What disorders did you diagnose yourself with in Nursing School? What disorders did you diagnose yourself with in Nursing School? | allnurses

What disorders did you diagnose yourself with in Nursing School?

  1. 4 I have to give credit to a great Allnurses.com member "Been There, Done That," for inspiring this thread. After reading that great thread, . . . It hit me! Lol, I thought back to Nursing School.

    BTDT was totally correct, after being sick off and on my first year of nursing with my first case of the Flu, late life chicken Pox (I was 19!), and a case of Laryngitis I never again got sick. I guess the bugs really did strengthen my immune systems past the normal "non-clinical-population."

    But now, what about Nursing School during the Disease Processes, or just Nursing School in general! How many symptoms looked just like some horrid disease process? Now, I know we can't and shouldn't even try to diagnose disease, conditions, or disorders (although I know we are guilty of this in our heads and diagnosing ourselves).

    What Diseases/Disorders did YOU think you might have in Nursing School?

    Bostons List: DM/Hypothyroidism/ADD/IBS or Crohns/
    Alzheimers/General Anxiety Disorder/OCD
    Insomnia/and of course: Pyschosomatic Hypochondrias

    I'm still to shy to list the group from Grad School, that list is "G" Rated. LOL! But, Thank goodness, it was temporary too!

    Lol, No, I have never been Medically diagnosed with any of these, but you catch my drift. . . What did you "Temporary Illness" did you suffer from as a student?
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    hypomania... but that could have been brought on by so many late night study sessions.
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    Many of my classmates self-diagnosed and/or "diagnosed" their children. Of course there were several who no matter what condition or rare disease process had personal experience with the condition and/or a friend/family member/third cousin's mother's uncle's best friend's chihuahua had the condition. Boils became MRSA or VRSA, headaches became aneurysms or brain tumors; coughs became pertussis or TB.

    I think staring at my textbooks induced some hallucinogenic disorders (I am a compulsive reader and yes I think I am the only student who actually read every single page in each of my nursing text books in the history of my school) If even slightly tired I would misread words, and sometimes say it out loud in a questioning manner. Not always such a good idea when misreading powerpoints in class...at least my classmates and instructors got a good laugh.

    My PCP was a nurse before she went to medical school, when I saw her right before graduation she commented that she was surprised that I didn't make a few calls to the office to be checked for any number of nursing school hypochondriac conditions.
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    For me I think it would be easier to list what I didn't self-diagnosis myself with.
    I would be willing to bet I even diagnosed myself with conditions/illnesses/diseases that there would be absolutely NO possible way for me to have (only occured in males (I'm female), only occured in those who lived in some remote island that I had never visited nor heard of, etc)...hahaha. Not that I truely thought I had them, but it was funny how a simple cough (from allergies) became some weird, rare disease.

    for the record, I am a person who rarely goes to the doc and when I do its kicking and screaming.
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    Oh my God, I was scared to say it before, Lol, but I was terrified I might have a cancer too! Lol! Nonhodgkins Lymphoma! (night sweats, fatigue, anemia confirmed it-donated blood and got turned down-I KNEW IT!)

    Kudos for your courage! My best friend suffered the brain tumor, I diagnosed myself with migraines because my pains were just on one side, but when I started having that "eyelid flicker(probably a fancy medical term for that)," you can bet I looked up brain tumors, but rested with my original diagnosed ailment.

    Lol, Just like the previous poster said, it would have been easier to list what I didn't diagnose Boston with!
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    in this case, i would list the many diseases that my classmates thought they acquired during our clinical however, i would be writitng till midnight if i list them all, some of my classmates believed that they had a std's, others including my self after treating a pt. with urticaria thought that i had it since i kept scratching for the rest of the week!
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    Yes to virtually all of the above mentioned diseases and disorders. I still diagnose myself with everything. When my neck is a little stiff, I have meningitis. When I get dizzy, I'm convinced I need a pacemaker. When I eat too much and my belly looks bigger than usual, I either have a liver disease or missed being pregnant for five months. I get headaches often, so they are naturally from my brain tumor or an impending ruptured aneurysm.
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    No diseases or disorders, but I was pretty sure I'd be having a nissen fundoplication surgery for my acid reflux problem. Now that I take care of people who have actually had it, I am pretty sure I won't be ever having it done myself .
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    TMI, but if I had anything that was less than a perfectly formed BM, I was pretty sure I had C-diff.
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    Ironically enough I did get MRSA about six month in as a new nurse. Not the nasal kind either.
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    Quote from MomRN0913
    Ironically enough I did get MRSA about six month in as a new nurse. Not the nasal kind either.
    I gotta ask- what kind?I've "had" brain tumors, aneurysms, DVTs, rare cardiac conditions, pregnancies (never for real), cancer, and about every psych condition under the sun. Eep!
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    MRSA wound right on my shin. Still have the scar.