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  1. Which would you choose and why? Anyone have any positive or negative feedback on these shifts? I'm torn between being home for dinner everyday with my family, or having a whole day off. I'm leaning toward doing the four days with 10s. I've done 12 hour shifts the last few years so having a hard time deciding.
  2. MJB2010

    California Endorsement purgatory

    If it isn't too far for you to go in person, I would say worth a shot. The worst they can say is no.
  3. MJB2010

    california license by endorsement

    You started after me and are already passing me! lol I deeply regret mailing in the paper app. I should have done online. I was concerned about all the pieces getting there online.
  4. MJB2010

    Providence So Cal TIP program 2018

    The site says they offer this 3 times a year, does anyone know when they are typically offered? I missed this one, but might try for the next one.
  5. MJB2010

    California Endorsement purgatory

    I did apply for a temp, but they have not even opened my envelope yet, and from what most others have been posting, several have stated they never even got the temp license even though they paid for it.
  6. I deeply regret mailing it. I got every single part of the app together and mailed it overnight per their instructions. They got it 9/27. They still have not opened it or cashed the check. According to their website and processing times based on the speed from the last month and their updates, they are about 4 weeks from evening OPENING it. And then 10-12 weeks to process. By the time I get a job, I may not have any skills left. Learn from my mistake and do it online! Do not be like me..............I am actually considering putting an entire new app together and driving all the way to Sacramento.
  7. MJB2010

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    How long was it from when they got your license to when they cashed your check? They have had my app since 9/27 and have not cashed my check yet!
  8. MJB2010


    That seems unfair. I mean, they took your money for a temp license.
  9. MJB2010

    Break nurse residency contract

    Try and stick it out. It really is important, and you could have a really hard time finding another job if you do not stick it out. I might be dating myself here, but the goal used to be at least a year at your first job if you have any hopes of finding a new one after. Can you take a few days off or have someone come visit from home? Find a new support network where you live. There are lot of new grads who would do anything to get into a new grad program, so try to step back and look objectively what you would tell someone else in your shoes. Can you change shifts maybe meet some new folks, change scenery?
  10. MJB2010

    california license by endorsement

    They have had my entire packet for more than a month and have not even cashed the check yet. It is so hard to be patient.
  11. MJB2010

    Breaching StaRN Contract

    I'm dismayed to see how nasty and unsupportive some of the responses have been. Instead of building one another up, or offering advice, we are eating our young again and going out of our way to be rude, which is sad. It really makes this profession look bad how it continues.
  12. MJB2010

    Breaching StaRN Contract

    Never sign a contract without fully reading every word and knowing how to get out of it. Some places prorate, so perhaps what you owe will be less then the full 10K. Hopefully a lawyer can help or you can find another hca job that is better to work off the rest of the contract.
  13. MJB2010

    Help negotiating pay

    I explained the situation, me being from out of state, so she understood what I meant.
  14. MJB2010

    Greater Los Angeles VA New Grad

    Did you ever apply?
  15. MJB2010

    Registered Nurse

    How long was it form when they got your app to when they cashed your check? They have had my app since 9/27 and have not cashed it yet. Im nervous.