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  1. There has to be a reason I don't get A's and B's like every other class. I have nearly a 4.0 if you don't count my two C's in Nursing. I wasted my money on this crud in a book calle Are you Smarter Than You Think?
  2. truckinusa

    Tips for Surviving the 1st Semester of Nursing School

    1. Drink lots of alcohol on the weekends to relieve anxiety 2. Never read your textbook(waste of time) 3. tell your teachers what they want to hear. Nursing instructors will trash your grades if they don't like you. 4. pretend like you are interested in things that you are not(great for clinical grades) 5. definitely buy a NCLEX book! My number one suggestion. I bought nclex 10,000 and the Brunner and Suddarth's prepu software from LWW.com
  3. truckinusa

    The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is a Straight Line

    I'm not sure if is a good thing or bad thing, but the majority of people pursuing nursing want that RN degree and there is so much competition to get into most RN programs. I desperately wanted to attend the LPN program where I live, but the start times and the waiting period was inconvenient. It made no sense to wait around for a whole year when I could take prerequisities and get accepted into a RN program instead. By the time I was accepted into the RN program I received my acceptance letter to the LPN program at the same time and I had to choose which one I wanted to attend. I chose the RN program beacause that is what I had spent so much time working on and it made sense to complete my full RN degree in 2 years rather than spend 16 mos on the LVN and then another year to get an ADN in nursing for the RN degree. I really think that they should force everyone to attend an LPN program and make it shorter like maybe a year and then have everyone transition into a RN program. The schooling is so similar it makes no sense to have separate programs teaching the same thing. It irritated me I wasted three years of my life to obtain a 2 year degree. It really should be 2 years. This is especially troubling for students on FAFSA where they only pay for 6 years. It could be real easy to run out of time.
  4. truckinusa

    "I Haven't Made Any Friends Yet!"

    I'm an older adult and I just think it would be nice if someone would partner up with me to insure each other passes. I'm not really into dating anyone in the nursing program although they are all women. I just want to pass and I think it would be nice to have someone to study with, but I've had not luck. Last semester I asked a few people about their interest in studying with me and I never got a response. One of them failed just barely. I wonder if he spent the time to study with me if we both would have ended up with better grades and both of us passing? My question is how does an older adult find a study partner especially when the majority of students are in the 25 and under range?
  5. truckinusa

    Looking into medical and colorblind

    You sound like my dad. He can stare at it long enough and figure it out. I'm so bad I don't see anything on the dots of red and green or the blues and purples. I guess what I need to know is if the school will kick you out. Just looking at various job openings its a mixed bag as to whether they will take a color blind nurse.
  6. truckinusa

    Looking into medical and colorblind

    I have the option of starting nursing school for ADN in the fall, waiting on a waiting list for a year and a half for LPN, or possibly Radiology School(not sure if I can still get in). Can I do any of these being colorblind? I have looked at job openings and found one that said they accommodate colorblind RNs. Most say you can't be colorblind. Is there something else in the medical field I might want to look into? I have no idea what I should be pursuing. I am reasonably intelligent, 35 year old male, that wants to earn $500 a week or greater at some sort of career in the medical field. I'm stating my income desire because I don't think I can make it on $10hr. I can suffer at lower wages for a time if necessary. Don't want it to be permanent though. My aunt is a RN and says just keep your mouth shut about being colorblind. Is this something I would need to ask school counselors about?
  7. I have red/green colorblindness and I'm Male. I'm just sick of driving truck and I see a lot of LPN nursing home jobs around my area. Is it an enjoyable job? I just know what I've seen at the Hospital with a few different situations with my wife, son and friends in the ICU. I'm glad I've never been in ICU myself, but I find it interesting. I'm 35 years old also. My thought is that a 1 year program wouldn't be that bad. Are the classes super difficult?