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  1. Is this routine stuff I can answer how the board is requesting? Not sure if I need an attorney to answer the board about dismissed charges. I was arrested for domestic violence. I had an ex-wife that had bipolar episodes and chased me around the house with knives, etc. When the cops showed up someone was going to jail and it was me. Went to court and had the case completely dismissed with a good attorney. Hopefully sending them a letter that nothing happened will get this taken care of. I also have the option of filing an expunction, but not sure if that is even worth it. Not completely certain if everything is still visible. I don't know how to ask if expunction would satisfy the board also. It's $450 in court fees to file for one. Tempted to do it, but not sure what would happen if I can't produce records they asked for. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar situation or advice?
  2. truckinusa

    Home health nurse compensation

    Thank you for the information. Got her first paycheck and lots of problems. Hopefully, they get straightened out. Especially the incorrect pay rate that was agreed on. One more quick question. Can the family lock you out of being able to adjust the thermostat? It just seems odd, but maybe nothing you can do about it? Not really sure how to handle that one. I told her if the patient is physically cold she should have the ability to adjust things if nobody is home. My wife can just put on a sweater or whatever.
  3. truckinusa

    Home health nurse compensation

    I'm located in Oklahoma and the laws may be different here, but I'm wondering if anyone can explain how nurses get compensated in home health for Medicaid patients. My wife just started a new job and she has 3-12 hour shifts a week, but isn't getting paid to run paperwork once a week to the home office. Is that the norm and just something she has to accept? It is a 20-minute drive to the office and the patient is fairly close to our home.
  4. truckinusa

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    We have a schedule for every engagement for the entire semester. They tell you to have your week free from Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm, but they rarely change things or do something last minute.
  5. truckinusa

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    Usually lab Mondays for 3 hours. This Monday there is a special demonstration lab for Pediatrics so 6 hours total. Tuesday is clinical. Mine happens to be 6am-2:30, but they have people at nights too. Sometimes there is a community clinic day on Friday. All tests and lectures are on Thursday. Usually starts at 8am and ends at 2pm. Sometimes its 2 classes and sometimes 3. Occasionally its just 1 lecture. Its the lightest schedule of in person things of the 3 schools. That part is good I think in a way.
  6. truckinusa

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    All lectures are 100% zoom. They have days where we are demonstrating in the lab and that is in person.
  7. truckinusa

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    Long story, this is my third attempt and hopefully the last at RN school. I like it for the most part. You don't get a lot of personal attention unless you demand it. They just have too many students.
  8. truckinusa

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

  9. truckinusa

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    There is minimal assistance with financial aid. If you don't qualify for a scholarship based on ancestry, excellent grades, or outside of the school, you would have to qualify for a federal grant/loan of some sort. They do the fedederal grants and loans automatically. I could have borrowed a scary $33,000! I thought about using it for a car loan, but I thought I'd better not. On their website it says the average scholarship is $1500 and that is probably accurate.
  10. truckinusa

    Langston Ardmore campus

    Langston had a bad pass rate. I'd be careful wasting my time. It appears like its a new program so who knows?
  11. truckinusa

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    Get ready for a lot of zoom meetings. Very little in person stuff.
  12. truckinusa

    OU OKC ABSN 2021

    I'm in the traditional program if you have any general questions. I'm not familiar with all the details of the accelerated program.
  13. truckinusa

    Old DUI, having a hard time getting information.

    does that explain it? nclexarrestpol.pdf
  14. truckinusa


    The GPA is higher in OKC if that is what you are talking about. More applicants.
  15. truckinusa

    OU ABSN Lawton 2020

    Lawton is lower than OKC. I'm in traditional though. Anything above a 3.0 and I'd say you have a good chance.
  16. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    Getting my CPR at Heartland on Saturday the 9th if anyone cared to join me. https://www.heartlandcpr.com/