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  1. Oh wow....where is this school located?
  2. Ok so I took the nclex-pn on March 28 and the PVT is saying that I passed..... Now the job search begins.... What should I look for when applying to a job, how should I dress, what should I bring? I am really eager to get my career started........advice please?
  3. TanishaW

    Nclex 2013-just took

    Ok so I took my test today 85 questions and did the Pearsonvue trick and it was good!!!!
  4. TanishaW

    i passed the nclex-pn

    Oh ok my school has ATI as well mine is scheduled for later this month...so nervous
  5. TanishaW

    i passed the nclex-pn

    Congrats....how did you prepare?
  6. TanishaW

    Just took nclex! I dont know what to think

    You did good....believe in your self you got this....:)
  7. TanishaW

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    Thanks and this was for PN right?
  8. TanishaW

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    Could some one forward it to me please......mstanisham@gmail.com
  9. I am stair stepping 2 starting out with LPN school while my husband is stationed in Japan for the next 2 years with 3 little ones (1,3,5). Going straight for RN at this time is not what I need right now but eventually I will make it......thanks for the encouragement
  10. TanishaW

    PASSED NCLEX-PN -- My success &tips!

    Congrats!!! I plan on taking my test as soon as i graduate (Feb8) again congrats to you on your accomplishment:yes:
  11. TanishaW

    Passed my NCLEX with a Bad Pop-up. Praise the Lord!

    Congrats to you....keep the faith
  12. TanishaW

    LPN schools in Jacksonville, FL

    It's an ok program... You will get what you put in to it.... Some teachers are there to help and some are there for a check.... We have mandatory ATIs that you must pass but you do get 3 chances BUT the ATI comes with books that you have to teach your self...because the teachers aren't able to teach from it..but if you study like you should you should do just fine... Im getting ready to enter my last semester
  13. TanishaW

    Did you lose any students?

    im in a lpn program... we started out with 27 and now we are at 19 at the end of our first semester
  14. Not sure yet....would it be cheaper?
  15. No I don't know of anyone... It would be great to know what it's like...how many do you think will be in the class?
  16. Congrats to you as well...yeah I am nervous but super excited can't wait

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