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I slowly ‘stair-stepped’ my way into the nursing profession. I started out as a direct care staff member (a.k.a. uncertified caregiver) at a group home for adults with mental retardation when I was 19 years old, but only... Read More

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    Personally I think EVERYONE should be a stair stepper. I worked the summer of my LPN school as a nursing assistant (1972). In the 70's I worked mostly primary nursing facilities, in which one nurse does everything for just a few patients (10) as compared to team nursing a lot of patients (25) like in the 80's. In 1982 I became an AD RN.

    I have seen too many RN's who think if the doctor is God's right hand, then they must be His left hand. People who have "Been there, done that." are much better team players and leaders.

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    Stair stepper here, too, and I'm 47! After many years doing other things I decided to return to my first love - the idea of nursing. I got my CNA and was fortunate enough to get a job on a rehab floor of a hospital to get my feet wet; from there went to a progressive step down type unit with lots of very sick and long term patients. I learned SO much there! I then got a job at a hospital I had long wanted to be at as a tech in ICU. The census was low and they told me to look around at other positions so I could keep my full time employment. I ended up as a Unit Secretary where I read chart after chart after chart - again, learning SO much. I also teched on the floor occasionally and then was offered a class in reading telemetry. I jumped on that quickly and began doing relief shifts in the monitor room. The entire time I have been doing this I've been taking two prereq's at a time and am finally ready to start full time nursing school. It's been a slow, steady pace and I realize there were other ways to do it, but I'm so glad that I've been able to learn so much along the way. It definitely helped me when I got into API and APII because so much was already familiar. I am trusting that in some small ways it will help me as I work towards that R.N. behind my name!

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