When did nursing caps go extinct in the wild?

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    I wore a cap for my first year of nursing in the mid 1990's. By then only the occasional student wore caps.
    I last saw a working nurse wear a cap in 1995. She was an older lady who worked night shift on one of my clinical units.
    When did you last see a nurse (not a student) wearing the cap?
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    I used to wear mine on Halloween up until 1994.
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    I have a cap and just had photos made with my daughter who is a new nurse. She wore a cap and so did I. It was fun for the photos and everyone that saw us commented on how nice it was to see a "professional nurse". I was surprised at how many young kids came up and said "wow, you are a real nurse"! Many older nurses stopped us and said how they missed their caps. Don't know why they are gone but it makes a great photo prop! We were in a busy mall and had placed our caps on before going in because we wanted to see if they would really stay on.
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    They don't even have caps for graduate nurse pictures anymore! I just graduated in Dec and was disappointed that we didn't get them. I would have liked to have a pic of myself with a cap so I could frame it with my mother's graduate pic from the late 60s. I even asked around at work to see if I could borrow one but nobody had theirs anymore.
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    Last night. One of our ICU nurses always wears it.
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    Every shift that I work. A couple still wear them daily.

    On nurses week a couple more wear them.

    They are easy to obtain from companies that do mail order/online uniforms.

    Caps run around $15.
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    I've never in my life seen a nurse in a cap. I had to wear one for mandatory school pics, but I didn't go to graduation, so I didn't buy one. I have one I got for Halloween that I wear occasionally.

    But the real deal, in a real setting? Never. I'm in my 40s, by the way, so it's not like I'm a spring chicken.
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    I've yet to wear one, and never will: unlike the rules for women, which allow hat wearing almost any place, western sartorial practice for men is to never wear hats in one's office/workplace, except when safety requires it (hard hat on a construction site, etc.). It simply wouldn't be appropriate for me to wear one.
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    well,I almost forgot those caps existed..hehe
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    When did they go extinct? Not soon enough! Haha. I am just kidding they are kind of cute, I cannot imagine having to wear one though.
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