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  1. OU Graduate Applications

    I applied for a DNP program and got denied. Is this typical for OU to be competitive and/or deny a recent graduate? I had a 3.6 GPA and thought I wrote a decent why I want to be a DNP essay. They seriously lack in communication and don’t understan...
  2. BON question

    I forget which icon is which, but as long as u sent your citizenship attention notarized, fees for the license and your transcripts, you should be just waiting. They are fairly quick. If a document arrives Monday it’s usually verified by the end of...
  3. OU LPN to BSN FALL 2022/Spring 2023

    I guess you answered your own question? Maybe HESI is something new, but I wasn't aware that they used HESI at all. I used ATI.
  4. OU LPN to BSN FALL 2022/Spring 2023

    I bet it will be the ATI LPN placement test. They love ATI.
  5. Home Health RN Pay

    I think it varies greatly. If you are based in Oklahoma City or Tulsa it may be higher.
  6. Oklahoma Board wants explanation of arrest

    I had no idea it would cause me this much trouble. I'm glad I will never have to go thru this in Oklahoma or the other compacts states for my license. It may pop up if I move elsewhere. The paperwork people at the BON told me it can take up to 6 w...
  7. Oklahoma Board wants explanation of arrest

    Sorry, I forgot to update. A few days after submitting my letter they allowed me to test. I'm an LPN. I just gave a brief description of the events and I guess they accepted my explanation. I still have plenty of time to get this expunged. I won...
  8. Oklahoma Board wants explanation of arrest

    Sounds like it shouldn't be a big deal. Contacted an attorney that deals with the board. He said write the letter and call him if I need to appeal but shouldn't be an issue. May work on the $400 expunction this Summer.
  9. Oklahoma Board wants explanation of arrest

    Thought maybe someone had been thru something similar. I was charged in Texas and now I'm in Oklahoma so not sure how that works either. They asked for things that maybe don't even exist in Texas court records.
  10. Is this routine stuff I can answer how the board is requesting? Not sure if I need an attorney to answer the board about dismissed charges. I was arrested for domestic violence. I had an ex-wife that had bipolar episodes and chased me around the h...
  11. Dealing with this exact same situation. Got a letter that I need to explain a 15-year-old domestic violence charge that was ruled void(quashed) by the court. Not sure what you say about something that never happened?
  12. Best place in OKC to start career?

    I had one instructor mention the obvious that the VA has a Federal pension and a union. Not sure if that equals a great place to have a career, but it definitely equals a decent retirement. The only downside to the pension is all Federal employee's...
  13. Another new LPN

    Any particular field I should apply at as a new LPN in Oklahoma? I've worked in a nursing home as an aide for 2 years. Most of my experiential knowledge comes from that employer. I am currently in an RN program, but I am taking the LPN NCLEX very ...
  14. Home health nurse compensation

    The specific situation is a foster child that has no ability to mess with temperatures since they are wheelchair/bed-bound. They also do not speak or make any intelligible communication. Family is gone most of the time and password locked the therm...
  15. Home health nurse compensation

    Thank you for the information. Got her first paycheck and lots of problems. Hopefully, they get straightened out. Especially the incorrect pay rate that was agreed on. One more quick question. Can the family lock you out of being able to adjus...