Not a people person... (Yikes!)

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    Do you think you should have "people person" (communication) skills to go into nursing?

    Some people think - YES, it's a requirement. Others strongly believe that it if you are not a people person than nursing profession is not for you.

    What do you think?
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    I don't necessarily think it's a requirement...I know a few people who were pretty shy when they went into nursing but they gained "people" skills and love being a nurse now. I'm not speaking for everyone, just my opinion.
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    For us I think that is why they invented the OR and anesthesiology...knock em Seriously though I've seen some CRNA's in action and that field really appeals to me.
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    I think not being a "people person" can be helpful. With all of the "medication errors" at my LTC, it might be best to have some "task oriented people" to help reduce medication errors. Some patients just want to talk about their problems and a quiet more introverted nurse may be more inclined to be a "better listener"
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    I'm meekly raising my hand. . .I am definitely not a people person.

    I am an introvert who does not necessarily enjoy meeting new people, although I put on my game face for patients and their families. Also, I’m not the nurse who seeks validation or needs to 'be needed' by others. People say I’m quiet. I'm task-oriented and often create a ‘to do’ list when each shift begins.

    Small talk annoys me, but I will chat with overly talkative patients and family members. I am serious and lack a sense of humor to the point that I take some jokes literally. I have a restricted affect, intermittent eye contact, and I do not smile that much because my smiles come across as phony and contrived.

    It took several years of working as a nurse to figure out that my interpersonal skills were problematic and that I wasn't much of a people person. Yes, I seriously lacked self-awareness.
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    I think it's an acquired skill to become a people person especially in nursing.Constantly dealing with people,interest in teaching and educating patients and their families,dealing with co workers and staff,doctors,ancillary services,administrators and management.I think it can be learned over time.It's just my opinion...
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    I've never actually understood what "people person" means... Is it meant to be synonymous with "chatty"? Or does it mean that we are interested in the welfare of our fellow beings?

    Since the sole reason that our profession exists is to provide services to "people", wouldn't that make all of us 'people persons'? What would be the alternative? Hmmm, come to think of it, I do think I have met a few CC nurses that could definitely be considered "machine people" or "technology people".
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    I think people get communication skills and introversion/extroversion mixed up. The former refers to effectively getting ideas across, and the latter refers to a person's basic tendencies to be energized or not by others. Many introverts can function within prescribed roles, especially with the comfort of familiarity.
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    I'm neither timid nor introverted, but I'm not a "people person". While I'm comfortable interacting with people from all walks of life, I don't exactly actively seek out those interactions lol! I work in LTC and often find talking too much to certain residents and/or their families leaves me feeling drained. I'm definitely more task-oriented, and, as an above poster mentioned, start my shift off by making myself a "to-do list". I often joke with my coworkers about one day landing my dream job where all my patients are sedated/intubated/comatose, friendless orphans. Terrible, I know. lol
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    Redmorgan...that cracked me up!!! Been there. And I generally like people.
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