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  1. MJB2010

    Post Masters FNP after WGU

    Which others were you accepted to?
  2. MJB2010

    Do you think I can get my job back?

    Do you even want to work with that lady? She sounds dreadful. Do you have colleagues you can use as a reference? Is there an HR or corporate you can contact, in writing, to clear your name? I wouldn't want to go back but Id want a good reference and my record to not be blemished by personal vendettas.
  3. MJB2010


    The only way to spark change would be for multiple people to write written complaints about this providers behavior. It has to be a pattern. So if it is just you that has an issue they will blame you. If they get multiple complaints from nurses about that office, they will be forced to address it. So if it happens again to someone else, encourage them to report it. If you have to call again, and the charge nurse ok's it, maybe do the call on speaker phone (in a private office) with the charge as a witness just in case of more bad behavior.
  4. MJB2010

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Maybe she just kept it from you. Why are you so interested? I'd just stay out of it. No good can come from this kind of gossip. Keep in mind, if they gossip with you, they are probably also gossiping about you.
  5. MJB2010

    Is it worth it?

    I don’t disagree completely and jobs vary greatly. There are plenty of terrible places to work, I recently stumbled into one. But there are still decent jobs to be had. They are harder to find. And I really feel like who you work with and how you support each other can make all the difference. I unfortunately have bills to pay. So I’m going to be working. I am going to keep trying to make the best of it. I’m worked with some amazing nurses thus far. And it really does make or break a job for me.
  6. MJB2010

    Is it worth it?

    Be the change you want to see in nursing. I try to be the nurse I needed when I was new. It’s a hard job full of stress. It’s the culture of the unit that makes or breaks you. It’s not easy, especially when new. But we all got through it. You can, too. When you do clinical try to find a unit where staff seems happy and like a good team. Make note of the ones where everyone seems miserable. It will help you when job searching later. Also working as a float tech while in school can help you learn the good from bad areas. It can also help you network.
  7. MJB2010

    What now?

    Go back to work. Keep your head down. It takes time to gain trust. Don’t let one incident ruin you. The other employees probably know this doctor is an *** if it’s true. Start looking for another job on the DL. It’s easier to find one when you have one.
  8. MJB2010

    Secretly breaking contract

    It has nothing to do with honesty. It’s none of your business. Getting in other’s business is not a good quality when you work on the floor. Stay out of the drama and mind your own. I promise you’ll get much farther.
  9. MJB2010

    What would you do

    Should I say that or just not mention?
  10. MJB2010

    What would you do

    Ok guys, I’ve got past the phone interview and now am planning for in person interview. The potential job email is asking me for my current employer and if they can contact. (No!) Do I tell the truth and let them know I just took this job and already plan to quit? I know that looks bad. Or just leave it off and tell them my previous job I recently left. My previous job doesn’t know I took another job. I’m an upfront person and would rather just tell the truth but I know it looks bad to leave a job right after taking it. But it was not presented honestly. I don’t want to hurt chances of the new job. What should I say?
  11. MJB2010

    Looking up patients on Facebook

    Meh. So many bigger fish to fry. Who has time for that anyway?
  12. MJB2010

    California Endorsement purgatory

    If it isn't too far for you to go in person, I would say worth a shot. The worst they can say is no.
  13. MJB2010

    california license by endorsement

    You started after me and are already passing me! lol I deeply regret mailing in the paper app. I should have done online. I was concerned about all the pieces getting there online.
  14. MJB2010

    Providence So Cal TIP program 2018

    The site says they offer this 3 times a year, does anyone know when they are typically offered? I missed this one, but might try for the next one.
  15. MJB2010

    California Endorsement purgatory

    I did apply for a temp, but they have not even opened my envelope yet, and from what most others have been posting, several have stated they never even got the temp license even though they paid for it.
  16. I deeply regret mailing it. I got every single part of the app together and mailed it overnight per their instructions. They got it 9/27. They still have not opened it or cashed the check. According to their website and processing times based on the speed from the last month and their updates, they are about 4 weeks from evening OPENING it. And then 10-12 weeks to process. By the time I get a job, I may not have any skills left. Learn from my mistake and do it online! Do not be like me..............I am actually considering putting an entire new app together and driving all the way to Sacramento.

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