Why does the VA draw blood?

  1. I have never had blood drawn for employment before, does anyone know why the VA draws blood as part of pre-employment?
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  3. by   nrsang97
    I have had blood drawn as part of pre employment. It was to check for immunity to MMR, chicken pox, etc.
  4. by   twinmommy+2
    they check your titers. Along with checking titers I received an EKG and chest xray (because I can't get a PPD due to positive readings)
  5. by   LadyFree28
    Every position I held draws blood to check for titers for immunization status...It's not exclusively done by the VA.
  6. by   classicdame
    probably to check titers, as already stated. However, why didn't you ask? Also, surely you had to sign a release. What did it say and did they give you a copy?
  7. by   Esme12
    I have always had blood drawn.....and I've been a nurse for 34 years.
  8. by   elkpark
    I've had a number of employers (inc. the VA) over the years do full, honest-to-God physical exams for pre-employment purposes, including CBC, chem panel, titers, etc.
  9. by   amoLucia
    Drug screens?!?
  10. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from FORTHELOVEOF!!!!
    I have never had blood drawn for employment before, does anyone know why the VA draws blood as part of pre-employment?
    So you're saying you allowed someone to draw your blood and you never thought to ask the person "hey, by the way, what's this for?"

    Surely you signed a consent form allowing them to take the blood; do you normally sign such things without knowing what you are signing....and why??
  11. by   Twinmom06
    I wasn't told what my blood draw was for till after I signed for it...they drew mine for a CBC, BMP, and I had to pee in a cup for drugs, and UTI - the hospital I work for is very pro-preventative medicine - as an employee I can get a free physical each year including bloodwork, free mammogram etc...
  12. by   aachavez
    I had blood drawn for titers for my first hospital job i just got, for a transporter position.
  13. by   FORTHELOVEOF!!!!
    Ok, I feel the need to give more information after reading some of the responses. I have not had my blood drawn yet as my job is contingent on getting through all the red tape that is necessary to work for the federal gov't, so no consents signed yet. I also keep copies of everything, so I have very updated results of titers so they said they wouldn't need to have them done again. HR still said there would be a blood draw, EKG, and physical. I just haven't had such an in depth physical to work in the hospital so I was just curious. I did think that they might draw blood for drug testing but that doesn't make much sense since everything else they are doing is so thorough. Drugs (both illicit and prescription) stay in the blood for very short periods of time but in the urine for a very long time, either way it doesn't matter, I'm not concerned about it, like I said just curious. I was so excited about hearing that I had the job if all went well with the federal background check that when they asked if I had any questions, my mind went blank. Thanks for all the responses.
  14. by   twinmommy+2
    I think it sounds as if you have the job! I don't think they would go through the physical part if you wern't hired. Congratulations!