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  1. University of North Georgia

    Did you end up doing the program? I am considering the post-masters FNP. It's been an endless game of phone tag thus far.
  2. Northside is "known" to be the best for birthing babies in the ATl area, has been for many years known as the maternity hospital. Id start looking into that place first. Not my specialty though.
  3. I want to go back to school but I can't justify the cost since I am still paying on my loans. But, if I wait, the degree won't have much of a return on investment.
  4. WGU vs Aspen University

    Aspen is Nationally accredited but NOT regionally accredited. This will matter kater if you want to pursue your education further. WGU is both. I enjoyed the RN- BSN at WGU and felt I got a lot out of it, but I also did my MSN there and did not love ...
  5. Unemployment/ PRN nurses

    Does a PRN nurse qualify for unemployment? Cant find anything on the unemployment site about this. My facility just cancelled all elective surgeries per the CDC guidelines and put the OR/Periop/Pacu/PST staff out for at least 45 more days. They were...
  6. Alarming conditions of a job offer letter

    Bait and switch! Trust your gut, there is a reason you are having doubts. Clarify in writing.
  7. I quit

    Ask if you can go PRN on your unit. Keep your foot in the door but work way less.
  8. Post Masters FNP after WGU

    Which others were you accepted to?
  9. Please Help

    Be there to catch her when she falls. This job isn't a good fit and the end is near. Prob better for her to go somewhere that doesn't make her so miserable. There are plenty of other jobs in nursing that would be very different and she will be afraid...
  10. Do you think I can get my job back?

    Do you even want to work with that lady? She sounds dreadful. Do you have colleagues you can use as a reference? Is there an HR or corporate you can contact, in writing, to clear your name? I wouldn't want to go back but Id want a good reference and ...
  11. Thoughts?

    The only way to spark change would be for multiple people to write written complaints about this providers behavior. It has to be a pattern. So if it is just you that has an issue they will blame you. If they get multiple complaints from nurses about...
  12. Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Maybe she just kept it from you. Why are you so interested? I'd just stay out of it. No good can come from this kind of gossip. Keep in mind, if they gossip with you, they are probably also gossiping about you.
  13. Is it worth it?

    I don’t disagree completely and jobs vary greatly. There are plenty of terrible places to work, I recently stumbled into one. But there are still decent jobs to be had. They are harder to find. And I really feel like who you work with and how you sup...
  14. Is it worth it?

    Be the change you want to see in nursing. I try to be the nurse I needed when I was new. It’s a hard job full of stress. It’s the culture of the unit that makes or breaks you. It’s not easy, especially when new. But we all got through it. You can...
  15. What now?

    Go back to work. Keep your head down. It takes time to gain trust. Don’t let one incident ruin you. The other employees probably know this doctor is an *** if it’s true. Start looking for another job on the DL. It’s easier to find one when you h...