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  1. aachavez

    do you follow up with your patients?

    Thanks for the feedback, and heaven forgive me for a TYPO....
  2. aachavez

    Lawsuit Claims Nurse Was 'Worked to Death'

    YES!!! JC definetly needs to look at staffing ratios! There is enough evidence to support the fact that there is a significant safety issue here...
  3. I've seen this mostly on ER shows like NY ER or Trauma : (but this question could apply to anyone in any dept) where doctors and nurses go check on a particular patient to see how they're doing. After a patient is no longer in your care (IE been transferred to ICU, Stepdown etc) Have you ever gone and visited? Have you ever had a patient that for some reason you just really cared to know the outcome? And if you did.. wouldn't that be a HIPPA Issue? (looking up stuff without 'need to know') Just curious as usual....
  4. aachavez

    ATI Predictor vs. pass or fail?

    I'm curious.... How did you do on your ATI (or HESI) predictor, and did you pass or fail NCLEX first try? My predictor scores were 98%, and then 96% on ATI... and test next week. Getting nervous!!!
  5. aachavez

    Mary Hogan review compared to NCLEX

    Im working on Hogan right now, and test next Saturday, so I'll post how I do. I've been averaging around 72 in Hogan. I got a 98% probability of passing when I did my ATI Predictor. To me, Hogan is much more difficult than ATI.
  6. aachavez

    Telemetry Tech Training

    Our tele techs take a course on EKG interpretation, about 32 hours of class time and some study at home. Some were CNA/PCT, patient transport etc. At my hospital they pay $3-4 more an hour for a much easier job, I'd go for it if I wasn't already looking for an RN spot.
  7. aachavez

    LD Nursing in Dubai or Qatar?

    Also curious for some input on this
  8. aachavez

    Unique jobs?

    Im curious what are some nursing jobs that aren't your typical hospital or clinic setting. I've considered going over seas for a while, or trying to get on a cruise ship, I'm also interested in travel nursing. I'm also planning on doing short missionary trips to volunteer in clinics. I'd like to know what other places an RN can find employment outside of the traditional settings. How do you find these positions? Have you ever had a really interesting nursing job outside of the traditional setting?
  9. aachavez

    Lakeland Regional?

    Can anyone offer any input on LRMC? Did you like working there? any Pros/cons? How competetive is salary and benefits? Any info you can provide for a new grad considering working there is much appreciated!
  10. aachavez

    ANCC Emergency Nurse Practitione ENP-BC

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I'm a long ways off, but this is definetly something to look into for the future.
  11. aachavez

    ED Cheat sheet?

    On occasion I can write a quick note on my gloved hand if I don't have anything else handy. Of course I usually toss the gloves and forget what I wrote....
  12. aachavez

    Charting Bloopers

    I wonder how many of these errors are due to transcription or scribe mis-interpretation. Still hilarious, so keep em coming!
  13. Years ago my sister made some false accusations and tried to have me arrested. (really, I guess she could have been charged with 911 abuse or something, this was not the only time she did something like this... anyhow....) However I got extremely lucky, it was a very small town and the officer that came to the house knew her from other run ins and gave her a stern talking to. I thank my lucky stars that it wasn't another officer that would have arrested me, I was 18 or 19 at the time and knew that I would never be a nurse with a record. Now my credit history does really concern me. I lost my job almost 2 years ago, which allowed me to finally go back to school. So of course I had a hard time keeping up with bills so my score is in the toilet. I'm worried that it will affect getting a job, I have heard that it has prevented some. But I just started a job as a hospital transporter, and I'll be licensed in about a month so hopefully it will be easier for me to get an RN spot.
  14. I'm thinking about doing a some private duty or home health, just as a side job and hope to work in a hospital full time. Gotta take a second job at least for a while to pay down student debt....Anyhow.... What do you like about private duty the most? What made you choose it? Why do you stay? Whats the best part or perk? and on the flipside... What's the worst part? The biggest drawback?
  15. aachavez

    "Fake" or Nonprescriptive Eyeglasses

    Hipsters.... I do wear needed glasses, but not as often as I should. They are a pain, and I can see ok enough most of the time. I find I am needing them more and more for computer work, homework etc. I have an astigmatism, driving at night is super hard becuase of the glares I constantly see. I'm considering contacts because glasses are such a pain, but I really have an aversion to shoving foreign objects in my eyeballs. I think eventually I will get contacts (when I am working and have insurance again) glasses are so annoying.
  16. do some review each day. Don't try to cram it all in the day before the test because you will never make thru all the material in one night. Practice questions!!! Get the workbooks that go with your texts, there's lots of great questions in there, and you can test yourself to see how well you know the material. Sometimes teachers even take test questions from there. If you have ATI use it, and learn to love it. Search youtube, there's lots of helpful videos. I think the biggest thing is to do a little bit each day, rather than all the day before exam.