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Labor & Delivery, Med-surg
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judybsn has 40 years experience and specializes in Labor & Delivery, Med-surg.

I worked on surgery and maternity for years then retired but I could not live without nursing so I now work in a long term care facility part time.

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  1. judybsn

    My Covid Story: From the Other Side of the Bed

    Thank you for sharing this. God bless you as you continue to heal!
  2. judybsn

    Devastated and Disappointed

    Going to a casual on call position was all I could find to cure my burnout. It worked wonders. I still could work full time hours if I chose, but initially it helped to cut back. Also working in a specialty like Labor and Delivery or ICU where th...
  3. judybsn

    Please help. Career over before it starts.

    I've had back and neck injuries so am very careful. It didn't stop me from bedside care BUT I always asked for help turning and lifting patients. If I were you I'd try that ICU job. It would be much less lifting than on a medical floor and more s...
  4. judybsn

    I want to nurse in California, USA - Help!

    Of course it would be easiest if you trained somewhere in the US, but training and immigration are two separate issues.
  5. judybsn

    Risk of getting your family members sick?

    I have a changing station in my garage. I leave my shoes and used unies there and collect the dirty ones in a laundry basket there. When I'm out of new ones I wash them separately and bleach my machine following and dry them on high heat. (I keep th...
  6. judybsn

    A Nurse's Hands

    Oh Viva you inspire me to write!!
  7. judybsn

    Nursing Dx

    It makes me sad that a preceptor would let a student down like this! I always did the very best I possible could with new nurses I was mentoring and prided myself in getting them a good start. Shame on your preceptor. She should not have accepted...
  8. judybsn

    Did you know? "Code Brown" means tornado. . .LMAO!

    When I worked in S. Cally Code Brown meant a bomb threat.
  9. judybsn

    I've been a nurse since.....(fill in the blank)

    In the days of large green oxygen cylinders at the bedside, glass IV bottles and chest tube drainage bottles, large open wards with curtains between the beds, reusable dressing trays, gloves for sterile procedures only, glass syringes, reusable needl...
  10. judybsn

    Whats your NICU experience?

    If you are trying to escape germs and other "dirty" issues, surgery and labor and delivery are better than most. NICU nursing is very interesting but hard emotionally. I tried it and couldn't take it long term. Too much death, suffering and subopt...
  11. judybsn

    The Top 10 Things I Loved About Nursing

    I'm about to retire and have loved the journey! Never got bored with nursing. So many different fields to try. I would recommend it to anyone!
  12. judybsn

    Cops and Nurses

    My dad got pulled over for speeding. He was a doctor and told the cop he was going to the hospital. The cop escorted him to the door with lights and sirens. A bit embarrassing because he wasn't actually going there for any emergency reason but the...
  13. There is nothing like nursing!! It is a very exciting and fulfilling job and if you get bored with one area you can retrain for another specialty. It has provided me with 30 plus years of entertainment. I'm so glad I accidentally chose nursing bac...
  14. judybsn

    Generic name for vitals machine?

    BP Machine
  15. You become the only family many of the patients have. So many interesting life stories. It is very rewarding work!
  16. judybsn

    Negative Self Talk

    Negative self talk is a killer. It spreads like a fungus. I am thankful for my long drive home when I can have myself a good cry or blast the music and sing or have a long talk with myself out loud. I usually am ok to let it all go by the time I a...