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  1. Feeling like you're complicit in the addiction problem...

    Thank you for defending yourself! I read in between the lines, understood, respected, and knew what your meaning was. It is ironic that the ones telling you about judging are judging you. But then, that is our world these days: not reading for compre...
  2. Are we better than the hosts of The View?

    EXACTLY my thoughts! I absolutely abhor that word and it is totally unnecessary and foul language to use. I especially like how you pointed out the fact that that poster was "demeaning those who spoke up". Double inappropriate post, I must say. Noct...
  3. Hate The Habit - Not the Person

    Well said, Conqueror+ RN
  4. Why are you doing wet-to-dry dressings in your facility? Those are mostly inappropriate...
  5. I am a Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse and do all kinds of "favors" for my fellow colleagues all the time. There is nothing wrong with this and, hey, what else do you go to work for?
  6. Seasoned Nurses Looking To Tattle?

    Not a "bias against" someone, but a head's up....there IS a difference, you know...
  7. Frustrated with angry, demeaning doctors

    1. They have a "hard job" because they chose it. This is called personal responsibility. YOU have a "hard" job just like they do. 2. You do not need a "thicker skin" (what the hell is that anyway?!); they need education in how to be decent people and...
  8. Saw an angry clinical instructor...

    This person is an emotional and verbal abuser/bully. She does not belong in the nursing profession. She needs to be reported to hospital administration. You can also take video of the childish and unprofessional antics and show it to someone. This is...
  9. Pt having a "friend" over for "special nursing care"

    Apples and oranges. Your comment was not logical :/
  10. Medical Assistants being called nurses

    One day you will post something ignorant, ill-conceived, poorly thought through, inflammatory or otherwise reflecting poorly on yourself and you won't want your manager to immediately identify you. Leave some room for doubt! I am not quite sure how...
  11. Your best(or worst) exposure story

    Why were you trying to empty a stool collection bag? Was this from a fecal tube where there is a balloon such as a Dignicare or Flexiseal? NEVER EVER empty those (if you can, because you really can't anyway).
  12. Seeking online WOCN mentor

    Have you found anyone yet? Here is my email address: lorirn58@yahoo.com
  13. Biting Your Tongue

    However, they should be legit. Anyone can order a "special" vest to cheat getting the dog going everywhere with them.
  14. Scrub the Hub

    Right?! Also, the "dude chill" thing is a big ridiculous. Just be nice and stop admonishing, reminding, and using weird little phrases! We are adults here, not children.
  15. Other Jobs That a Nurse Can Do?

    You can sign up with Summit, Healthy Achievers, Total Wellness, etc, to be a wellness examiner for these companies. It is fun, light, and you get to travel around and meet relatively healthy working people who are cheerful and glad to see you! It is ...