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  1. CNA during school

    You could also look into hospitals that may have tuition reimbursement. Mine did. I worked as a CNA there and they paid for most of my tuition. After graduating and passing NCLEX, I was hired as an RN under a contract that I would work x amount of ye...
  2. CNA during school

    Maybe it's a Midwest thing. That's how my hospital works too, and I'm in Iowa. :)
  3. Need a little encouragement...

    Btw...I did the nights and weekends route too...worked out wonderfully!
  4. Need a little encouragement...

    I did it with 4 kids and working full time too. Graduated December 2012, passed NCLEX February 4, 2013 and started working on a busy medical floor that March, where I currently am today. Yes it can be done! :)
  5. Respiratory Therapist in Massachusetts

    It also depends if you are an RT or RRT. RRTs makes as much as RNs or more at the hospital I work in.
  6. Failing Nursing School Over One Class?!!

    You could use some of the classes you've already taken to go into a different medical field. My daughter always thought she wanted to be an RN just like her mom, but once she got into it, she decided it wasn't for her. She took a different avenue and...
  7. Littmann Lightweight II vs. Maxiscope

    I can tell you, you won't be disappointed! And you can't beat the price for the quality! I absolutely LOVE mine!
  8. Littmann vs MDF stethoscope

    Update: I purchased the MDF...used it for the first time last noc at work and it is amazing! Better than my Littmann Lightweight!
  9. Littmann Lightweight II vs. Maxiscope

    This one
  10. Littmann Lightweight II vs. Maxiscope

    The MDF MD One
  11. Littmann Lightweight II vs. Maxiscope

    I have a Littmann Lightweight, Maxiscope and just bought an MFD yesterday. The Maxiscope is very comparable to the Lightweight in terms of sound and clarity. The only thing I didn't like is that it's very heavy. And if you're going to wear it around...
  12. What stethoscope should I get?

    Oh, and it also comes with lifetime free replacement parts! You can't beat that!
  13. What stethoscope should I get?

    I just bought a MDF stethoscope, which was about $50 from Amazon. I compared it to my old Littmann Lightweight and oh man...it was much louder and clearer than the Lightweight! I'm very happy with my new MDF...plus it comes in so many different color...
  14. Littmann vs MDF stethoscope

    I read some reviews of the MDF on Amazon and many people said that it was just as good or even better than Littmann
  15. Littmann vs MDF stethoscope

    I've always used a Littmann lightweight and was going to upgrade to a classic II, but had heard from a coworker that MDF stethoscopes are very comparable to the Littmann at half the price. Has anyone compared the two? What do you think?? Thanks