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  1. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    Getting my CPR at Heartland on Saturday the 9th if anyone cared to join me. https://www.heartlandcpr.com/
  2. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    Missed the orientation. Did they discuss any particulars about COVID and how we will work around if? I was briefly told on the phone that we will be online for lectures and they will try to go right into clinicals to avoid the season. If someone happens to get sick I wonder what the plan is? If anyone can update me that would be great.
  3. I was reading how the board changed the requirements for nurse techs to enrolled in a nursing program. I wonder how they define that? I’m wondering if any place will hire you as a newly enrolled student when the requirements before were completing fundamentals I believe. I noticed some still want a year experience which I think might have been the old requirements.
  4. truckinusa

    OCCC, Rose State or OSU-OKC

  5. truckinusa

    OCCC, Rose State or OSU-OKC

    Its somewhat strange, but there is more competition for those associates spots. She probably won't have any trouble getting in, but the more science classes the easier it is to get points to get in. Sometimes you don't make it and by the time you don't make it you have all the prereqs done for university. Might as well go to a university at that point. If she's determined to do it in 2 years then just take the university prereqs and the history, poli sci, english, etc and see what happens. I'd print that prereq list from OU and only take those courses that are required. I got bad advice and I have extra courses unfortunately.
  6. truckinusa

    OU Nursing 2020 (Traditional program)

    I just discovered on accident that they have multiple scholarships you can apply for. Deadline is July 7th. Had to pay the $250 and login to account to apply. You would think the advisor would inform you of stuff like this?
  7. Any reason you say that? How difficult is the UNE course? I emailed them and they said at best it would be 8-9 weeks and doesn't start until July.
  8. I could have done that one also since its regionally accredited, but the time frame is going to pass August 17th which is the deadline. Its so stupid how they literally called me last Friday and dropped this on me and didn't tell me way before Summer sessions started so actually had options. In a normal non-covid year I bet California wouldn't even be an option.
  9. The dilemma is they only accept John Hopkins and Univeristy of Phoenix I found out and none of those will work. The ones I have found are only online because of the COVID and schools being online in California.
  10. Yes, I know what you are saying. I have to take this couse to meet the prereqs for university. The university I am attending doesn't care. It can be just one class. The situation is the community college started on Monday and for some reason they can't enroll me in the class. Make no sense, but they said I can call tomorrow and have a on the spot meeting with a counselor to unlock whatever holds. I'm 3 days late to class now and I'm thinking that may be tough to catch up. I have until next Monday to get in though. The other option is to forget the community college and enroll in University class instead. Its actually $1500 now that I got the bill sent to me, but I can actually enroll for July start date.
  11. I'm trying to decide if there is any benefit to spending $2,000 on a Summer anatomy class at the university vs $200 at the community college?
  12. truckinusa

    Online Anatomy a class in a hurry?

    Well it looks like I'm signed up for Biol20 at Fresno City College. I got emails into my school but I don't see why it wouldn't count. Totally online too.
  13. I need to locate and take an online Anatomy only course. Is there such a thing at the last minute? Is anyone aware of a program or something close enough if I had to make a temporary move to take the course? I’m located in Oklahoma and I believe all the community colleges started in June.
  14. truckinusa

    San Fran Salary

    Top pay with 30 years is $115. That’s impressive.
  15. truckinusa

    San Fran Salary

    $60 at Stanford, $40 at the VA. This is just an approximate. I heard Kaiser pays the best. All jobs are extremely competitive.
  16. truckinusa

    Terminated the third week into my orientation

    The offense wasn’t something horrible but employers seriously have a hard time finding people that will show up. I guess this one is less tolerant of this behavior. It’s not the end of the world and I would just move on. Definitely don’t list them on your resume.

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