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  1. nrsang97

    Write Up's and Potential Termination for Pain Reassessments

    I wouldn't think a reassessment for neurontin, colchecine, or ASA are needed. ASA usually isn't given for pain, and neurontin and colchecine are for chronic health issues aside from pain. This seems overboard.
  2. nrsang97

    OMG 🤢

    So did the whole patient explode? That would have been messy for sure LOL.
  3. nrsang97

    Tennessee Nurse RaDonda Vaught - Legal Perspectives of Fatal Medication Error

    Agreed Klone. I was speechless at the amount of facts this nurse attorney got wrong. She clearly did not read the CMS report.
  4. nrsang97

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    She has been charged not tried in court. She may not even go to jail. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I do not feel criminal charges are the way to go. I do feel she should never work as a nurse again though. She bypassed way too many safeguards.
  5. nrsang97

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    A PSW is a personal support worker. It is equivilant to a CNA. I have mostly heard Canadian nurses use this term.
  6. nrsang97

    Vomit Emergency

    My son threw up once in school. It was after he had a bunch of junk during the day before Christmas break. The secretary called (we do not have school nurses here that are at the school at all times), and said that he threw up. I said I would be there in about 15 minutes. (I was sleeping before work, and had to get dressed) She then said you HAVE TO come get him. I was like he ate a bunch of junk. I'm pretty sure he is fine, but yes I am coming to get him. I do need time to get there. I can't teleport there instantly. I wish our school had nurses on at all times,especially since my son is diabetic. This throw up incident was before my son was diagnosed as a diabetic.
  7. nrsang97

    Remember pagers?

    Remember them? I still use one daily for rapid responses, codes, code grays, sepsis codes, stroke alerts, and whatever else they will think of.
  8. nrsang97

    "He just wanted to know..."

    KatieMI, I am sorry your coworkers are jerks. They should absolutely not give your information to anyone. Especially about what school your kids go to for Pete's sake. We had a manager on one of the units where I work do a "Doc of the week" board. I saw info on there that was way over bounds. Like if they were married, had kids, where they were from, etc. A supervisor saw it one night too and we both said that gave away way too much info. It hasn't been done since. I was told the docs were asked what they could put on there, but I still thought it was over the line. Especially mentioning kids and thier ages and their spouses. I am so glad that was stopped. I live in an area in MI that is mixed Trump country. While our county didn't vote for him, a lot that live here did. Katie I am so sorry that in your area you are experiencing this. Management needs to put a stop to this immediately.
  9. nrsang97

    Peanut allergy issue

    Our school sent out a note at the beginning of the year that one student in the school has a peanut allergy (including other allergies too) that is severe and airborne. No food treats allowed at birthdays and such. Our principal never addressed lunch time. I had to email to ask if they would allow my son to bring a PB&J if he was not in same grade. Lunch time had no issues with my son. He is T1D and refuses to eat other than PB&J for lunch. I was told by our county school nurse consultant not to worry about anyones allergies. I felt like I should still be considerate to someone who has issues too, but see the nurse consultatns point about not worrying. We do have peanut free tables though.
  10. nrsang97

    Did I cause this rapid response?

    My son is T1D and we give his lantus in the morning. SO depends on the doctor for administration of Lantus.
  11. nrsang97

    Seizure code blue

    You didn't screw up. You did the right thing. Good work.
  12. nrsang97

    Your most annoying, obnoxious family member stories

    Susie would you want your daughter or son sniffing your bottom? Seriously? I mean we do need to vent occasionally about the looney things loved ones do or we will go insane. I think that those women needed a reality check. If I EVER found out my son was sniffing my butt to see if I needed to be changed then I would want someone to do exactly what this nurse did by telling him to knock it off.
  13. nrsang97

    Universal Deathcare.

    I read that book as well for my Medical Ethics class for my BSN program. It was great. I think every healthcare professional needs to read this.
  14. nrsang97

    Wearing scrubs home?

    Yes I must purchase, and wash my own scrubs. I do wear my scrubs to and from work as well. I try not to stop anywhere if I can help it in my scrubs. I do have to take my son to school after I get off work and to physical therapy once a week and I do not have time to change prior (It is an hour drive with traffic in the morning for PT for us.). Occasionally if I need to get something before work I will stop at the store, but in and out as quick as I can. I don't go grocery shopping in my scrubs. If I worked L&D or OR then the srubs are provided by the hospital, and laundered by the hospital.
  15. nrsang97

    Did they ask for your GPA, yes or no?

    In all my years of nursing (since 2001 when I graduated) not one single place of possible employment has ever asked for my GPA.