is something that is generally misunderstood about the nursing profession? That we just follow doctor's orders. That is not true. We spend more time with the patient than anyone else. We notice trends and issues before anyone else. A good nurse can save patients by preventing little issues from becoming big issues. Assessments are key, but so is interpreting data. Most memorable patient experience? Helping a patient work through survivors grief over the course of 3 months.
  5. missmollie

    New Grad in NeuroICU

    NICU generally stands for neonatal ICU. TIA is going to mean transient ischemic attack very soon, not thanks in advance. I've worked in neurosciences for the last 3.5 years and just moved to the ICU about a month ago. You're going to learn a lot of different medications, drips, and see a lot of strokes and brain injuries. The best advice I can give is to always do your assessment, trust your instincts, and read up on the medications and drips as you encounter them. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but don't think you learned what you needed to know from nursing school. It's going to be a tough year, but don't give up. Best of luck in your new job!
  6. missmollie

    What are we missing with sepsis?

    https://digitalcommons.odu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1127&context=bioelectrics_pubs Vitamin C.
  7. missmollie

    Decisions, decisions

    What does a level 4 mean in your state? Is the highest acuity, or the lowest? https://www.amtrauma.org/page/traumalevels
  8. missmollie

    What did you miss the most while allnurses was "closed"?

    I missed reading the threads and responding. I missed DaveyDo's Comics. I also missed my chance to put "ICU nurse" in my signature since I just made that move. Such is life.
  9. missmollie

    Calling Out for EXCEPTIONAL Snow Conditions

    You stay over and you plan for it. My first year of nursing, I only had one set of scrubs, no hair conditioner, no sleeping medications, and no clean underwear and was stuck at work. I'm now ready when a sizeable snow forecast is given. I get my son someplace he can be for a few days (my husband is also an essential employee in a different field) and we plan accordingly. We both drive about 40 minutes to work, so we understand that in a bad snowstorm, we're staying the night at our place of employment. I would never call out because I couldn't get there, that's not fair to my other co-workers. And for those that say it's not fair to my son, as an only child, he is thrilled for the sleepovers with friends and their siblings. The longest I've had to stay has been 36 hours.
  10. missmollie

    Are We Too PC?

    Those making a fuss about the song also want all of society to conform to their beliefs, rather than taking responsibility for themselves and switching the station. My mom always said that the only person you can change is you. We can't force others to change, but I feel the younger generation are going to try.
  11. missmollie


    One last thing. Your stories tend to highlight your own belief in God, and I'm glad you have it. But it also lays down a subtle message that if you don't get the results that you get, obviously you are not as "good" a Christian. If other Christian's believed as much as you, well, we could have these same experiences. Please post experiences where there has been failure, where you have realized that there are problems and how you dealt with that. Did you pray and it helped? Did you have the patient who was atheist and you couldn't pray, but you felt peace afterwards because you did your best, supernatural interventions aside? I just get the picture of you flitting one room to another, saving patient after patient with no issues. Please, watch Francis Chan on you tube. That's Christianity at it's base. That's what we should be doing.
  12. missmollie


    The problem here is that this poster miraculously intervenes at the right time, every time. I believe in God, and I talk about him when appropriate with my patients. I don't post every "win" with patients, and to be honest, I don't post any "win" at all. Because what occurs between myself, a patient, and faith happens to be between those three and no one else. Fun fact: it's usually not miraculous. It's when I talk to the patient who has just decided hospice is the place for them and they are dying. It's when the patient has a terminal cancer that they understand is the end for them, and nothing can prolong their life. It's the patient on hospital hospice who decides they would like to be saved. I don't doubt that this can happen maybe once in a nurse's career, but for myself, it's sacred, and it's small things. This sort of thing does not happen every day. It doesn't even happen every year. It's something that is amazing to experience, but it is not common. You cannot come into this with the idea that God will give you the supernatural ability to become the best nurse ever just by being a Christian. We, as Christians, are fallible, imperfect, and above everything else, sinners. There is no special powers or abilities that we have, although we must believe that God is capable of such a feat. However, those imbibed with such power would not brag in such a manner. Be upfront. Talk about God in the proper context, but don't give those who believe that they can do so much more... without posting the failures. This poster is human, and there are mistakes that he/she has made. We don't get to see that. It's like facebook, this poster only puts forward his/her best foot. It's not realistic.